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  • fitagent68
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    From a former runner to 20 year sedentary office junkie workaholic--I am now getting back into running. After 20 years of smoking, eating horribly gaining 60 lbs, I am slowing finding my way back to running. Today, I walk/jogged 2.73 miles. For the first time in over 20 years I was able to run almost .5 a mile today. So I decided to walk run .25 mile increments till I could build back up again to complete a 5K run. Thank you for creating this group.
  • kaialexander17
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    Hi!I'm Kai and running is the only form of exercise (besides dancing) that I actually enjoy! Everything else (strength training, etc) is a Hassel! Want to be able to run 5 miles non stop by the end of 3 months but my goal for this month is to run 2-2.5 miles non stop! Excited to be here can't wait to see what the new year has in store!
  • blackhawkdown03
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    Hey, I am Ricky! I am 31 years old, i ran a few times in December. and I loved it. But unfortunately, there are areas where i lack significantly, such as:

    1. Find it hard to be consistent with my exercise. But i just need a lil motivation.
    2. Can never understand what is the right pace to be running at, if someone is a beginner.

    What are my expectation from myself:
    Current Weight: 187lbs
    Goal Weight: 165lbs
    Monthly Distance Goals: 100 miles

    I am kinda new here(signed up long ago, but was rarely active on it). I hope to making some friends here, who can motivate me and help me stay on track, and vice versa :)

    Please let me know if there are some people willing to help out a beginner on his running journey this year.


  • MobyCarp
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    @blackhawkdown03 - Welcome!

    I am struck by the similarity between your numbers and mine when I started running in 2011. I think I weighed 182 or 183 when I took up a 5K program at age 55; for about 5 years, I've been maintaining to a target weight of 162. I lost the last of the weight during the period when I was becoming a runner. It can be done.

    Consistency: Recording, record keeping, and social interaction help. What's most helpful will vary from one runner to the next. When I finished my first 5K program, I set myself a goal to run at least 20 minutes, at least 3 days a week. I was concerned that I'd lose motivation after the structured program was over. Turns out I developed a love of running. I've missed that 3 day goal due to injury, but never due to simple lack of motivation.

    Pace: This is one of the hardest things for a new runner to learn. I ended up learning to run slower in formal training for my first half marathon, 2 years after I got to my first 5K and 10K on my own. I ran my way into injury twice trying to get to that first half; paid training was well worth the cost and time commitment for what I learned.

    There are two kinds of new runners. One needs to be pushed to run as fast as he should run. The other needs to be restrained from running faster than he should run. The first step to pacing your training is learning which kind of runner you are.
  • mwstewart207
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    Hi my name is Mark. I run 5-6 days a week and have completed 5 marathons but am still 6 min off my BQ. I live in Bangor, Maine and I run outside year round so I know a little about running in the cold, ice, and snow. And the dark, I typically run at 5am before work.

    My current goal (Jan 2017) is to keep my miles and fitness up through the winter with the hope I am selected in the lottery at the end of March to run the USMC Marathon in DC in the fall.
  • rfamjardine
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    Thanks for the invite,my name is Ron from Nebraska .love to run on ifit treadmill program.
  • emiliayuki
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    My name is Emilia, I started running when I was about 20 years old (I'm 25 now) and completed my first 10k run in 2012, I have since done a half marathon and a triathlon since then and am hoping to run the 2017 Marathon in October.
  • jennjune2014
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    Wow, The last introduction was 2014.

    I'm Jennifer. I started running in 2014. I have completed a first half marathon. I plan to do five distance run's this year. I belong to a fantastic running community in Idaho.

    Running is my stress relief and an addiction. I keep pushing myself to see where I can take this. I caught the running bug in my 40's. Never in my life would have thought I would be at this fitness level at my old fart age.
  • purplepascal
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    Hi! I'm new here. I'm also not a runner but I'd like to change that. I would love to get tips and be motivated and motivate as well. I hope this will finally be my journey into running!
  • prettybrowneyesdmv
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  • ko4q
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    Hello fellow runners! I'm Kate (41) and am new to MFP as of this week, but not necessarily new to running. I played soccer and lax back in college so running was always part of training, but it wasn't until I was in grad school (this was also "B.K." or before kids) that I started to train seriously for running. I found an amazing local running group and trained for all distances (up to marathon), did track intervals and tempo runs 2x a week with long weekend runs. For a recreational runner, I was reasonably competitive in local races, a decent age-grouper and loved it. Raced 10 marathons including 3 BQs (3:31 PR) and 2 Bostons (2007 & 2010). Fast forward to 2017 a new job and 2 crazy kids (4 & 8) later, and I guess honestly, my heart isn't in racing any more. My biggest problem is mental: I am forever comparing myself to my BK-self and end up feeling disappointed. But hopefully I'm getting over that...I still love running for the clarity it always gives me, the fitness I derive from it and the example I can set for the kids. So I am here to take this challenge to keep up about 35 miles a week! So while I'm not looking to straight-up road race in the near future, I'd take any training suggestions and/or recommendations on obstacle-course races. I did a small/short (5K), local one last fall and kind of loved maybe there is hope for me yet?!
  • here2lose1227
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    Hi Everybody! I'm Jim - didn't start running till my 50s in any organized fashion. I've done some 10ks and 5ks - next is a half marathon - but I just can't seem to get the mileage I need. So here I am trying to figure out a starting goal in February when running outside sucks.
  • AmeliaElena
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    I'm Amelia. Just moved to the US from Denmark. I'm looking for a community to keep my running up and running :). The weather in Amherst, MA really doesn't help to keep me motivated.
    Not sure how this group works. But I hope it'll motivate me to run more.
    Looking forward to the challenges.
  • ko4q
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    Hello @ AmeliaElena! I went to Amherst College back in the mid-late 90s (and am headed back there for my 20th college reunion this May, gulp!). If you haven't already done so, check out the Norwottock Rail Trail that goes from Amherst all the way to N-hampton; its paved, mostly flat and scenic (although it may be under some snow at the moment). Winter is dreary for sure, hang in there!
  • ctlaws44
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    Thank you Stan for creating this forum. My name is Chris, 41 years old. Just got back into running after a couple years off. I'm trying to work up the confidence to run a marathon. I've run 2 halves with mixed results. Also, 13.1 is the longest I've ever continuously ran. My other goal would be to have a sub 20 min 5k by the end of the year. I ran a 22:12 PR 5k a month ago. So I feel like it's achievable since I just started running again 6 months ago. I look forward to meeting, getting advise and sharing experiences with fellow runners.
  • beautifv1moon
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    Hello I'm Alicia , I'm just joining a group for support on my weight loss journey . I absolutely love running but after having two kids . One is 1 and the other is 2 it's almost impossible to squeeze in a work out so I have been very motivated lately to run . I would love any encouragement or advice anyone can give me since I had 2 c-sections and my tummy will be hard to loose even with all the cardio . Thank you so much ..
  • niavalentino
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    Hi! I'm Whitney - some people call me Nia (it's a long story) - and I'm 26 years old. I used to be a very active athlete that ran track from a young age up through my last year of high school and I played volleyball. However, back to track, I was a sprinter (400m) and jumper (high/triple/long). Even back in my hey-day, doing anything more than 2 miles was absolute torture. As I got older, although I stopped running track and continued playing volleyball throughout college, but this is when I actually learned to be more of a distance runner. Then things began to change when I got into a long-term, long-distance relationship. I gained a lot of weight and stopped running pretty much save for very light jogging here and there to remain "decently" fit for volleyball season. Now, that relationship is over, and I'm trying to get back into it! I had one running partner while I was living abroad, but since I've returned back to the States, none of my friends are runners nor would they like to I've been on my own! Hopefully I can find some mates here. :smile:
  • angelalagermann
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    Hi I'm angela I am new to MyFitnessPal and to jogging. It's been a slow uphill battle for me. I only have Wednesday free to run. I recently finally made it 3 miles! I'm hoping to participate in my first 5k in April
  • mangorabbit
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    Hi there! Not totally new to MFP or running, but certainly just returning to both after letting work and laziness get in the way of my goals. Have run on and off, but looking to become more consistent and maybe enter a race/organized event sometime later this year. (My schedule changes all the time so it is difficult to plan super far ahead.)
    Interested in finding someone to run with at least some of the time to help keep me accountable - or if not physically, perhaps the group will help me keep from loafing when I should be logging some miles. ^_^
  • Lisahorstkamp
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    Hello, I'm Lisa. Been using MFP for years. Restarted dieting and walking last year and started jogging this year. My goal for the year is to be able to run a 5k min 38 min by the end of the year This is a pretty hard goal but reachable. My other goal is to get to the point of walking/running 100 miles a month. Thanks!