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    threnjen wrote: »
    What is the nose trick on the OHP?

    ah ha. i was hoping that someone would ask. :# although i did mention it in the wall-of-text report from a few days ago.

    it's really a psych trick, i guess. but i focus my eyes on exactly the space right in front of my nose. like the very bare minimum clearance between my nose and the bar. and then when i can't see anything else, i do the lift. what i'm watching for is to see the bar shoot through that small patch of space. i'm damned if i know why, but it seems to be making a lot of difference. my theory is that i j-curve the bar outwards to get it away from my face when i'm watching myself in the mirror, so i'm trying to push it upwards when it's a good ways in front of me. this seems to control that and give me a straighter bar path.

    plus, for some reason it's fun. i may be brain-damaged in thinking that though. it's like, every time it goes by i get a little shot of surprise. 'hey, lookit that! how'd that happen?' and then it's over my head.
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    (Will have to come back later to read everyone's updates, but I know you all are kicking *kitten*!)

    StrongLifts 5x5 / Workout B

    Was feeling run down and tired on Friday, so took the day off and hit the gym on Saturday instead. I was afraid it would be super crowded, but it wasn't. Good to know for future reference, especially since I'm considering switching my workouts to Tues./Thurs./Sat. in order to make room for rock climbing.

    Squats - 5x5 @ 60 lbs.
    - Still concentrating on form and trying to get as low as possible. Hips continue to be tight, but I'll get there. Can't say these were terribly difficult, so it's time to move up in weight.

    Overhead Press - 1x5 @ 40 lbs. / 1x2 @ 40 lbs (FAIL!) / 3x5 @ 30 lbs.
    - I really wish there was a 35 lb. barbell. :P
    - I woke up with some tightness in my mid-back and around my ribcage, and definitely felt it in this lift. Not so much during the actual OHP, but in the picking up and setting down of the barbell between sets. Not sure what that's about -- not injured, just weirdly wound up.

    Deadlifts - 2x5 @ 135 lbs.
    - Yup, I did an extra set. :) GAH! I LOVE MY DEADLIFTS!
    - I was nervous about these, mostly because today was my first solo workout so I was in my head more than usual. Had to really concentrate on the push through my legs rather than the pull through my back -- wasn't totally happy with this aspect, so will probably stay here one more time in order to really get form down. Wrenching my lower back is probably my worst fear, so I'm not rushing this one at all.
    - Shoulders back, chest out at the top felt a lot more natural this time, but still room for improvement.

    Finally, since I usually have a friend / trainer with me, I don't always do all the lifting and prep between lifts. Makes a big difference, especially when I was trying to muscle the 45 lb. plates on either end of the barbell for deadlifts -- one hand moving the plate and one hand holding the bar up. Had to rest before I even started my sets. :)

    Still some tightness in the back, so may see about moving massage therapy to tomorrow and do my workout on Tuesday. We'll see.

    How's everyone else doing?


    PS - Solo workout also meant headphones and music. Yay! But I definitely need some heavier songs -- Pharrell Williams is great, but perhaps not for weight lifting, you know? If you have suggestions, please post to my page. :)
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    crabada wrote: »
    Still some tightness in the back

    foam roll upper back? i have a bit of a kyphosis thing around the ribcage so i do this religiously now, not so much for the muscles but just to counteract any flexion in the vertebrae. even before i go on to my next lift.

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    Hey ladies, I just repeated last weeks weights. Not a bad week overall.

    Squats: warm up +5@60,70,85,100,115
    Bench: 5@45,45,45,55,60
    Rows: 5@45,45,55,60,70

    Squats: warm up +5@65,75,85,85
    OHP: 5@45,45,50,55
    DL: 5@85,95,110,125

    Squats: warm up +5@60,75,90,105, 3@120, 8@85
    Bench: 5@45,45,45,55, 3@60, 8@55
    Rows: 5@45,45,55,65, 3@75, 8@65

    It's Canadian Thanksgiving here, so I'm going to enjoy all the foods today hehe :p
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    Back to it again, same as Thurs. because I technically only had 2 last week, and I alternate them each week.

    Workout A (Sun)

    preacher curls 5 x 5 - 100

    Reverse curls 5 x 5 - 100

    squats 5 X 2 - 175

    squats 5 X 5 - 200

    Overhead Press, Barbell - 5 x 2 - 55

    Overhead Press, Barbell - 5 x 3 - 65

    Barbel Row, Bent Over - 5 x 5 - 100

    Flat Dumbbell Fly - 5 x 5 - 40
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
    general note: my sweet spot for warmups might just be whatever it takes on that day to get to where i'm happy with my form. as opposed to doing a set number of sets, or doing it in order to get all the muscles going, or doing it to see how strong/not i feel. now that i think about it, i think i identified my 'quit warming, start working' point this evening. if i focus entirely on form instead of asking myself how the weight is feeling, there's always one set where i finish with a huge psychological boost. i feel like i've got it nailed and the lift feels like a piece of cake and i can't wait to get going with it. i'm going to start taking that mental moment as my sign that it's time to load up with my real weight, and i'll see how that approach works for a week or two.


    DEADLIFTS!!!!! <<<<--- milestone alert

    i lifted more than my bodyweight, guys.

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME on the DLs! Great job.

    And I love your warmup sweet spot idea. It's now in my pocket, 100% stolen. :)

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    crabada wrote: »
    And I love your warmup sweet spot idea. It's now in my pocket, 100% stolen. :)


    cool. i'll be interested if you let me know how it goes. i always have this thing where i wonder if something i've thought of/discovered is 'just me'.

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    crabada wrote: »
    PS - Solo workout also meant headphones and music. Yay! But I definitely need some heavier songs -- Pharrell Williams is great, but perhaps not for weight lifting, you know? If you have suggestions, please post to my page. :)
    I always listen to really chill music when I work out, is that weird? lol. I'm like... Mumford and Sons, or Lumineers, or similar chill stuff.

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    Today was a very different workout for me - I was doing dumbbell, high rep stuff for the most part. And supersets.

    Flat bench DB press
    30x10, 35x2x10, 40x8 (but I dropped the DBs in the middle of the set because I had to use those huge round plates and am not used to balancing those. Hex DBs are the best, lol)
    1 Arm Bent Over Row
    40x12, 45x2x12, 50x10

    Front squat
    Good Morning

    Those sets weren't very pretty. I haven't been doing a lot of front rack or wrist mobility so they were painful. I had more in my legs with the weight, but I was starting to bend forward and put too much strain on the hands so I cut the sets off somewhat early

    Seated DB Overhead press
    20x3x12 (My right arm could've kept going, but they were a struggle on the left. I need to work on that imbalance)
    Close grip Lat Pulldown
    70x2x12, 70x15 (the last 2 reps were more biceps than back, tho)

    Finished up with cable ab crunches, 125x3x12

    Will definitely go for a walk at some point this afternoon, even though I have a busy day off. Can't pass up on the nice weather 2 days in a row D:
  • liftnrunlikeagirl
    Hi everyone, new here but have been lurking for about a month. I started Stronglifts at the beginning of September. It's not really different from the way I have been working out for years - mostly compound lifts - but I have never focused aggressively on building strength before. My big issue is consistency due to my work schedule (2 jobs) and the fact that I also run - my primary activity. I don't always get my 3 workouts a week in which is something I really have to work on.

    I am at 98 for squats, stalled at 67.5 for bench and deloading to 65 this week, 75 for row, 125 for DL, and 48 for OHP. I workout at home in my gym (shed) and I realized pretty quickly that I could not handle the 5 lb increases so bought a set of fractional plates.

    I am 52 and have been working out since my 20's. I used to work in the fitness industry managing corporate fitness centres (am now a part time substitute teacher and work part time in the health club at the local community centre). I am also Canadian in case you are thinking I spelled centre wrong - no, I just spell the Canadian way!

    My goal is to be as strong and fit as possible. I am battling menopausal fat gain around the middle and have decided to stop it from going any further. I arrogantly thought it wouldn't happen to me because of my running addiction but I was wrong :'(

    Question for you. I used to DL with wrist straps but ditched them when I started SL. I bought chalk to help with the grip but am really struggling with the ripping feeling in my newly developed callouses when I lift. Yesterday's DLs at 125 were really painful. How long does it take to toughen up?

    Today is a rest day for me - no running or lifting. However, I am home as it's Canadian Thanksgiving and I will be doing some manual labour - painting the basement!

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    In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving, I am thankful for: knowing and experience the benefit of warm-up lifts! I have said this a lot but I am just so shocked- cardio warm-up does not prepare me for lifting heavy weights- but warm-up lifts do, and have really decreased my knee pain. I am thrilled. Last night, in addition to my warm-up lifts:
    Squat 130; OP 55; DL 135.

    LiftnRun: I heard some folks on here have used lifting gloves from Target that have helped them a lot. I'm going to give them a try because I'm not going to be able to hold the bar for much more weight.
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    Welcome, liftnrunlikeagirl! You're going to feel right at home here! Sounds like you are doing awesome on your lifts. I'm too new to answer your question about the grip, but someone else will have an idea for you.

    OK today bench/rows day.

    Squats: Repeat at 65lb for form because last day was super sloppy. Was, dare I say, in excellent form today. So moving up next time, no excuses.

    Bench: New weight of 60lb and I barely managed :( I completed my 5x5 but it was sketchy. on my last two sets I really wanted to ask for a spotter but I felt stupid because it's so light. I will need to get over that if I expect to move up. I have no idea how I will manage 65lb. I'm going to have to mentally prepare for a roll of shame.

    Barbell Row: New weight of 70lb. Was hating these until midway through I made two important form corrections and then it was so much better. for some reason I have been looking up when I do these -why??? As soon as I adopted a more neutral spine position and looked at a point on the floor out ahead of me it was MUCH better. Also halfway through I widened my grip which helped a lot. I think I was keeping my hands in too close. I felt pretty good about these at finish, maybe I can learn to like them.

    Then again since I was there I did a set of deadlifts 1x6 at my current weight 105. Then did some more work on the assisted pullup machine doing pullups/dips. Had a new 1 rep on 36lb assisted and was doing well on my dips. Whole workout sandwiched with a 1 mile run to the gym, and slog back home :)
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    I've missed reporting a couple of workouts last week.

    Tonight I worked out in the evening rather than first thing, I think it made a difference in terms of both flexibility and strength.
    Squats 5x5 79lb - fourth time at this weight since deloading and am much happier with my form. Going to go up next time.
    Bench 5x7 45lb second time at this weight, very nervous about going up so I'm adding quantity before adding plates. Again, really pleased with my deload and feeling strong and controlled.
    Rows 5x5 57lb. As above, lighter weight, better form.

    Observation - there was another woman lifting!! She was an inspiration, early 20s, strong body and lifting some impressive weights (especially on her bench).

    Question - Since deloading I haven't increased my weights each time. My form and confidence are really benefiting from this, but is there a drawback to not going up each time?
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    @logg1e other than not progressing as quickly, there really isn't any negatives to not upping the weight every time. I moved to wendlers so I didn't have to go up every time.

    5 day for deadlifts. 155 lbs X 5, 175 lbs X 5 195 lbs x 5

    Accessories were front squats 70lbs, calf raises 120 lbs, plank 30 sec, side plank 15 seconds each side. Did 5 rounds of 10 reps each exercise.

    I also learned never eat sardines right before working out. Bleh
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    I also learned never eat sardines right before working out.

    i never eat sardines ever, on principle ;-) too strong-tasting for me. i'm reassured to see your side planks are half the duration of your front ones, just like mine.

    workout a:

    2x5@45, 1x5@55, 5x5@80. milestone psychologically anyway. i'm pretty sure 80 was where i did something really-quite-scary-and-painful to my left knee by having it cave in and then getting a horrible crunch and a good bit of pain. i was out for quite a few weeks afterwards, and pretty spooked with squats even when i came back. but this time around i just loaded it up and then chugged right through them. not even a hint of a wobble or cave. focused on enjoying the form and forgetting the weight. new tweak to start working on: Do Not Look At Your Feet. 4.5 stars. low bar and parallel feet are almost making me a convert to squats.

    2x5@45, 5x6@50. repeating weight, one more rep/set. form about halfway to good. likes: leg drive, full body, core involvement. also picking one spot on the ceiling and aiming the bar towards it every rep. work points: setup and shoulder placement at the start of each set. 4 stars.

    1x5@30, 1x5@50, 2x5@70, [long break], 1x5@70, 5x5@65. this was 5lb increase from 60 last time. semi-good, semi-gross. good points: i made a proper, ordentelike stack to get the right height from the ground. 70 was actually doable although i deloaded to 65 after 3 sets and started again because my form was going downhill. 65 went okay, but form still not stellar. bad points: shoulderblade retraction, remembering to set the weight down and not bounce between reps (GAH. this makes the whole of this one lift take so much longer than all the others, big focus for hate.) still still still struggling to find the 'right' arrangement of legs and hips for a horizontal back angle. still have no idea from prioperception whether or not i'm rounding my shoulders during the pull.
    3.5 stars just for doing the full 5x5 sets of the little *kitten* the way you're meant to.

    2x60 sec planks, 1x45 sec side. side plank form is better than previously i think, so yay. nowhere near so tired after the front planks, may have been doing them wrong.
    shoulder activation/pulldowns: 1x5 at 3 widths with pause at the bottom, 20lb, 22.5lb, 25lb, 27lb. also realised that the dual pulley effectively doubles the weight you're pulling, when i moved to the single-pulley machine and did exactly the same moves on that. did 1x5 of all three at 55lb on that one.

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    Little late logging, but here we go anyway:

    Squats 5x5 @ 95 lbs.
    OHP: 4,4,3,4,3 @ 55 lbs. Third time fail, so deloading to 50 lbs. next time.
    Deadlift: 1x5 @ 130 lbs.

    Squats 4x5 @ 95 lbs and just to see if I could, did the last set at 100 lbs. Yay for triple digits!
    Bench: 5x5 @ 90 lbs. Pretty heavy, so I'll stay at this weight next time.
    Barbell Row: 5,5,5,5,4 @ 85 lbs. Need to work on this weight a little more.

    Have a great week, lifting ladies!
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    This is from Monday - I am a little behind this week

    Workout B
    Squats - warmup + 5x5 @ 85lbs
    OHP - 5x7 @ 45lbs
    Deadlift - 1x5 @ 95lbs, 1x5 @ 110lbs

    Was supposed to get up and get in workout A today, but a sick kiddo in the middle of night caused my alarm to go off and then be turned off! I got some extra sleep but no workout today :'( Will get it in tomorrow instead.
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    Squats: 5x5 @ 165 lbs - felt pretty good about this, about ready to go up to 170...
    Rows: 5x5 @ 100 lbs - deloaded a bit of weight, felt my core was much more stable. May take even more off next time
    Bench: 5x5 @ 105 lbs - because I injured my shoulder about 4 months ago, I'm nervous about upping this, but 105lbs is going pretty smoothly.

    Football conditioning :( Put this in because I was pretty happy with my front squats I did. Was one of the few hitting depth, and got in some decent weight (3x10 @ 45, 65, then 85). After the Prowler exercises, my legs were jelly... Not sure how I'll feel about this later and whether I'll get into lifts today because of it.
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    I lifted yesterday morning but forgot to post it...

    Workout B
    Squats 85 lbs 5x5. This is a repeat and I'm planning to stay here for at least one more session
    OHP 50 lbs 5x5. The last rep on set 5 was pretty bad, so I'm definitely repeating 50 lbs next time.
    Deadlift 75 lbs 2x5. These felt good, so I'll probably jump up to 85 lbs next time I'm on Workout B.

    I'm back to 3 days lifting-3 days running-1 rest day and so far feeling pretty good with it.
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    still still still struggling to find the 'right' arrangement of legs and hips for a horizontal back angle. still have no idea from prioperception whether or not i'm rounding my shoulders during the pull.
    I feel you. I wish I had someone to video me doing all of the exercises so that I could form check.