Location and of coarse...WHERE DID YOU GO TO HIGH SCHOOL?



  • Spartan_Guy
    Spartan_Guy Posts: 30 Member
    I live in a loft downtown. It's pretty awesome.

    As for high school, well, I went to East Lansing. Kudos to anyone from around here who's heard of it, lol.
  • shellma00
    shellma00 Posts: 1,684 Member
    I just found this group. I live in Greenville, IL, about an hour east of STL off I-70. I grew up in Pocahontas (Where Gretchen Wilson grew up) just 8 miles west of Greenville. I went to Greenville High School.
  • yokumsm
    yokumsm Posts: 13 Member
    New to MFP and STL. Live in Wildwood. Moved from Louisiana last summer. I don't get asked where I went to high school often because when I speak the southern drawl usually prompts "Where are you from?" instead.
  • sessik86
    sessik86 Posts: 18 Member
    Parkway south in ballwin/manchester area
  • Jerret314
    South City St. Louis (Tower Grove South)

    I went to high school at Roosevelt and two other schools in different locations.

  • DestinyStL
    DestinyStL Posts: 2 Member
    So funny still hearing the "Where did you go to high school?"
    Even though I currently live in South St Louis, I am originally from Poplar Bluff so we only have 1 HS...so we can't use that.
  • Soccer_Amy
    Soccer_Amy Posts: 1 Member
    Live in O'Fallon, MO... went to Kirkwood and then to Ritenour (culture shock!)
  • Morgaath
    Morgaath Posts: 679 Member
    Main HS was Eureka, but moved when Times Beach MO got flooded and then bought out. Always fun telling people the nicest place you lived before the age of 18 was a toxic landfill, and the time spent living in a 3 story parking garage by the Fox theater was also not too bad.
    Spent about 2.5 months at Bayless.
    Before HS, we moved every year all over StL City.
    Now I am in St Charles, kinda wondering how I got here.
  • Mlkmaid
    Mlkmaid Posts: 356 Member
    South County girl here. Lindbergh H.S. grad. Go Flyers!
  • lizafava2
    I live in Tower Grove South. I went to high school in Wyoming - the state, not the street :D.
  • Badger618
    Badger618 Posts: 65 Member
    Live in Wood River Il, Went to high school at Roxana
  • TracySTL1
    TracySTL1 Posts: 1
    I'm originally from So. Cal, so no one cares what HS I went to... :)

    I've been in STL now for 16 years - started in South City and now live in So. County in Oakville.
  • mjohemme
    mjohemme Posts: 355 Member
    I grew up in the USAF, so I went to a lot of schools. Graduated in Warrensburg, MO. I currently live in Fox Park (South City) and work downtown.
  • ascrit
    ascrit Posts: 770 Member
    St. Louis Hills (South City) and Parkway West
  • jojoc28
    jojoc28 Posts: 2 Member
    St Charles I went to Hazelwood West
  • arkham_ma
    arkham_ma Posts: 62 Member
    Live in Collinsville. Not from this area originally, so my high school is kind of irrelevant.
  • jjsita
    jjsita Posts: 21 Member
    I live in Herculaneum and graduated from Crystal City High School in 2006! had no idea there were so many my fitness pal-ers so close to home!