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Welcome! Say hello....

GB333 Posts: 261 Member
Hello there 30 somethings! Welcome to "our" place! Tell us about yourself....


  • GB333
    GB333 Posts: 261 Member
    I am 32. I still consider myself a newlywed (we got married in October of 2010). No kids, but we do have two dogs and a cat who are our "kids." I'm a career gal, although I usually hate working.

    So far I've lost 21lbs with the help of MFP and have about 16 more to go!
  • bmmadden
    bmmadden Posts: 499 Member
    Hello I just turned 30 this past February, I have 3 kids and I work full time and go to school, look forward to meet other people my age on here, feel free to add me as a friend, I am about halfway to my goal
  • GB333
    GB333 Posts: 261 Member
    Hi there! And YAY for Ohio! ;) I'm from Dayton and went to Wright State, but I live in Tennessee now.
  • tanya7712
    tanya7712 Posts: 441 Member
    Hi! My name is Tanya and I am 34. I had my beautiful daughter on my 30th birthday. I am married, work full time, have a 4 year old girl and I live in New Jersey. I would like to loose about 10 more pounds and then see where I want to go from there. Looking foward to meeting everyone here my own age.
  • mjbrowne
    mjbrowne Posts: 172 Member
    Hello!!! :) I'm 34. On 2nd marriage (1st marriage to high school sweetheart was NOT healthy; rollar coaster emotionally, then he died in work related accident 3 mos after we split in Jan 2006). God had a plan for me though and my life is SOOOO much better now.

    Have 17 yr old "bonus son" (from 1st marriage), 15 yr old daughter, 11 yr old bonus daughter (from this marriage), and 7 yr old son who is all boy and drives me crazy! :)

    My relationship with God, my family, and my friends are my main things in life. Oh..and that work thing..Boring desk job! ;) As we all do, need to spend a little more time on ME!

    Married 10/10/10 to a cousin of my best friend / neighbor growing up. So, he and I have been good friends since I was 10..NEVER knew he had a "thing" for me. BFF finally pushed us together 3 years I'm living my happily ever after. I've been on a weight yo-yo my whole life. I was always "thick" and muscular and just accepted that my body would be 150-160 always. With help of MFP, I've dropped down to 141 (at my lowest) from 170. I haven't weighed below 140 since 4th or 5th grade! :)

    Recently tried to quit smoking (not 100% successful, still sneak one when my son really stresses me out), and gained 10 lbs. Just started a 15 lb challenge with some family I reset my weight on here to "0 lost" yesterday to track the 15 lbs. My main goal is to shed these last 15 lbs, kill my desire to smoke, and tone up.

    In 2006, I weighed 150-155 and had lower body fat % and looked better the mirror when I was circuit training daily. Would like to get back to that "I actually like myself naked" state of mind! :) Of course..that was 5 years ago..we all know our body is changing! ;)

    So..lose the last 15, muscle up, reduce body fat%, and WANT to not smoke! And continue on this healthy journey with as many friends and loved ones I can take with me! :)

    Have a healthy week!!!
  • bestrodeo
    bestrodeo Posts: 139 Member
    Hello all... Well in this group I will admit to my actual age... I just turned 31 2 months ago but figured since I get carded for buying rated R movies I claim to be 18 and get away with it, even with 5 kids. :-), I live in Texas with my husband and our 5 children. I am a law student for a few more months, and home school my kids year around..

    Right now I weigh 133 but would like to get back to my weight when i was 20.. which is 115 but would be happy at 125
  • lgwmab
    lgwmab Posts: 274 Member
    Hi I'm Lindsay, I turned 30 in january, so pretty close to 31, of course I say it seems as if nothing good will happen until I'm 35 so I'm 31 and 1/5. I have been with my fiancee for 7.5 years, engaged for almost 5 of those years. We have 3 cats, he has a 22 year old son from his previous marriage, his son has a GF, and they have a 2 and 4 year old daughters. they live with my fiancees ex-wife, but those kids are a whole nother jerry Springer story of stress. I work for my dad, and with my mom, in many ways i feel as if I am training them both, and I am also currently trying to quit smoking. My part time job closed at the end of september, and at the same time my fiancee and I bought some land up north, so money has been tight, and life has been stressful.

    I keep saying I am a survivor, and will make it thru whatever comes my way.
  • wildcard29
    wildcard29 Posts: 322 Member
    I'm Janet, I'm 32, with 1 son but my fiancee has two boys and a girls so we have a house full...I have always struggled with my weight but more than anything I want to feel confident and's not all about being skinny anymore. Guys like curves:)
  • juleseybaby
    juleseybaby Posts: 712 Member
    Hello! I am 30-something.

    Ok, Ok... 37. Closer to that 40 than I care to admit - but feeling better than I ever have!

    Married for 15 years, to steal another poster's term... I have a *bonus* daughter from hubby's first marriage (I adopted her finally last year, a bio daughter, and a bio son.

    I am completely addicted to MFP and Zumba.
  • kandyjo
    kandyjo Posts: 4,648 Member
    Hi, guys!!! Just joined! I'm Kandy (KJ as I'm called here) Married and mom of 2 kiddos...
    I'm 34 (35 tomorrow... wow)
    I lost 40 lbs last year and got injured and gained 30 back :angry: AND I realize in my 30's that weight doesn't come off as easily as it did when I was younger LOL Looking forward to getting to know you guys.
  • triciap79
    triciap79 Posts: 121 Member
    Hi 30 Somethings! My name is Tricia. I'm 32, a wife, daughter, sister and mother of 3 . I have been overweight my entire life and have tried pretty much every diet /program /fad there is. I joined MFP and really commited to losing weight in May of this year. So far, with help from all my MFP's, I have lost 30lbs. I still have about another 26lbs to go, but we'll see how I feel when I get there. I work full-time as a loan officer at a small Credit Union, so I sit all day long. I am currently working on moving more (15 minute breaks, 1/2 of my lunch hour and when I get home from work) whether it be walking, climbing stairs or something I am really working on... jogging (not so good at it yet). I have also cleaned up my eating habits. I use to never eat breakfast, hardly eat lunch, drink coffee all day long and then eat crap for dinner. I now eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, sometimes afternoon snack and dinner everyday. I limit my coffee to 2 cups per day and try to get all 64oz of water down in a day. I have not joined a group before and am excited both for the experience and to meet some new 30 somethings with similar goals. :o)
  • LivyJo
    LivyJo Posts: 355 Member
    Hello, name is Olivia, i'm from Colorado, I'm 33 - no kids, just a hubby that acts like one! We enjoy being outside, looking forward to snowboarding season, hoping i can fit in my pants! Eek! Gained weight back that I had previously lost on MFP due to new job, stress, and lack of working out. So I'm back at it and loving it all over again. Learned my lesson! :drinker:
  • GB333
    GB333 Posts: 261 Member
    Welcome everyone!

    Hey Mjbrowne - I was married on 10-10-10 too!! :)
  • maura5880
    maura5880 Posts: 346 Member
    Hi all!

    I'm Maura, 31 from Boston. Seems like a fun group!
  • Qarol
    Qarol Posts: 6,171 Member
    So far, aside from getting married in my 20s, my 30s have been WAY better!
  • BigDaddyBRC
    BigDaddyBRC Posts: 2,395 Member
    Don't you know??? WE ARE THE DURTY30'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Far more fun than our the generation before us, and one hell of a lot more educated on life than the ones after us :)

    I'm Bryce, 39, Life has taught me some tough ****...good thing Im smart and learn quickly!
  • k2quiere
    k2quiere Posts: 4,151 Member
    36 here, but told I look 24. I plan to go out of my 30s feeling better than I did when I came into them!
  • ltaylor9597
    Hi all. My name is Laura. I will be 35 next month. I consider myself an "oldie" when it comes to family life. I have been married for 16.5 years, have three kids (14, 8 and 6), three dogs, a cat, two betta fish and work full time. Needless to say we are busy all the time. This has made gaining weight really easy! The losing part is proving to be a lot more challenging! It has taken a while, but, I feel like I am finally getting comfortable in my own skin and who I am as I enjoy the mid-30's. So glad to find this group!
  • evansjune
    evansjune Posts: 27 Member
    Hi everyone! My name is Heather and I'm 32. I have 3 amazing boys (12, 11 and 8) and have been married for 14 years. Can't ready to get back to my old self!
  • mjbrowne
    mjbrowne Posts: 172 Member
    Gretchen..Hubby picked date b/c it's one he can't forget AND it's John Prine's bday (our fave artist)! :)

    Big Daddy-i LOVE that..DURTY THIRTIES!!! Still young enough to be hip (even if my daughter rarely admits it), but "mature" enough to make better choices!! AND STILL HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Weight loss has been easier for me in past few years through diet..but the getting in shape and toning up part is WAY harder than in my 20s. More aches and pops when I get out of bed in the morning! ha!

    Let's all go down this healthy journey together...and have some laughs while we're at it! (I am kinda goofy and poke fun at myself alot-and my loved ones-but all in good fun!!!)
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