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  • malovafarms
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    Hi my name is Tamara, I'm thirty seven .. and ready to get fit :)
  • Voodooch1d
    Voodooch1d Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, I'm Nate, 33. I've dropped from 395 to 280 in the last several years, back to my high school weight. I've recently picked up weightlifting as a hobby along with a goal of running my first 5k in October.
  • Paedin337
    Paedin337 Posts: 7 Member
    Howdy! Name is Ryan. 33 and work offshore on a oil drilling ship. Put on about 15lbs from offshore eating = ( Motivated to drop it back down to my college weight. Currently 230lbs wanting to get down to 200ish. Just looking for some like minded people to keep each other on track.
  • lmarsh81
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    Hello my name is Lisa I am 33 with two kids a girl (7) and boy (4) I've been on and off logging for a while now. My starting goal is to lose 100lbs within two years. Once I conquer this goal I will tackle the "ideal weight of 151lbs. I have a few supportive friends on here and at home and I've lost a few because of my inactivity due to life changes. I would like to gain more supportive friends as we help each other reach our goals. I don't mind suggestions at all. Messages are always welcome and if anyone local want to walk or exercise together we can exchange information. Add me and we can do this TOGETHER!!!!!!
  • GerritKing
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    Hi, My name is Gerrit, I am 31married with two great kids. I am an IT tech, and a Hobby blacksmith.
  • bigherm2121
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    Hi my name is sal and I'm from Pittsburgh. I'm 30 years old and recently lost 50lbs of fat. I went from 270-217. I was a competitive powerlifter and needed to switch over to the non fat side. I did this transformation in 7 months and halfway through it i got an umbilical hernia which put me out for two months. Now I'm back stronger as ever.
  • mamarundrc
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    I started a new post for introductions in the pinned section. Feel free to start using it for introductions and to re-introduce yourself so we can get a picture of who is still active in the group.
  • devinayadav
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    Hi everyone,

    I am Devina, about to turn 30 this December but the mindset has already been shifting from 20 something to 30 something for quite sometime now. Good to virtually meet you all.
    I am currently located in the UK otherwise mostly travelling and enjoying my single status :) interesting to read about people's history, I don't have much to mention, just some boyfriends :P
    I am into Cloud hosting (IT *kitten*), managing EMEA region for my company. I resumed gym training just yesterday after a gap of 1.5 year otherwise used to run outside. I need to shed little weight, tone up and control my boozing.

    Best of luck to you all!

  • Kfieldseth
    Kfieldseth Posts: 17 Member
    Hi...30 somethings! I'm 34 and am very excited to start this journey! I have no friends on MFP because I'm not sure what I'm doing on this website right now. So please be patient with me. If anyone requests me or if I'm not posting in the correct spots hopefully I will figure this out pretty quickly. Thanks.
  • SamC_2015
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    Hi, I'm Samantha (Sam), and I'm new to the discussion boards. I turned 30 about a week ago. I am the proud parent of 3 beautiful kitties. My family and friends have been extremely supportive of my weight loss efforts since November 2014. I spent my 20s overweight and embarrassed about it, so I was desperate to lose the weight before this past birthday. I lost over 60 lbs and reached my goal weight before using MFP, but I'm here to learn how to eat healthy and exercise consistently.

    Hoping to learn a lot here!
  • mamarundrc
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    Please post introductions in the pinned thread at the top of the page.
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