• jend114
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  • bamajes
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    always looking for new friends on goodreads. Feel free to add me Jessica Tate.... This is the link that pops up when I view my profile (not sure if is the right one or not )
  • angela828
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    LOVE GOODREADS! I'm a YA fan but like to read a lot of different books sometimes so goodreads is great!

    add me, my username is ans722
  • mznisaelaine
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    I am in Goodreads but haven't updated it recently. My username is mznisaelaine I think lol. Feel free to add me :)
  • finchest
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    goodreads is the best! i find so many great books that way.
  • mderr90
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    I just registered last night. My UN is mderr. I'm looking for friends so feel free to add me :)
  • apvalletta
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    I just joined too & love it. I didn't even realize you could add friends. Add me if you like: Andreavalletta
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    I'm on GoodReads also....not as much as I would like to be....but going to try to get back into it.....I love to read just about anything!! Add me as a friend....would love to get more great book recommendations!! Monih10! =]
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    I am pretty religious about my Goodreads! :-) My name is Sara Grace ('00-'05).
  • zoeelizabeths
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    I love Goodreads!
  • mtaylor1980
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    I just joined!!! I didn't know about it before this thread..add me :-) Moira Taylor
  • 987Runner
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    I've been on Goodreads for about two years now. I absolutely love it and write reviews for almost every book I read! I visit the sight probably 4-5x a week. Addicting!
  • Love Goodreads. If anyone wants to add me Im under pghjezebel.
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    I LOVE goodreads!!! Add me, Krissy Snifeld
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    Yep...I track most everything I read. It sure helps in keeping up with what series I read and if a new book is coming out.

    TheMaidOfAstolat is my UN. Yeah...the same as I have here on MFP. I am a bit of a Tennyson fanatic.
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    I'm on Goodreads also and LOVE IT!! Feel free to add me: cghighfill
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    i love goodreads! i'd love to have more friends. add me: lewd
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    I'm on good reads both on my Thrive ap and online. Ya'll can add me if you like...Carebear200284 :)
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    added all of you I think