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Is anyone a member of goodreads? I have the app on my Nook Color, but I also access it via the web and through my facebook account. For those unfamiliar, it's a social site where you can add friends, search and review books, create bookshelves (read, to read, currently reading, etc.). I usually find great book recommendations from friends and from the goodreads staff. If you are on, add me as a friend....Tara Taylor


  • MrsSpratt
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    I'm on. I'll add you. I like it but find that sometimes I update my book list often and other times I forget all about it.
  • I'm on there but haven't used it in a long time .... i tend to forget about it :ohwell:
  • achbarrow
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    I love goodreads. Best resource I have for finding new things to read. You can add me if you'd like. Ayla Barrow.
  • anna_b1
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    I'm on it and find it useful, but rarely check in. I'm Abbyb1 on there. Feel free to add me. :)
  • williamsonday
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    I use GoodReads, both as a place to vent my opinions and as a resource.
  • Sgriffin2382
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    That is so funny! I just came on the board to post a topic about Good Reads and you beat me to the punch :-) I spent a few hours today scanning all the books I own into the program, and sorting them into shelves. I had made an Excel file a while ago cataloging them, but it is nice to have something more definitive to look at. Not to mention I could add all my favorite authors and see when new books in my series are coming out. I am sgriffin2382 on there. Anyone feel free to add me!
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    I love goodreads. I'm on there all the time. Please add me if you wish: Chrissyreads

  • Brown_Eyed_Beauty
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    I just joined. Thanks for the recommendation.
  • travelgirl77
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    It is a great site!
  • mcdebbie
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    Sgriffin, how did you scan your books into Goodreads? I mainly use it to track books I see recommended in magazines, etc.
  • I'm on there under Lissakay77....Feel free to add me :)
  • sarah_ep
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    Though I don't go on often.
  • I'm starting to get back into using this site .... I'm arsie612 on there if anyone wants to find me :smile:
  • Just_Dot
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    I'm there a lot... I just finished my 2011 reading goal. Pm me if you want my email.
  • CalJur
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    i'm on goodreads. find my username caljur or my full name raymond j. ramsey. i too tend to forget about it at times but hoping to improve in the future. mfp has taken a bit of my time in recent months.
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    I'm addicted to reading books! I'm on! Go to: & add me! Please let me know that you are from MFP!
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    Here's the link to add me as a friend over there:

    if that doesn't work, my name is Alice Molina
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    I'm a little late, but I just created mine on there. Here's the URL to mine:
  • monih10
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    I love to read, and have heard a little about Goodreads.....going to check out the website some more.....from what I already know about seems pretty awesome!! =]
  • MinnieInMaine
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    I :heart: goodreads!! Don't go on there very often but I don't know what I'd do without that To Read list! People are always recommending books to me on top of the list I've already got going so it makes my life a whole lot easier.

    Feel free to friend me if you'd like - if you search for NayShel, I'll be the only one that comes up - no image and it's under Renee.