• bayertablets
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    I'm on GoodReads as bayertablets. I don't always write reviews, but I do try to say a little something about the books I've read to remind me if I liked them or not. Add me if you wish!
  • ohhk8
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    I'm obsessed with Goodreads! I love browsing lists and adding random books haha. Feel free to add me!
  • mlssanne
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    I'm on GoodReads as mlssanne. I'd love to have more friends--I tend to get in a rut with my books, so would love to get some good recommendations.
  • jubeesh
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    I LOVE Goodreads! feel free to add me!
  • wendye1960
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    I used Goodreads all the time too I've just edited my profile to include a username. I'm wendye1960 please feel free to add me I'll go through and add you later if you haven't already done so.
  • kford9
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    i'm on there and i use it pretty regularly. i think you can search for my email [email protected]
  • Ryasama
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    I use it as well, am working on getting all my books loaded in...
  • maria1113
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    Wow, never heard of such site :) Created a profile there under name rae_maria
  • cobebu8
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    I am and I love Goodreads! I am not sure how to add people without using their emails but if you know how, I would love to add your name or anyone from here at MFP. Needless to say, I love to read! Chelsea :glasses:
  • cobebu8
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    Hi! My name is Chelsea and my Goodreads ID is cobebu8. I am glad you are here at MFP and trying to live a healthy life. Take care!
  • cobebu8
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    Hi! I just requested your friendship at Goodreads. My ID is cobebu8. I lived in Elgin, IL, from July 2009-June 2010. COLD! Chicago has sure earned its name! Chelsea :smile:
  • cobebu8
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    It looks like whenever I answer someone on this topic here, a specific person, the post goes to everyone. Sorry about that. I didn't know. So, for everyone, my Goodreads ID is cobebu8 and you are all invited to join me there. I have been a member of Goodreads for a while and I really like it.

    Chelsea in FL :glasses:
  • I have one. My name is CarmenBee. Feel free to add me guys!
  • I'm on there too! Love keeping track of my books on there. Feel free to add me. Amanda Archibald
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  • estrobabe
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    Mznisaelaine . I love Goodreads!
  • MdmAcolyte
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    I LOVE GOOD READS!! Im MdmAcolyte there too :)
  • On there as well, I don't always remember to update it but I try.
    That should be the right link.
  • On good it! nurse_pauline there
  • I love goodreads!! I get on all the time. Feel free to add me, I have added a few people on here as well.

    Shanna1212 is my username