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    Another here :smile: I'm agender, polyromantic grey-sexual because *kitten* yes queerness :laugh: - still considering top surgery but that is dependent on how my body looks when I'm at or around my UGW
  • Genderfluid.
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    Bisexual here, with a trans spouse. Hi, y'all!
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    32 years old transgender male, pre-T. I'm about 58 lbs away from my ultimate goal weight (180 - I'm 5'10") and I'm hoping I'll achieve that in the next year or two. Considering I started 306 lbs, that's really not bad. It just seems the harder I try to lose weight, the harder it is to get off.

    Because of my weight, it causes me great dysphoria with my body. I'm hoping the more I lose, the easier it'll get. (Seriously sick of strapping down DDD's to make it look like a C.)
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    I'm Paula. When I'm feeling like labels are helpful and what I want, I call myself genderqueer. I'm also polyamorous and queer. I live in Denver, Colorado, and I was living in Boulder. That was a pretty great experience in terms of acceptance and finding other people that are genderqueer, gender fluid, or trans. I have no plans of ever transitioning one way or another (if that makes sense) because I don't have many issues with my body (some, but not too many), more with gender.

    I am studying human sexuality, and I like to hula hoop as well as take long walks to wherever seems like a good place to walk at the time. I only have one partner at the moment, who is male-bodied and a man. I love him, and we talk about gender a fair amount! I'd love to make some more trans friends!!!

    YAY! :)
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    Glad to see so many fun-gendered people around. :D

    I'm not trans myself but genderqueer. After a year here, I definitely think MFP doesn't address trans fitness issues by default, and most people on the forums don't really get it if your fitness/appearance goals aren't "normal". It's pretty frustrating so it's nice to know there are others around. Cheers~
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    I'm a FtM male, on T now for 2 yrs. Done with surgeries. Hello to everyone
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    Genderfluid here. :)
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    I'm super trans-friendly, but not trans myself. We need more trans support in the LGBT community.

    Me too! Im here to support my LGBT friends in this journey!!! Add me if you want!
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    I'm a trans man who has been in denial about it until about a month ago. Not quite sure what I want to do about transitioning, but as a starting point I am trying to build some muscle.
  • I'm one (FTM). I've struggled with gender identity for my entire life. I have always identified myself as a male, even though I sometimes feel slightly more feminine than masculine. When I was fifteen I attempted to talk to family and friends about this but received nothing but negative reactions... so I'm at the point now where I keep it to myself. It's extremely difficult at times; I don't know what to do. I feel invisible because I know that people only can see the outside of me. I guess I'm afraid to be anything other than what my family expects; I don't want to lose the few people I have. And I am beyond confused as far as gender preference because I go through "phases". One day I may only find men attractive, then the next day I may be attracted to only women. Sometimes I am attracted to both, but other days neither. Does anyone else have this problem? It's so frustrating.

    Sorry lol, but I needed for at least one person to hear that. I feel better after writing this. : D
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    Helloooooo? Is this thread abandoned? Add another trans guy to the list.
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    Helloooooo? Is this thread abandoned? Add another trans guy to the list.

    I think it may be! -waves-
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    And add another transguy!
    On T seven months, top surgery this past July.
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    I'm a trans girl, today's my 12th day of HRT (though my dosages are definitely too low).
    I'm 35 with a wife and three kids... and we're finally reaching some stability at home (though a tenuous one).

    I plan on going FT in 6-18 months... with some FT trials starting probably this summer.

    Feel free to friend me here on MFP!!! I've lost 45 lbs and aiming for 20 more (though I'd be pretty happy with 10).
  • Hi peoples. I'm Grey (ftm) and I'm almost one month T. I'm active on here and looking for buds.
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    I'm a big ole lez who is a huge supporter of the Trans community. So, thought I'd throw that out there. Send me a request if you'd like. :-)
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    I know what I am in my own mind but not sure how others would wish to label me, though some say that I'm simply suffering from gender dysphoria.

    I see myself as both genders and in the UK I often get called a Tgirl.

    I'm currently having laser treatment for hair removal and am considering Male to Female surgery (brow bossing and the like).
    Not interested in gender reassignment as I like those bits!

    This aspect of my lifestyle certainly helps with keeping my focus on my weight and body shape! I can now happily get into size 4-6 (US)/ size 8-10 UK dresses, skirts, and tops. I just want to drop a few more pounds and then maintain that weight.

    My small frame and skinny legs have always been a negative point in male-mode, but they now work to my advantage in the female world!
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    hi, born both corrected to female now i suppose Gender fluid
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    Masculine of center in a female body over here. Trying to avoid using labels in describing myself, but if I were to use them, I'd say I'm genderqueer leaning very much to the masculine side of things. Would consider going on T and getting top work done, but nothing else. And yeah,MFP doesn't seem to be the most accepting place for people with 'non-conventional' fitness goals. People don't seem to appreciate my quip that I am lifting to become manlier.