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    I keep assuming I've posted here, but it appears I never did! GQ, trying to make my body more masculine and seriously debating top surgery. I'm most comfortable dressed somewhere in the middle, although I usually stick with men's clothing because I like the cuts better.

    I'm always happy to meet other trans people, and if you like weightlifting too, all the better!
  • MorgueBabe
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    I'm super trans-friendly, but not trans myself. We need more trans support in the LGBT community.
  • noah_mac
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    Another transguy here :wink:
    always looking for more friends, so feel free to add me :flowerforyou:
  • SexNerd
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    I'm still around. I didn't realize this was the same thread, but I'm glad to see that people are still posting.
  • ashleyjade57
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    I am not trans but my partner is looking to transition MtF if anyone wants to add me it is good to have the support :)
  • LadyDi126
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    I am not trans* but I am a HUGE supporter. I'm finishing my psychology degree and used it as an opportunity to educate my classmates (and my therapist) about the changes in the diagnosis from "Gender Identity Disorder" to "Gender Dysphoria" in the DSM-V. I firmly believe that by educating people (especially future therapists/psychologists) I can assist them in compassion and understanding.

    My partner and I are hoping to start fostering LGBT kids in the next year or so, and we are very much hoping to be able to help trans* kids/teens because we both are keenly aware of the struggles they face with family discrimination. My partner is genderfluid/butch/queer but has a great amount of family support. :)

    I'm just starting on here and looking for friends, so feel free to add me!
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    Also not trans, but a pan lady, and my best friend is ftm and I'm close with several other trans/genderqueer men and women/individuals. Transphobia and transmisogyny is the easiest way to get on my bad side.
  • paperfiish
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    Adding to the list of not trans but super supportive. I have three excellent/awesome friends who are trans, so it's an issue in the community that's close to my heart. Feel free to add me if you like <3
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    Genderqueer here. :) Female assigned at birth. I use they/them pronouns and fluctuate between femme and soft butch in terms of my gender expression. ~
  • Oooh yay trans* people thread!!

    I'm Keagan and I'm FTM, though I am very feminine in my gender expression! :D I go by male pronouns and have lived as male for five years.

    I've been on HRT for almost 10 months and am currently prepping for my top surgery. My surgeon says I should aim to lose 20-30lbs by my surgery date which is either in June or July, so i'm working hard at it.

    If anyone wants to be buddies feel free to message me! c:
  • carolsteele45
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    Hi everybody,
    My name is Carol and I'm a 68 year old trans woman. I transitioned in the 70's (seems like the Dark Ages now) and now that I have retired I am an activist on the trans scene in the UK and especially in the area where I live, working with my local police authority to educate about transphobia and also within various NHS committees.
    I also do voluntary work on a national suicide helpline and also work on the helplines of a very proactive LGBT organisation here in the South West of the UK.
    Oh, and besides all that I am the treasurer for our local Pride organisation.
    It's a wonder I have time to eat, never mind diet and exercise lol
  • strongestgirl10
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    Adding to the list of not trans but super supportive.Feel free to add me if you like <3
    Me too! The person that gave birth to me is FtM trans with a lovely pansexual wife. I am keenly aware of their struggles both socially and economically (both are disabled). They are two of the most loving, compassionate individuals on the planet. I consider it a privilege to be part of such a diverse family. <3
  • chloe42
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    I'm in the grey zone of transition, MtF. I had a good run a year back dropping 20 pounds using this app. I let myself go do to stress at work , but I am back with a vengeance.
    I am glad to see that we are everywhere. :)
  • Hi everyone!

    Trans guy here living is Washington state. I am just coming back to My Fitness Pal after a long lapse. I'm trying to stick with it one day at a time. I've half way to my initial two week goal (been logging in and making progress for eight days!) I would love for anyone to add me. I want to see more active folks in my feed!
  • Hey I'm here!
    I'm Tucker. My goals aren't extreme just trying to lose about five pounds in the next few months so I can have that summer six-pack haha. I am a college student. I've been on T for three and a half year and had top surgery about a year and a half ago. Feel free to add me!
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    I was just going to start a similar thread, but since there's already one here, maybe it's more civil to bump it out of its 7-month slumber. I'm Angela, MTF trans, living in Vancouver BC with my kick-*kitten* wife, two cats and a terrible dachshund. I'm a pretty consistent logger and always looking to add new MFP friends, trans or otherwise.
  • Heyo!

    The name's Jess! I'm a 26 year old pre-op transguy looking for some motivational buddies :-3! Feel free to add me and I absolutely look forward to getting to know all of you ^_^
  • BadgerFaced
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    Hey! Add another trans guy to the list! 14.5 weeks on T today! :3
  • Bumping this! I'm agender hi
  • shrinking_cylon
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    i'm a twenty-four year old nonbinary queer. feel free to add me - i have anxiety but am v friendly!! :)