• Nielasan
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    BUTCH :)
  • vkdarling
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    I'm not trans but I'm not cis either really.... im kinda androgonous which i guess puts me on the spectrum somewhere to some people :)
  • savethecat
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    Hey, trans guy here looking for support. Feel free to add me.
  • Just a small gay trans boy looking to gain some muscle so my identity will be taken seriously until i can start on T
    I say I'm gay a lot for someone who's actually pan
  • ArgyleWerewolf
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    It makes me really really happy to see trans folks and supporters here!
  • KeoniD
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    Are the other message boards jealous that we have all the pretty people?
  • Another trans guy here. I'll most likely start T this April and am now working on losing weight... I'm an occasional foodie (sometimes lazy, hence occasional) but also a binge eater, trying to get rid of that 'habit'. Feel free to add me, I need more people to follow here as that might keep me motivated. :D
  • Hi everyone, trans woman here. I need to lose weight for HRT.
  • Spottheshark
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    Hi I am a post op trans woman lost weight to have surgery but past 1 1/2 years have put it back on plus. Would like to loose weight for health, figure and in support of my partner FtoM who hasn't started transition yet.
  • TXChelleD
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    Texas lesbian to any and all. :)
  • sup i'm a transmasculine genderqueer person
  • GrendelGreg
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    Apparently I never actually posted here, go fig. I'm a trans dude. I'm awesome. Add me! :3
  • boringjay
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    Hey, all. Add yet another trans guy to the list. Coming up on two years on T. Trying to lose weight while being a college student and stress eater is probably not the most ideal situation, but I'm working on it anyway. Feel free to add me or shoot me a message!
  • elixile
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    Genderfluid, though presents feminine for the main. Losing weight for many reasons but one key personal one is to feel more comfortable physically presenting more masculine. Also cheered up by seeing trans* getting represented here :D
  • crawdaddy0
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    FtM right here. I'm 27 and I've been on T for almost 5 years. I've had top surgery but I want to lose fat so when I get a revision it'll actually look good. Glad there are a lot of t people.
  • flipflopperman
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    i'm a trans boy :)
  • TXChelleD
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    Lesbian here. 3 kids- straight, bi and gay - I like to call it my full set! Feel free to add me. Open to any and all. :)
  • Quiing
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    <--- Genderfluid. I go by he, she and they.
  • Yup, me too. Feel free to add me. I am looking for more folks to support and keep me on track.
  • Woman with a trans history here :) feel free to add me. Transitioned in 2008 also a metal head \m/ \m/