• countrygirlatheart0717
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    I did 30DS L1D1 yesterday and was bummed to wake up and have my knees HATE ME! I had to take today as a rest day already - so bummed! :-/ I hope tomorrow I can pick back up and get back into it ... I want to actually finish the 30DS this time! I've started and stopped so many times that I could've probably have done the entire DVD 3 times now if I stuck w/it haha.

    Don't mean to be negative and complain but I just wanted to vent :)
  • Amor1516
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    Day 1 of level 1 done burned 383 cals:bigsmile:
  • popat89
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    Alright, day 3 done! I upped my weights today by 2.5 lbs too! Feeling good!
    I also ran today for added cardio 3.3 miles in 29min30sec. - a PR for me.
  • LurayneMarie
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    Great work everyone! So far so good, no one has been slacking!! :drinker:

    Just finished L1D3 plus 30mins of strength training (FHFS challenge) Feeling UBER tired and my muscles are aching a bit but I feel good and relaxed and ready to get some nice dinner and watch TV!:bigsmile:

    Its so funny the tightness in my biceps make me feel like Ive got muscles bulging out of my skin! I feel like wonder woman or something! Obviously there's not much there...but it feels like there is! :laugh:
  • langsokkur
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    Done with level 1 day 6, but somehow I forgot to do it yesterday! Don't even know how :P

    It doesn't leave me sore this time around, but when I tried to do it, like a year ago, I felt like dying. I'm clearly shaping up :P
  • shannairl
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    Day 2 Level 1 just done - I didn't think I'd be able to do it, my legs and arms were hurting so much but as I warmed up the pain went!!

    Still can not do a bicycle crunch to save my life and I always scream at her doing the lunges with the weights, but getting there :)
  • chetnabhatt
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    Level 1 Day 3 -Completed !! :drinker:
  • I was wondering how to log in these exercises too! Thanks for the circuit training idea, that helps a lot. I was trying to log in every single exercise which just stinks!
  • debwaid
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    30 DS day 2 completed yesterday....forgot to log it! I did level 2 because it seems like it's easier on my knees for whatever reason! Good luck everyone!
  • feexme
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    Day 4 level 1 done. I thought it would get easier. I am having a harder time every day. Out of curiosity (and because I thought I looked a little narrower) I took my measurments again. I have already lost 1/2 inch in 3 different places. Chest, upper stomach and thighs. It really does work. Now if I could just get myself to eat a bit better... Good luck all!!
  • Checking in -Day 3 of Level 1 Completed - was a little of a struggle today (the lunges) - I think the two hour roller derby practice last night made me legs a little week - I will keep pushing on :happy:
  • LisaGaimadi
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    Did day 3 after work yesterday...taking a break tonight (although I don't want to!).
    I have to take my DD shopping for prom shoes after work...if I'm home early enough I will push through it...I'm kind of loving it, not going to lie! Also might have to look into level 2...or a knee brace!

    We all rock!!!
  • nmkaties
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    LOVE 30 Day Shred it's intense but not intimidating!! Hahaha... didn't realize I could sweat so much. I find shouting "youre strong!" gets me through the work out and playing my Lady Gaga/Britney Spears/Rhianna pandora station ... my poor neighbors must think I'm nuts. haha
  • Beewallows
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    Level 1 Day 3. This is such a nice workout, that I actually look forward to it.
  • Kat0310
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    Hope you all don't mind me joining in here. I finally found a thread that is consistently logging for the 30DS daily. I did the shred last year then followed with Ripped in 30, then 6 week/6 pack abs. Loved them all. Decided to do the shred again (need to tone up for the summer and vacation....).

    I did my Day 2 Level 1 this morning followed by the elliptical on endurance setting.

  • auntamama
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    Just finished level 1 Day 2. I finished week 2 of my C2K5 right before I did Shred, and it was a lot harder today.
  • So far I have been getting up at 6am to do my workout. This is while my husband is still home, so if any of my 3 kids needs something, he is there to help. Well today he left for work at 6 sooooo.......I haven't exercised yet today. I am going to really have to push myself to do it when he gets home from work tonight. It's so hard to have the energy in the evening.
    I keep telling myself, "I will do it tonight!" Otherwise I'm going to need a cyber a** whopping from my Shredded Hotties group!
  • Just got this today and started right away....so I'm 2 days behind, but what a workout! Those jumping jacks kill me!:sad:
  • ohjoy908
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    woo! L1D3!! i"m sweating like crazy and i love it!! i've started yelling and grunting to motivate myself since this is the first day by myself and its so tempting to rest/cheat!! thanks for the accountability in this group!!
  • janana81
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    I had a kickass intense hour long bootcamp this morning. I am too wiped for Jillian. :) I will resume her tomorrow!! :)