• Lmdaniels
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    Did L1 D5 today. I might be a bit worse off today than I was others because i finally got some hand weight. 3 pounds. Hardest are the forward raises.I haven't gained or lost any weight. As much as I sweat,I feel I could at least drop a couple pounds in water weight.:huh: I won't measure myself again until Mon. Got my hrm today...clocked my workout at 194 Cal. Breaking this weekend. Will do 6 pk abs,Zumba and ellipse or treadmill. Need to give the knees a rest.
  • ohjoy908
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    L1D4 done!! i could do all the push ups today!! I"m also less sore so i'm thinking tomorrow i'll be brave and try real pushups?? yikes! I don't want to fall behind! i'm enjoying the soreness because i know that means i'm pushing myself to the limit :) it might be my imagination, but i think my work pants fit better today... either way i feel better wearing them!
    JTHRONES Posts: 75
    L1D7 today. No weight loss, but I feel incredible! I'm more flexible than I have been in awhile and my scrubs are uncomfortably loose!
  • L1D4! Found it much more bearable today! Might try a few proper push ups tomorrow!!!
  • enkatill
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    I did level 1 last night. It was a workout for sure.
  • Kat0310
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    L1 D3 done this morning, moving right along. Will do my D4 tomorrow morning.

    Also did my 30 minutes on the elliptical afterward :happy:
    PLUMSGRL Posts: 1,134 Member
    Worked 12 hours, walked two 15 min miles, came home walked the dog.
    Then looked for some inspiration to do the shred and found it...L1D3 completed :wink:
  • auntamama
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    Did Level 1 Day 3 today. It was really hard today. Each time I thought I couldn't go on and stopped she would say 2 more, and I would push through. It just seemed harder today.
  • LurayneMarie
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    Well I absolutely had to take a rest day yesterday because I couldn't use my arms! They were permanently fixed in a 90 degree angle and I couldn't stretch them out! All thanks to my new weights :) So had to give it a miss so that I would be able to operate to some extent at work.

    But back at it today, L1D4, and I felt so much stronger. So Im ready to rock it out again tomorrow!
  • Whisperinghorse
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    Level 1 day 3 done still cant do front raises with weights!! Although may be able to try a proper pushup after the weekend... Keep going! :drinker:
  • Kat0310
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    Got my D4 L1 done for today then my 30 mins on my elliptical, was finding it hard to finish my last few minutes on the elliptical but made it.

    Have a great Saturday everyone!
  • tracyreeks
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    Im so glad im not the only one, i did L1 D2 last night and I cant straighten my right arm today...ouch! Giving it a rest today but hopefully back on it tomorrow!
  • Really bummed. I won't be able to finish the 30 day shred. I busted open my belly button incision from a recent surgery and my doctor recommended I take it easy for a while so it can heal. :cry: Best of luck to everyone else. Once my incision heals back up I will start over. I'm determined to get this weight off.
  • nakitadawn1212
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    Had to take Friday off! I never stopped all day Friday and then when we got home Friday afternoon my son was very fussy and then I went out with my friends last night.

    I was back at it today! Completed Level 1 Day 4 and a 3 mile walk. The work out is getting much easier. I plan on finishing level 1 by Friday, May 11th.

    I love all the dedication. The scale did not move this week, but I feel more tone already!

    Keep up the great work!!
  • ohjoy908
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    L1D5 complete!! and because I was feeling brave I threw in L2 right after! it was crazy!
    I did real pushups today but i noticed i'm not giving everything i have to the ab workouts, which is the place where i need the most work :/ so maybe tomorrow i'll just do L1 twice and really focus on the abs??
    also saw something about someone hurting their joints and feet by not using gym shoes so i started wearing mine.
    i went shopping with my skinny sister today and it was rough comparing myself to her! I wanted to run to my comfort food and hide in sweatpants but i changed into my hot pink workout bra and pushed myself. I feel so much better than if I had eaten!! i'm excited for may 31st when will measure myself again and know that this crazyness has paid off! keep it up everyone!!!
  • L1D5 completed yesterday evening. Still finding a few exercises tough but getting there!
  • guys.. sorry to burst your bubble but make the most of level one whilst you can. level 2 makes me want to cry
  • Kat0310
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    Checking in...L1 D5 complete for me, halfway through first level :smile:

    Then did my usual 30 mins on my elliptical.

    Be back tomorrow!
  • Oops25
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    I do 30DS every alternate day instead of doing it everyday as I get extra sore.. After doing the Level 1 five times, I did both level 1 and level 2 consecutively, and I must say level 2 kills but I "saw" the level 3 too and i'm gonna be sooo sore..! If I lose weight, it is going to be worth it though ! Can't wait to get shredded ;)
  • Lmdaniels
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    I'll be ready to jump back in for day 6 tomorrow!