• ltparker
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    L1 D3 Completed! Quads are hurting today so something must be working!! No stationary bike tonight...have choir rehearsal!!!
    Let's get it in!!!
  • I did it! I actually worked out at 6:30pm. It felt so dang good to accomplish it! I am pumped! I can't wait to Shred again at 6am.
  • Lmdaniels
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    L1 D4 done!
  • Lmdaniels
    Lmdaniels Posts: 91 Member
    I did it! I actually worked out at 6:30pm. It felt so dang good to accomplish it! I am pumped! I can't wait to Shred again at 6am.

    Good job!
  • Level 1 day 3 completed. I almost didn't do the shred today but I talked myself into it. Glad I did. Trying to stay on track to do the full 30 days in a row! :happy: 20751372.png
  • ElijahsMom08
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    Day 4 completed!!! I am so excited, and really feel the motivation today! Love seeing all your progress <3 I like not being alone in this :D
  • BethicaJ
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    L1 D2 done!! I'm a big girl and I hurt so bad after day 1 that I had to take a day off. I was still hurting today but pushed myself through and got through it!! I'm having a hard time sitting down and standing up because my thighs hurt so bad but it'll get better!!

    Today, I had my 4 daughters doing it with me in our livingroom. Imagine 5 girls all doing jumping jacks in one room. The house was shaking!! Looking forward to doing it again when I get off work in the morning.
  • LmDaniels - me too - L1 D4...how do you feel? I was really sore the first 3 days, but today I'm feeling good. I'm already starting to make the exercises more intense and "squeezing" harder! Last night I added Jillian's 6pack6weeks. it is 30 minutes and it was tough, even Level 1! Holy crap!

    Happy Friday and congrats to everyone for sticking it out! 20 minutes a day is all you need and that's awesome.

    Add me as a friend if you want!
  • tracyreeks
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    I only got mine thursday too, will do L1 D2 tonight....have to say the arms are feeling it already though!! :laugh:
  • charlottehammerton
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    Just done day8 and its getting easier!! That must be me getting ready for level 2!! I also done ache/feel as sore each day at the beginning my calves really hurt, much better now.

    Do i get 6wk6pack next then?? I keep looking it on Amazon!

    the only thing - i do feel lazy when i read other peoples posts that i don't do anything else other than the 30DS that is enough for me! I don't know how you can do other dvd's as well!
  • charlottehammerton
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    The only thing I have noticed is I was losing 1lb a week, since doing this 30DS I have put a pound on, will that even out and I will start to lose again??
  • langsokkur
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    level 1 day 9 done!! Just day 10 next monday, and then off to level 2.. Getting quite anxious about it! haha :)
  • Whisperinghorse
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    level 1 day 2 for me today.. Sweated buckets :wink: loved it..... No breaks even managed to do the whole minute of bicycle crunches today whereas yesterday I had to stop...

    Think my weights may be a little heavy for these high reps, am currently using 2kg handweights (the lightest I can do) shoulders ache (cant use weights for side lunge excersize) and my quads a bit...

    I find to keep soreness down then do more stretches than are in the DVD, I do extra tricep stretches and chest stretches..

    Loving this though :love:
  • mialegg
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    L1 Complete! I started last week so today was my last day of level 1. Now on to the dreaded level 2:cry: I don't know why, but for some reason level 2 seems even harder than level 3 to me. I will get through it though :happy:
  • feexme
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    Day 5 done! Almost went back to sleep but forced myself up. I love it! my 2 year old tried doing it with me today but he enjoyed crawling between my legs as I did squats and trying to climb on me while I did sit ups more than the workout. I get up at 5;30 to do the program but the earlier I get up the earlier they all (3) get up :-) Doing well with the workout but having a hard time keeping in my calorie goal. 1200 Stinks! Blah! So many birthday parties, weddings, and other events this month. Is there hope? Good job everyone. I am so glad for this group. Keeping me motivated.:flowerforyou:
  • nakitadawn1212
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    Everyone is doing great!!

    I thought day 2 was rough but day 3 was MUCH easier.

    Today is going to be super hectic, but hoping to squeeze it in even if it is at 10:00.

    I gained 1.4 lbs this week. It was my fault..... TOOO many hamburgers on the grill and too many beers!! Need to log my food all next week along with making healthier choices!

    Great job gals keep up the great work!
  • shannairl
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    Checking in! Day 3 Level 1 and I did ALL the jumping jacks! So proud! haha x Getting closer to doing the full set of bicycle crunches, my 7 year old was joining in and he put me to shame, the amount of energy kids have is unbelievable!

    Good luck for the weekend guys. I was going to take the weekend off but I actually enjoyed today so I think I'll do it tomorrow too and have a rest day on Sunday if I need it. Good luck! x
  • jdel987
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    Getting ready to do level 1 day 4. Feeling much less sore today thank goodness.
  • chetnabhatt
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    L1D4...yeah finished..!!:bigsmile:
  • ltparker
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    LOVE 30 Day Shred it's intense but not intimidating!! Hahaha... didn't realize I could sweat so much. I find shouting "youre strong!" gets me through the work out and playing my Lady Gaga/Britney Spears/Rhianna pandora station ... my poor neighbors must think I'm nuts. haha

    Whatever it takes to get you through it! That's a good mix of muisc!