30DS Level 2



  • womblewoo
    womblewoo Posts: 28 Member
    Will def wait until the end until I measure. had to take 2 days off last week but back on track now - my goodness, those arm raises whilst squatting are a nightmare!!!
    I weighed today but have not dropped any llbs (had a little bit of a naughty weekend - only 1600 cals) even though sticking to 1200 cals + exercise cals every other day.
    Have to keep telling myself that I am getting stronger and fitter and that is the aim not to get skinny. Such a change of mindset from doing Atkins induction every month to lop off 6 llbs only to put on 7llbs over the following 2 weeks!
  • debwaid
    debwaid Posts: 573 Member
    Started level 2 on Monday! I have lost a couple of inches and 3.9 pounds. I have been doing the program M-F, each level 10 days.
  • vacationnut
    vacationnut Posts: 8 Member
    I was at the end of level 2 but then took the holiday week end off. Started with L1 this morning and will do that for a couple of days.Then back up to L2 next week. :wink:
    PLUMSGRL Posts: 1,134 Member
    well today was D2L2 for me, and even 'tho the V raises are killing my anterior delts, it ain't to bad!
    I actually like the planks, but still can't do a "regular" push up.
    more tomorrow...anybody else here?
  • AnnaYESiCANdoIT
    AnnaYESiCANdoIT Posts: 86 Member
    I havent been able to do it everyday because I am gone on most the wknds. so should I just make sure and do my 30 total days? is anyone else doing it this way? I cannot do a unmodified push up either and the jumping jacks are really hard on my ankles :( I will start level 2 next week as I am going to Chicago for a vacation thursday-sunday.
    PLUMSGRL Posts: 1,134 Member
    @ ahermes1; I'm trying to do M-F since I work 3 12 hour shifts on the weekends.

    woooo, just finished L2D3, everything's getting better (except jump moves), love the planks, and shoulders burn with the military presses!
  • folkoono
    folkoono Posts: 18 Member
    CANNOT do plank twists. Or co-ordinate myself properly to do double jump rope.
    PLUMSGRL Posts: 1,134 Member
    CANNOT do plank twists. Or co-ordinate myself properly to do double jump rope.

    We all have a difficult move (or two), just do what you can, and keep pushing on!
    PLUMSGRL Posts: 1,134 Member
    sweat dripping down in my eyes, but L2D4 done!
  • lollaler
    lollaler Posts: 69 Member
    L2D10 tomorrow morning.. cant wait until L2 is over.... i have stuck to it everyday put on 2kg and my pants are tighter... not very motivational i know but hey i have another 11 days right !!! i have noticed nicer arms though so whoo hoo :) the last weight section of L2 kills me haha. keep up all the good work guys.
    PLUMSGRL Posts: 1,134 Member
    L2D5 done~