Whole 30 for August



  • beckkotsch
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    Don't sweat it too much, twaltemade!

    Good to know I'm not the only snacker:) Speaking of which....I'm pretty excited that some of the Lara Bars are whole30 approved!

    I had fruit with both breakfast and lunch so I should be good for the day. Hopefully I can with hold after dinner:)
  • beckkotsch
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    I am on day 18!!! :-D

    How do you feel? Im pumped to get to the halfway mark:)
  • Fairysoul
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    4 more days guys and I begin this!!1 Sounds like everyone is doing well with checking teir labels and such!! KUDOS!!
  • Frankenbarbie01
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    Where did you find whole30 approved bacon? I bought my usual nitrate/sulfate free bacon the other day w/o thinking and of course there is sugar added! Thankfully I didn't eat any yet!

    Confession time...It is Alder smoked bacon from Costco =( My husband is NOT Paleo and in order to not destroy our relationship (*joking*) we had to compromise on this one little thing, lol. Plus I have given up all the other things I used to love (grains, rice, CHEESE!!) So this is a very workable solution for me. It is really my only treat/indulgance in the form of food.

    Had a GREAT day yesterday!! was OP and made good choices! Overindulged on berries for lunch which sent my carbs over, but had a good day!! Today will be just as good!!:flowerforyou:
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    We started a Facebook group and quite a few of us started a whole30 this month.. If you are interested come on over!

    It is an ALL female group FYI!!!!


    Just joined group!
  • twaltemade
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    Is anyone noticing an elevated heart rate? I am at 20g of carbs or less, and i have noticed that my cardio heart rate is about 10-15 beats per minute faster than it was two weeks ago doing the exact same cardio settings. I am not complaining...the heart rate monitor is showing a better burn.

    I figure it is the ketones, because a take a ton of supplements to insure that I am getting plenty of vitamins, potassium, etc. Or it could simply be the primal element.

    (i drink over a gallon of water per day and add salt to my diet...definitely not water or dehyrdration)
  • beckkotsch
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    Franken....not gonna lie....I had bacon this am too that isn't completely whole30 approved. There isn't any sugar on the nutrition info, just at the end of the ingredient list. It's nitrate and sulfate free so whatevs. I'm rocking everything else so I'm not gonna worry about it.
    Twaltemade...I am never u der 50g of Carbs since that makes me feel like crap so I can't really tell ya. Have you searched online? Mda would be a great place to start.

    Yesterday I did well. Around 3-4pm I got sleepy/"hungry" so I had a Lara bar. So good but it's really high in sugar, which put me over. I avoided a sweet tart at night and had pistachios instead. Today I'm doing well again ex pt that it's 4 again and i think I need a snack. Trying to fight through it:)
  • beckie32536
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    Is anyone noticing an elevated heart rate?

    Well, my HR is always high, especially when exercising (i.e. when I run it is not uncommon for my HR to quickly jump to 250). My cardiologist isn't concerned. He said he's never seen a healthy person die from a high HR. But, it is working harder than it needs to so it causes me to get tired quicker when I exercise. Consequently I am on a beta-blocker to try and reduce the HR.
  • Frankenbarbie01
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    Is anyone noticing an elevated heart rate?
    I did initially notice 'flutters' but took a look at my carbs and increaded them A BIT (added another piece of fruit...) and they went away. HOWEVER it could have been totally unrelated.....

    BTW-Totally digging the Whole 30 newsletters!! worth the 15 bucks! If anyone is interested..
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    Is anyone noticing an elevated heart rate?

    I have noticed that my heart is beating "hard".. has anyone else noticed this? I am not sure if it's fast per se, just hard... like when I am sitting down I can feel it beating through my body. I don't like it!!! I figured it was an affect of the carb flu??????
  • beckie32536
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    Just curious --- how's everyone been sleeping lately? Friday night I didn't sleep well, Saturday night I couldn't fall asleep until around 2am, last night I fell asleep at 3:15am...then the alarm went off at 4am for me to start getting ready for work. I really hope the sleep improves soon because I'm just not sure I can survive on 45min of sleep!!
  • Fairysoul
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    I think that maybe your noticing your body more now, and your heart seems to be beating harder. Remeber when you were a kid and you could feel your heart? Same concept, maybe? As for the sleep have you cut back on exercise? I can't sleep as well when I cut back..
  • beckkotsch
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    For the most part I feel like I'm falling asleep easier but I know I need to get to bed earlier (dang olympics!) b/c I'm still not wanting to get up in the morning! Haha:) I'm hoping it'll all even out soon enough.

    I've been doing really well. Trying to cut down on my fruit intake today. I had a Lara bar at the pool earlier and I'm hoping I don't cave into fruit this evening. We'll see. :)
  • SweetxCatastrophe
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    I've been getting in bed around 10:30-11 and falling asleep within 15min, seem to be sleeping through the night but have been suuuper groggy getting up at 6:30. It's plenty of sleep so I'm not sure what's up with that. Hopefully it gets better soon
  • CMcD1445
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    THATS what I had for dinner last night!!!!!!! Well fed Chicken with grilled asparagas wrapped in BACON!! :love:

    I have tried and failed with the bacon wrapper...How did you get the bacon to stay on? (How much did you use?)
  • AmIhealthyyet
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    I am thinking the best part of eating this way is the sleep! Enery all day but fall asleep fast when i get to bed AND sleeeping soundly ALL night!
  • jukemaster
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    THATS what I had for dinner last night!!!!!!! Well fed Chicken with grilled asparagas wrapped in BACON!! :love:

    I have tried and failed with the bacon wrapper...How did you get the bacon to stay on? (How much did you use?)

    If you're trying to get have individual spears wrapped in bacon, you can secure things with toothpicks, but I find that to be inefficient. To really make things easy, get two or three thin skewers (the bamboo kind work great), then make a raft out of the wrapped asparagus, leaving a tiny bit of space between each one so that the bacon will cook evenly on the sides not touching the grill. I found a pic of a raft sans bacon so you can an example http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/photo/Grilled-Asparagus-103567. Make sure you position the skewers so that they pierce the ends (or near the ends) of the bacon so that everything stays tight. Cook on high heat to get everything crispy. Once you get a crisp on both sides, you can pull the skewers to cook any remaining areas of the bacon that didn't crisp up from the heat. Thin bacon works the best for this.
  • beckkotsch
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    We're almost a full week in!! It took me a full 1/2 hour for me to be hungry this morning....is that normal? I still need to work on getting up earlier...gah. And I'm going to attempt (again) to not eat so much fruit today:) Happy Tuesday, everyone!
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    where do you sign up for the whole 30 newsletter? Thanks!!
  • Fairysoul
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    Ok guys here is my menu plan for the next week, tell me if you think there is anything that needs changing before I shop tomorrow!
    Wednesday Aug 8
    Lunch: Turkey avocado roll ups, olives, cherry tom
    Dinner: Grilled salmon, mixed roasted veggies
    Snacks: Banana, Avocado

    Lunch: Tuna cucumber sandwiches
    Dinner: Bacon spinach stuffed chicken breast, corn salad, sweet potatoes
    Snacks: Apple and almond butter, olives and artichokes

    Lunch: Salmon salad, veggies
    Dinner: Pot roast with veggies, salad
    Snacks: Celery and almond butter/ pistachio’s, Beef jerky

    Saturday: 11th Fishing/ camp
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bacon
    Lunch: Foil pack burgers
    Dinner: Foil pack taco chicken, veggies
    Snacks: Jerky, lara bars, fruit strips

    Breakfast: Bacon scramble,
    Lunch: BLT salad
    Dinner: Burgers, hot dogs, roasted veggies( I do mine with lettuce no buns)
    Snacks: Lara bar, boiled eggs

    Lunch: Stew with roast leftovers
    Dinner: Mexican meatballs, Salad,
    Snacks: Cherries, cherry tom, vegs

    Lunch: Chicken salad lettuce wraps
    Dinner: Steak fajita, no tortilla
    Snacks: Leftover snacks