Find Your 'Not That Heavy' Twin!



  • walkjem
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    walkjem wrote: »
    Age 60
    CW 131
    GW 125-130
    HW 155 Been around 140-145 for many years, high W luckily was just a year or so, skinny all my life till mid 30's.

    I love Nia dance, hiking, walking, reading, mindfulness.

    How tall are you?

    I'm age 58
    CW 136
    SW 160
    GW - not sure. (134?)

    I was thin my whole life until menopause when I went from 125 in 2007, 135 in 2009, 140's during my early 50's. Finally, hit 160 in December. Yegad!!!

    Oh, I'm 5'5" tall.
  • llwolford
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    AprilCoe wrote: »
    Age 42

    CW 145 and 26% body fat (22% according to "official" results - but I can't afford those very often so I'm going with my scale, which says 26%)

    GW 126 and/or 20% body fat

    Calories: 1360
    Workout: Lifting 5-6 days a week. Cardio about 20 minutes daily, usually of the HIIT variety

    Hi We are close.
    Age 43
    Highest 173.6 on January 2016
    Current weight: 140
    Goal weight: 135
    Looking to tone. I have dropped from a tight size 12 to a loose size 4. Was surprised to fit into 3/4 or 5/6 in Junior department. So, mainly looking to tighten up my mid section.

    Workout: 5-6 days a week. Enjoy dance, circuit training, yoga, etc.
  • Katherine199719
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    Highest Weight:126
    Current Weight:116
    Goal Weight: 100
  • 33bbcc33
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    Looking for a twin to help motivate! I'm having to work extra hard for these pounds!

    Age: 25
    Height: 5'5"

    My goal may be a few pounds lighter once I reach it. I try going to the gym almost everyday. Would love to tone and define my legs along the way as those have always been my troubles.
  • ILoveGingerNut
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    Age 40 y/o
    Height 157 cm
    Current weight 47.5 kg
    Trying to get fitter
    Anyone with similar stats pls send me a FR!!!!
  • LKjourney
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    Highest weight 215
    Current weight 175
    Goal weight 145

    Hi we might be twins kind of lol
    I'm 5'10
    HW 178
    CW 170
    GW 145

    How old are you? I'm a month away from 25 :)
  • LKjourney
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    Hello! This is my first post (ever!)

    Height: 5'10"
    HW: 197
    CW: 180
    GW: 160-165
    Calories: Between 1600 - 1800 a day. Try to eat closer to 1800 when I know I'll be doing a heavier workout.
    Gym: 3 - 5 days a week (depending on how ambitious I'm feeling)

    I'm pretty muscular so I don't want to drop too low. Would like to lose some fat in my inner thighs and lower stomach.

    Hey! We might be twins! Congrats on your first post! I started this today
    I'm 5'10
    HW 178
    CW 170
    GW 150-145

    Working on my lower bbody and stomach as well as its quite prone to fat gain.
  • brigettesadowski
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    Age 22
    HW: 188
    CW: 178
    GW: 140

    I'm in college and try to go to the gym 4-5 days a week and I run on my off days. I have no trouble with the active part, I just really struggle with eating right. Hope to find an accountability buddy here! (:
  • cocoabootay
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    HI! I'm looking for a twin that I can text and snap chat with be motivation for each other.
    Age 31
    Height 5'4''
    Weight 136
    Body Fat % 28
    Body Fat Goal 20% by May 2017

    I'm not looking to loose weight per-say, because I want to build muscle. On my heaviest I was 138lbs lean. My profile photo was from about a month ago when I was going strong, and I've lost the motivation and really need a friend to help.
  • cocoabootay
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    mdog449 wrote: »
    Good plan!

    I am 5'4''
    Heaviest: 167
    Current: 134
    Goal: 127....but really it might be more or less. I'd like my upper thighs and butt to look better and focus on measurements more. Seriously, it's not pretty. I should do more squats.

    I have no idea what my bodyfat% is. Sorry! But I like running, short hikes, riding the beach cruiser, eating, and the occasional workout dvd.

    You sound like my twin! Roughly the same weight, and roughly the same goal! Good luck! I'd just like to lose about 8-10 lbs and feel confident in a bathing suit!

    Can I join and make it a thrupple? I'm also focusing on measurements, muscle growth, fat loss, and feeling confident in a bikini. My Glutes and upper thighs (thighs in general) need some serious attention.
  • jlanderson_12
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    Good Morning Beauties....

    I'm 35
    Highest 181
    Current 165
    Goal 135-140

    With 3 boys :p

    I am looking for friends. So many of mine are no longer active :|
    1MADGIRL Posts: 838 Member
    edited October 2016

    I'm 29, heaviest 130, current 126 and my goal is 110 and to look tone and fit.

    I am 5' 3" (height)

    Anyone similar?
    1MADGIRL Posts: 838 Member
    Hi everyone!

    Height: 162cm (5ft 3.5)
    SW: 66kg (145.5lbs)
    CW: 55kg (121lbs)
    GW: 52kg (115lbs)??

    I'm not so sure about my goal weight, because I'll I've been trying to do is to lose fat. I eat somewhere between 1300-2200 calories a day, I don't have any specific macro distribuition range. I exercise 4-6x a week (with 4-5x days of cardio and 3 of strength training and 2-3 of yoga).

    You're somewhat similar!
  • CaitKilla
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    Height: 5'2"
    Heaviest: 161
    Current: 131
    Goal: 110

    About 20 pounds to go but I am proud of my progress!
    1MADGIRL Posts: 838 Member
    You could be my twin CaitKilla. Congrats on your progress!
  • evb1996
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    Age: 20
    Height: 5'4"
    Heaviest: 148
    Current: 136
    Goal Weight: 120
    Current Body Fat: 28%
    Goal Body Fat: 22%

  • Hi all! I am turning 29 soon, and I want my last year in my 20's to be a healthy one. I got married about a year ago, and when I did, I started eating all the same foods as my husband... and gained about 10 pounds. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and workout about 5 times a week (I use videos at home) and go hiking on the weekends. I'm working on eating healthy portions.

    I'd love to have some more friends on here to help keep me accountable! Feel free to add me!

    LW: 113 (college)
    HW: 127

    CW: 124.6
    GW: 119
  • allaraarden
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    I want ALL the MPF friends!

    Age: almost thirty
    Height: almost 5'4"
    Lowest: 125 (it's been a while - 2009 & again in 2012/13)
    Highest: 155 (this year)

    Currently: 147
    Goal: 125-130
  • Rooooose
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    All of a sudden I realise maybe I'm too heavy for this "Not That Heavy" group :neutral:
    Anyways, I love MFP friends :)

    Age: 23
    Height: 5'4" (166cm)
    HW: 148 (68kg)
    CW: 141 (64 kg)
    GW: 132 (60 kg)
    Ultimate GW: 125 (58kg)
  • ashleighlu1
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    Age: 25
    Height: 5'3"
    Heaviest: 125
    Current: 119
    Goal Weight: I don't really have a number in mind, I just want to tone and not be soft all over :)
    Current Body Fat: 26%
    Goal Body Fat: 21-23%

    I try to workout 6 days a week, but I need friends to keep me accountable.