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  • mrsausmus
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    :smile: Hi all!
    Saw this group and thought it was meant to be. I've had Jillian's 30 day shred dvd sitting on a shelf for months and I just decided to re-commit myself to tracking and excercise. This is great motivation for me. I'll be starting tomorrow morning. I leave for work between 6-6:15am and don't get home until 6:30pm. Going to give it a go in the morning and see how successful I am. After work is so hard for me. I'm tired from my long drive and just want to make dinner for my husband and I and relax/prep for the next day. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else! :smile:
  • janechy
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    Hi , lm Jane 37 yrs old. Started MFP about 6 weeks ago. Doing well with my calorie intake but figure l need to start exercising too! L weight 73 kg and my goal weight is around 60 kgs. I look forward to doing this challenge.
  • mrsausmus
    mrsausmus Posts: 4 Member
    Good luck and we can do it!! Like my 92 year old grandmother says, all you have to do is commit.
  • juang3
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    I'm Julie, I started the 30 DS 3 days ago, so today will be my 4th day. I have been a member here for a long time but haven't been serious until a month or so ago. Doctor said to get the cholesterol down or she was going to fire me! OK...not quite like that...but you get my drift! She did say I was way to young to start on cholesterol meds and there are several new studies that are linking them to alzheimers disease! No better way to convince me!! I currently weigh 169 and am shooting for 163 by Christmas. My ultimate goal is 140. I am in a challenge that is running through Christmas and I have been keeping up with my measurements and have taken 2 sets of pictures, both sets you can see under my profile pictures. I will be using my 2nd set for my starter set here. Best wishes to everyone competing in this challenge!!
  • Hello everyone my name is Sonja. I am the proud mother of the person who created this group. I am 49 years old. I was originally 425 pounds. I am currently at 197. I would like to loose 25-30 more pounds. I will start the challenge on Nov. 1st. I am excited. Let's do this.
  • fat2slim11
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    Hi, I'm Paula. I'm 43 and 190lbs. I am going to start the 30 day shred on tomorrow 10/29. I've started this before but never made it past the second day. Hopefully this group will motivate me to complete the entire series. :smile:
  • leanmeanmom
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    Hi, I'm Mary. I'm 48, a mom of 3, grandmother of 2 and my clothes are getting tighter every day. Literally! So, I'm starting the 30 day challenge today, October 28, 2012. I'm really glad I found this challenge, knowing that we are all in this together. You can add me as we're in this group together.
  • kimberly702
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    Hey everybody! I'm Kimberly, 27, a mom of 3 (ages 3, 5 and 7). Been on MFP about a year and half, started weighing almost 280, am down to 240.. I've started 30DS about 4 different times, and after losing only about 10 lbs this year and realizing my 10 year reunion will be coming up next summer I have GOT to stick to it this time! I've seen and, heard about really great results so I found this group! Haven't been exercising much lately besides just walking... used to have a gym membership but it wasn't fitting in the budget. Can't wait to have Jillian kick my butt! Will start tomorrow, the 29th. Feel free to add me! :)
  • layla_luvyah
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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm Layla_luvyah. I am starting the 30 day shred today. I'm 43 years young 5',5; I weigh around 170ish on a good day.
    I want to feel good about myself , at least try to start something and actually finish it. It gets to be exhausted and actually very depressing trying to pretend to be fine all the time.Well I am not fine, I don't even like shopping for clothes for myself because it brings on so much anxiety,that I get sick. I am not vain, nor shallow or materialistic. Trust me when I say this, I know that there's worse things out there which can happen to you .Yes, I do have my health and my family, so please don't think less of me when I say..."I want to love myself inside and out!" I am determined and won't give up until I get it.
    Thank you Mfp members for being here to support me and everyone else.
    Much love to you all xoxox:heart:
  • Hi everyone I am Stacy 38, wife and mother of 5 my youngest is 4. I will be starting this tomorrow.
    My CW is 161
    my GW 140. I am 5 ft 10
  • TraciStivers
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    Hey everyone! I'm Traci. I joined MFP over a year ago but just actually started using it at the end of September. I went to a wedding with my husband on September 21 and couldn't believe how fat I looked in all the pictures! So I am determined to lose weight. I'd like to get down from 163 to about 130, maybe 125. Good luck ladies and gents!!!!
  • Hi, I'm Leslie, I joined MFP in August 2012. This is my first post and first group I've joined. I started the 30DS tonight and sure hope I can make it all the way through. I'm 58 have 5 growen children and 4 grandchildren. I'm going to do my best to keep with with you all.
  • m_onamission
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    Just what I need! I actually started the DVD in September, but couldn't even properly make it through the first workout because I'm seriously out of shape. Glad to see others are the same! I started again last week (I'm using youtube videos) and tonight will be my day 4.

    I'm 25 and live in London, UK. I'm currently 147lb and I've always felt most comfortable around 120lb (I have done A LOT of losing and gaining weight and want to end that forever) - though it's shocking just how out of shape I am, even though I always thought I was quite active. So I'm hoping I'll gain lots of muscle weight and eventually settle around 130-135lb!

    I just started MFP last week so I'm looking for new friends and lots of motivation - feel free to add me as well!
  • bigbear3006
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    Hi! My name is Denise. I am so motivated to do this. I have been "trying" to lose 20 lbs now for about 5 years and for one reason or another I always fall off the wagon. NOT THIS TIME!! The before and after pics I have seen look amazing. I am 45 and it is so easy to put it on and harder to get it off. I am ready to really commit!

    Please hold me accountable. I am taking my measurements and starting tonight!
  • Hi I'm Jessica, 31 from NZ and living in Australia, have dabbled in MFP on and off for a year, 6 months until Las Vegas wedding and want to look amazing in my wedding dress. 30DS is ordered so hopefully can start on Monday.

    All the results look amazing so can't wait to get started!

    Height 163cm
    Weight 69kg
    Goal Weight 62kg
  • Han987
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    Hey I'm Hannah. I started day 1 level one on the 29th felt really good to complete and real good the next day. The best part is that it only takes 20 mins of my day which is awesome! I'll probably be doing cardio after it everyday also. I'm about to go on a mini vacation for 4 days so chances are I might not get to do it. As soon as I'm home I'll be straight back into it. I do want to lose weight about 10 kgs but my real goal is to be toned, so I think this will be good for me. Good luck everyone!
  • michellelhartwig
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    Nice to meet everyone! My name is Michelle...I'm soon to be 36 years young. I have two mostly wonderful boys ages 11 and almost 6 and a 17 year old! :) I've been fat forever...I started 30 DS probably about 5 times since May, and have never made it beyond a week due to injuring my knees or ankles. I plan on doing 30 DS 4 days/week and doing some form of cardio on days opposite of 30 ds....

    I will begin tomorrow (10-30)! Wish me luck!
  • mzgafford
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    Well hello everyone my name is Cotrese I am 27 and I am so excited to start this journey I have been putting it off for too long now and I mean business!! I just started level one day one tonight and boy am I so out of shape!! I am currently at my heaviest yet at 228 and want to get back down to where I was before my 3 pregnancy though its been 4 months since my lil man arrived I am ready!!! I hope to lose the 20 pounds that it says you can lose! But overall I want to get down to 160-170 range in 4-6 months! Good luck to us all we can do it!! Please feel free to add me! =}
  • lolaluv4
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm 23 from western new york.

    I just got hired for a new job starting January 2nd!! I want to start my new career feeling confident!!

    I plan on starting the 30DS thursday nov 1 and will try to do it every day! then start ripped in 30 in December!

    If anyone wants to buddy up feel free to add me! I always try to motivate my friends!
  • eeg214
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    Hellooo Everyone! My job is doing a biggest loser challenge for the month of november and I'm determined to win! Not to mention maybe this will help keep my losing the lbs after I've done it for 30 days. I'm the mother of a 1yr old and reside in good ol' Texas!

    I don't currently have any friends on MFP so please feel free to add me!

    Start Weight: 260
    Goal Weight: 190
    Height: 5'7''