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Fitting It In (giggity)

Sarauk2sfSarauk2sf Posts: 28,493Member Member Posts: 28,493Member Member
The purpose of this post is to try to lay out an example of how you can get a balanced diet full of micronutrients, hit your calorie and macro targets and still fit in a treat. In other words…IIFYM (see here for an explanation of IIFYM: ).

It also will hopefully dispel a rumor that it is impossible to eat ice-cream every day while cutting and if you say you do, and have abs, you must be a liar

I am using the example of someone on relatively low calories as an example of how you do not need to have a large calorie allowance to do this. I am also using a sample vegetarian diet as that is what I am used to, however, if you eat meat, it is even easier to fit treats into your calorie and macro targets as meat is not as carb heavy as meat alternatives. It also shows that it really is not that hard to hit a protein target as I have not assumed any protein powder, and again, it is a vegetarian example. So, let’s use the following:

120lb female with a BF% of 20% and a calorie target of 1,400.
Protein target: 96g
Fat target: 42g


The above day is not that adventurous but it lays out how easy it is to fit treats into your macros and calorie target and still get a good balanced diet, especially as I was using an example with a pretty low calorie target. If you want more volume of non-treat foods or snacks, then just pick a less calorie dense ice-cream, or up your calorie target. The ice-cream I have used in the example is a mid-range full fat one (and totally delish). There are lots out there with half the calories (such as Edy’s Slow Churn) that also taste good.

Just to be clear, I am not saying you *should* do this, just that you *can* if you want to and still achieve your goals.


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    Fitting it in every day baby! (yes i am talking dessert)
    That looks like a tasty day.:smile:
  • lacurandera1lacurandera1 Posts: 8,343Member Member Posts: 8,343Member Member
    Ummm....just to be clear- you don't want me to eat YOUR ice cream, right?
  • nz_deevaanz_deevaa Posts: 12,373Member Member Posts: 12,373Member Member

    ^^ This.

    I've been doing pretty well at hitting my macros. I don't tend to each ice-cream as a treat, so instead I use the 'spare' calories for a mid-afternoon snack.

    Or, I make my lunch or dinner more exciting.
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    Tagging to read later.
  • Sarauk2sfSarauk2sf Posts: 28,493Member Member Posts: 28,493Member Member
    Ummm....just to be clear- you don't want me to eat YOUR ice cream, right?

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    Ummm....just to be clear- you don't want me to eat YOUR ice cream, right?

    ^^ Haha love this!!!

    You tell em Sara!!
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    You said crumpet
  • Lift_This_Lift_This_ Posts: 2,781Member Member Posts: 2,781Member Member
    i am very happy for this post...i know we are all different, but gives me a better view of how i should be eating....and how to refine my food choices.
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    bump to show in my feed.
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    Awesome. I
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    exactly! ty!
  • Sarauk2sfSarauk2sf Posts: 28,493Member Member Posts: 28,493Member Member
    Awesome. I

    You can swap out the ice cream for pop-tarts as well.

    Or, you can have a pop-tart and a 1/2 a serving of lower cal ice-cream and make a sammich - same calories:

    1 pop tart (s'mores): 200 cals
    1/2 serving Edy's slow churn, cookies & cream: 60 cals

    Total = 260 cals
  • OtterluvOtterluv Posts: 9,181Member Member Posts: 9,181Member Member
    Under your wise guidance, I have been eating ice cream for the past 2 days. I'm not going back to my ugly pre-ice cream days. Well, tomorrow I am having a scone instead, but that's an okay trade.

    Pre-logging has been key, that way I'm not scrambling at the end of the day to meet my macros. Instead, I'm slurping down ice cream.

    Thank you Sara, for showing me the way.

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    This needs to go into the ridiculous General Message Forums!
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    Tag for reference............
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