May 1st challenge!! Here we go!!



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    Hello everyone...a Team Dante newbie to this challenge. Be gentle. I'm 44, from NC and weigh about 224-ish. I have about 100 lbs to lose according the the charts but my realistic goal is about 60 or so lbs and then I'll see. I'm a binger, no idea why and not sure what triggers it. I want to lose weight for all the health reasons-blah, blah, blah but mostly I want hubby to get told he has a hot wife. :tongue:

    I'm a mom, wife, work full time, commute 2 hrs a day, have a fabulously supportive husband. It takes a lot to offend me so if you ask me what they hell I was thinking when you look at my diary, it's all good. :laugh: Anyone can feel free to add me.

    ETA my goals for May: at least 8 lbs down and staying within reason with calories and exercise.
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    Hi, I'm Katie and I live in Colorful Colorado! I'm a mom to a baby girl who'll have her first birthday in a week (lots of birthday cake coming up, uh-oh), and also four cats. I'm here to get in better shape, become healthier, and lose weight--hopefully at least 6 to 7 pounds in the month of May.

    I just did the 50 crunches challenged. It was the first time I did crunches in years! It sucked and took awhile but I pushed through. :smile:
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    Hello! My name is Brandy, I'm 26 from central Illinois. I've been married about 9 months and I start a new job tomorrow actually! I work three jobs so I'm constantly busy but that allows me to get lazy when it comes to workouts and eating healthy because I work so many hours, I'm tired when I get home! This is my 3rd year on MFP and I've already lost 50 some pounds and gained back all but 10 of it after my wedding. I'm ready to get back to business! I'm 5'10 and weigh about 223 looking to be about 180

    I did 100 crunches earlier before I knew the challenge so I guess I did ok :) Team Moltisanti
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    Hi, I'm Kellie from Michigan. I am a mom to two great girls. I hope to continue to lose weight, gain muscle tone, energy, and motivation. I like the community of being in "the family" l. I'll do my crunches tomorrow, and report them in to my capo, as i am still on the Moltsanti crew, thanks Don for your dedication to our 'family". Good luck everyone, Kellie :):flowerforyou:
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    Hi All my name is Tara and I am from South Jersey. I am a single woman with two jobs and going to school. My life is crazy busy but I am enjoying all my new found friends on MFP and all the motivation/encouragement they provide daily. My goal is to be healthy and if I could get the scale to read a nice number I would be forever happy. I aim to lose 100 pounds total - so far I have lost 10. I have good and bad day's just like everyone else. I'm not perfect but I try not to punish myself, this is a lifestyle change for me. I am looking forward to my daily challenges and helping my team mates reach our goals. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi I'm Nancy
    I am a 44 yr old Professor of Nursing. I am here eager to lose 25 pounds. This month, I aim to lose 10 pounds. Hopefully by the end of 2013 I will reach my goal of 25 pounds. I am going on a trip to Cancun in June and need to be somewhat bathing suit ready

    Really excited to be here and will work hard for my team.

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    Where did you get the nice weight tracker beneath your posts?
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    updated below
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    Tracy, 34...nearing the dreaded 35...I was down 40 lbs but have gained 20 in the past year...been battling a food addiction and it's been tough. I am here to help get my *kitten* back in gear...
    May Goals - to get back into working out again and to just enjoy it. To actually eat under my calorie goal all month (this will be hard, but I really want to do it) and I would not mind dropping 5 lbs to start the number moving in the right direction.

    50 crunches done in my circuit training session today...yeah! Small wins feel good.
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    I'm Donna - 42 yr old TX lass, Christian Mom to two great boys, wife to a blessed man(ha,ha) who is very supportive, and I'm on a journey to lose 132 lbs total because I'm much too young to have the aches and pains that I have experienced, and I don't want to develop anything that requires medication(like high blood pressure, heart disease in general, or diabetes). I also want to do a mini-triathlon in the Summer of 2014...but that's a long term goal! Please feel free to say anything you want without explanation about my diary - that's why it's public. I appreciate the "WTG" comments alot..but if you look and see I've eaten too low...eaten crap and offered no explanation...feel free to call me out if time permits. Bottom line...I am you don't have to be overly kind about it. ;D (unless I tell you I'm crying....then you better back off - ha,ha!)

    I've lost 38 total since last September...but only got serious in January. Since January - I've lost 26 of those 38 lbs. I am aiming for losing 9 lbs this month...but from 5-9 will be acceptable. Had a minor knee injury about three weeks ago that sidelined me from cardio'ing like I love. However, that will not stop me from exercising. I'm doing MUCH better. I'm going to be smart ...and still burn alot of calories each week and will be working in some weights too.

    Did my 50 crunches!
    Current weight 229
    Goal Weight - 220...or LOWER!

    Thanks - and here's to a great month for
    The Family!
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    Brand spanking new to this group! My name is Glenda and I think I am the only Canadian and older person! I am 54 with 55 breathing down my neck. I am married (30+years) and have three grown kids and three beautiful granddaughters. I am an educational assistant working in a developmental class. I also provide respite for two children with Autism. Until last year I was a certified fitness instructor. I still teach a group of friends once a week just to keep busy. I am fairly busy and active but eating is my downfall. I am also diabetic and medication makes it hard to lose weight. I promise I will get down on the floor and do 50 crunches right now. Hope I survive this journey!!!
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    Donna, from Moltisanti crew. I'm 55 years old, married for nearly 32 years, have two older daughters who live too far away, and my mom lives with us. I have always had a lot of energy, and I can still "fake" that energy. However, over the past 10 years, and especially the last 5 since I've been caring for my parents, I find I have to push myself much much more than I used to. I am overweight for my stature and the extra weight is causing issues with hip, knee and back pain. I joined MFP January 1, 2013, and shortly after joined Planet Fitness in Flemington, New Jersey. (I am a premium member, so if anyone is within range of me and wants to try the gym, I can take guests!) My overall goal is to lose the pounds I've gained over the last 10-15 years, to tone up so I can feel comfortable wearing summer clothes, to improve my eating and exercise habits, and to generally feel healthier. My goal for this challenge is to lose 4-5 pounds, complete all the challenges, and be the best teammate I can be through my participation and through my encouragement. I also completed the 50 crunches for today.
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    Hi I'm Jen, Im a single 28 year old woman who has no kids (but shh dont tell my dog that). I'm an aunt to an 4 year old, 2 y/o and a 18 month old, I love to play with them but I have no where near the energy they do. I work a typical 8-5 type job stuck behind a desk all day. I have always struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, I like pizza,steak and beer a little too much and sitting all day doesnt help any . I am here because I met a great group of people last month and want to continue on the crazy journey we started. My sister is getting married in August, so that is another motivating factor to bring me back to the challenge. April was a good month for me joining the Sopranos challenge, I worked out more and tried different things. I would like to try even more work outs that I havent tried before, tone up a little bit and hope to loose 6 pounds in May. I am 6ft tall and currently at 200 pounds, my end goal is 175, but I loose weight kind of slow. Slow can be frusting at times, but slow and steady wins the race, right?
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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Deanna in the Paulie Walnuts crew and while I'm originally from Chicagoland and have lived all over the United States, I'm currently hanging out in the Pacific Northwest. I'm working on my 31st year and am stressed to the max dealing with a house purchase, trying not to kill my mother-in-law (we're currently living in the same place), and dealing with the big kid otherwise known as my husband, Luke. ;)

    My goal here is to have someone else come up with what I need to do (thanks!) so half the battle of thinking about working out is taken away. I'm aiming for a healthier lifestyle and to shed some of the excess fat I've picked up over the years. I would love to be stronger so my joints continue to keep me moving. :)

    Personally, I'm a geek at heart who loves computer games, fantasy books, and movies. Workout-wise, I really enjoy martial arts, but can't afford a dojo, so I'm liking how many of the challenges encompass this. I like when I feel I'm not just working out, but actually gaining a useful skill. I'm one of those jocks from high school and college who got into real life and sat on my butt when I didn't have the constant coach yelling in my ear. Motivation is the hardest thing when it comes to exercise for me.

    Nice to meet you all and I look forward to spending the next month with you!
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    I am Michelle, I am a mother and I am here because I think being part of a team challenge will keep me motivated. My goal for the month of May is to lose 6lbs and stay positive.
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    Hello everyone!! My name is Jenn and I'm from Boston. I'm super excited about continuing into May with this challenge, after the last few weeks I need some motivation & fun. I'm looming forward to getting to know everyone, but just remember that the Paulie Walnuts crew is where it's at!!
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    Hello! I'm Jessica I currently live in Wisconsin. I will be 23 on May 8th!! I have a 2.5 year old niece and a 11 month old nephew.. They are my world!!! I am the Maid Of Honor for both my sister and my best friend in 3 and 4 months so I would really like to lose 30lbs by the time the first wedding comes.. If I push hard I know I can do it.. I usually do well for the first 3ish weeks but then when I don't see results I usually give up.. so this time I am going to keep going no matter what!! I hope for this month to lose 10ish lbs, and honestly I wouldnt mind if the scale stayed the same for the first month as long as I can tell in my body. Anyone please feel free to add me!
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    Hello to all, my name is Mary Ann. I am 51 yrs. old. I'm originally from Ohio, transplanted to Michigan 12 years ago. I am happily married to my husband of 28 years. We have 3 kids, all in college. I am unemployed at the moment, so time is not an issue for me. I joined MFP in Sept. and has lost 33 pounds so far. I weight lift 3 days a week and walk 5 miles and or ride my recumbent bike daily. Warmer weather is finally here so I will be able to get outside and move! I am here for all the same reasons everyone else has. My goal is to just continue on this path and become a better, healthier me! I wish you all the best. We can do this!!!!!
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    Hi everyone. I'm 33 years old and have been trying to lose weight for a few years now. I participated in the last challenge and found it kept me accountable and forced me to be active when I might not have been. My goal for May is full-body weights 3 times a week, cardio the other 3 days and Sunday rest. I'd like to lose 4kg.
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    My name is Liza, I am 36 (37 this month). I am married and we have 1 amazing son anx as a family we are foster carers.
    I have lost 37lb sine 2nd January, and run my 1st ( and hopefully not last) Marathon in April.
    In May I would like to continue losing weight, enjoy the challenges and feel good about would for the team.
    Also in May I need to set myself a new fitness/exercise challenge. ....any ideas welcome!!!