May 1st challenge!! Here we go!!



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    Hi everyone, this is my second month in the Challenge and I really enjoyed it last month. It was the first time that I joined any groups or had any other 'friends' other than my friend that had shown me the MFP site and signed up with me! I'm very busy and it's really hard to get exercise in and stick to it. .. I'm good for awhile and then 'fall off the wagon' quite easily. Although I didn't lose any weight last month (scales are NOT my friend right now), I have become more consistent in my logging and exercise, so hoping that this will be the month that is the breakthrough!!! I have 2 kids, 11yo son and 4 yo daughter, that LOVE to do them with me (they are super athletes!), so they keep me motivated.
    I just joined a TRX interval class (it is kicking my butt already), so hopefully this time will be the real thing and I can get back to 'high school skinny' :blushing:
    Oh, I also *barely* completed my first half marathon in Feb at Disney (that's my profile pic!) and want to actually 'feel' like a runner when I do it again next year!!!
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    New to the group!

    Hi! I'm Jessica from Oregon and I am 38 years old. I am a mom and wife with a full time job. I have struggled with my weight since my first pregnancy almost 21 years ago. I have tried every crazy diet out there, but this is the first time I have made the commitment to change my lifestyle. I have been on this journey since February 1, 2013. I am counting calories and keeping track of my macros and so far it has worked great. Exercise is my nemesis at this time but I am working on that as well. I have recently changed to a low carb eating plan - goal is to stay under 65 net carbs a day. My diary is always open for diary stalker - i love stalking

    Starting weight - 280
    Current weight (as of May 1) - 237.8

    May goals:

    My goals for weight loss, health, and fitness for the month of May.

    - Mix up fitness routines. I made a new fitness plan. I have been doing the same thing everyday and I need some variety.
    - Increase daily exercise to 45-60 minutes a day. I have been doing 30 minutes daily
    - Walk daily during lunch break - weather permitting and work permitting.
    - Continue low carb.
    - Try at least 4 new recipes during the month of May.
    - Complete progress goal # 2 - hit 50 pound loss. ( 7.8 pounds to go).

    I blog about my goals, stats, etc on MFP:

    Nice to meet you all and look forward to this challenge! Crunches are complete!!
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    *Team Sacrimoni*

    Hi there, I'm Kerri! I'm a 35 year old single professional, and I've been serious about MFP since 1/3. I've done well so far, but still need to lose about another 60 pounds. Hoping to do so by the spring. If it weren't for my support group here on MFP I would not be able to do it. I guess you can say "I'm addicted". OK, enough of that.

    No crunches bonus for me, I'm suffering with a 102 temp today. No extra exertion.

    Go Team Sacrimoni!!
  • Hi everybody,My name is Kevin I'm a 56 year old guy from Southern Minnesota.
    My goal for this year is to lose 50 pounds and get below 200 pounds for the first time since around 1980.
    April was a tough month for me as I lost my mother who had been in a nursing home for the last 7 years. Since I visited her everyday I now have some extra time for losing weight. Hopefully I can stay motivated and be active with our Soprano challenges.
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    Hello! My name is Christopher. I have lost 46/47 pounds since I started here on MFP. I love these challenges. My exercise of choice is climbing mountains! I am a hiker! This is my second Soprano Challenge, and I am now the Capo for Aprile. We are gonna rock the rest of you! Bring it! I'm just bustin' yer balls. Anyway, I live in Ohio now, lived all around the country. I love nature, I love good food, and, above all, I love God. I am a practicing Catholic, but often seem to be more of a heathen... Eh, we all have room for growth! Glad to be here!!!
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    50 bonus crunches :) *Team Sacrimoni*
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    Hello, my name is Kim. I live in Ohio the wonderful Buckeye State. I work full time at the hospital on the burn unit. I also go to school full time working toward my Surgical Technology degree. I have 7 kids at home and 4 step kids who are grown and on their own. I enjoy going camping in the summer time, coaching fast pitch softball pitchers, and helping others.

    I am on here because I am trying to put a stop to the yo-yo life style of fad diets and other means of losing weight (pills, shakes, etc.). I have learned so much about life style changes since I have been here and met many wonderful people. Although I have a full and busy life I am determined to take time for myself. This is something that is very hard for me. I have always put everyone else first and never had time to think about myself. This is my first step to having time for myself and doing something to make me feel better.
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    Kkmonroe 50 crunches complete
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    Hey y'all! I've got a confession to make.... I've never watched the Sopranos and have NO CLUE of what a Blundetto is... But I love my sopranos Blundetto family and the daily challenges!! I'm looking forward to staying on the slow and steady downward slope with my scale. Best wishes to all! Holly :)
  • missmegan831
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    MissKriss 50 crunches
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    Hi Im Sarah from Yorkshire in the UK. I loved the challenge in April and Im really looking forward to what this month has in store! My goals are to get back.into regular exercising again as I seem to have dropped off with this in the last few weeks. I would like to lose some pounds, but this has been slow, although I have been dropping some inches so that's good.

    Crunches done!
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    Hi I'm Faith. I'm from VA. I have two beautiful kids. I'm here to lose baby weight and more. I do more weight lifting than cardio. I'm in the group EM2WL, we eat more to lose weight. I am doing this challenges to help keep me on track. somethings with family life and work there' s not enough time to do anything. I need all the encouragements and support I can get.
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    My name is Shellan. I am here to have fun, loose weight, learn healthy habits and meet great people.
    I did my 50 crunches and my abs thank you.
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    Hi I'm Yukeam. This is my second time doing this. I enjoyed it so much. I loved the challenges everyday. Some I completed & some I didn't but all in all this is great. I have 15 more lbs until I reach my goal. 50 crunches done
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    My name is Stephanie, I am marry to Kenneth and we have 2 kids, Markel and Aaron. I joy this challenge a second time because it really has motivated me to staying on track to accomplicsh my goal. I am only 5lbs from being under 200lbs.
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    14 floors climbed today
    9.83 miles traveled today
    50 crunches

    trying to lose the weight since my whole family has struggled wit it, my dad won but my uncle lost his battle with it. My name is Megg and have to keep busy to stay active and work towards my goal.
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    Hi everyone! I'm Michelle, 30, from Vermont. My goal this month is 6 lbs. I'd love more but trying to set realistic goals for myself. I have been heavy my whole life, then lost 50 lbs in college. Gained it all back when I got married cos I was eating the same portions as my husband and going out way too often! Trying to lose those 50 lbs (and maybe 10 more!). This is my second month w/ Sopranos, go team DANTE!
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    Hi! I'm Claire. I'm a 20 year old pre-med student at Saint Louis University. But, I won't be in StL for long! I'm transferring back home to the University of Illinois in the fall! I kinda let myself go when I got to college because I never really had to workout on my own since I was a cheerleader in high school. Recently, I ran my first 5K and I've already started training for a 10K!

    I love to meet new people, and would be glad to have as many MFP friends as possible! Please feel free to add me if you just want a buddy or a word of encouragement or two.

    Also, I have a serious sweet tooth, so I'm always looking for a few healthy alternatives to munching on sweets!

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    Hello everyone...a Team Dante newbie to this challenge. Be gentle. I'm 44, from NC and weigh about 224-ish. I have about 100 lbs to lose according the the charts but my realistic goal is about 60 or so lbs and then I'll see. I'm a binger, no idea why and not sure what triggers it. I want to lose weight for all the health reasons-blah, blah, blah but mostly I want hubby to get told he has a hot wife. :tongue:

    I'm a mom, wife, work full time, commute 2 hrs a day, have a fabulously supportive husband. It takes a lot to offend me so if you ask me what they hell I was thinking when you look at my diary, it's all good. :laugh: Anyone can feel free to add me.

    ETA my goals for May: at least 8 lbs down and staying within reason with calories and exercise.

    Team Dante! weight reported, intro done, 50 crunches done (yesterday and today :happy: )
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    HI All I'm Tee from Michigan! And a returning member from the Paulie Walnuts crew. I'm married with a 8yr old son. My family is very involved in cub scouts, PTO, baseball and volunteering in community. When I'm working on a volunteer project, I tend to get a one track mind. I allow my workouts to go by the way side. I'm also a flight attendant. So 3 days a week I'm either in Europe, Asia or South America. The scale is not kind to me. So my goal is to have weekly weight lose, complete all the challenges and get back to my normal workout routine. I'm here to receive encouragement & also give encouragement!

    Go Paulie Walnuts crew! Woohoo!!!!