May 1st challenge!! Here we go!!



  • ChristineDiet
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    Hey, I'm Christine, mum of 3 and I work full time. In my spare time (there is very little of it, but) I am doing a hybrid of 30DS and Insanity the Asylum, I started 30DS last week but just started The Asylum yesterday - it is hard!!!

    The scale isn't very nice to me, the tape measure is a little bit kinder!!! I would love to lose a stone (14lbs by the end of May, I doubt that is possible but I am trying to set my goals a little high so I can try and push myself. If not a stone then at least a dress size - I'm currently in a UK 16, sometimes a 14 (depending where I shop!)

    My next goal is to finish 30DS and the Asylum and the move on to Tapout XT before I go on holiday end of August - by which time I would like to be down to a UK 12 - again, if it is at all possible!!! time will tell.

    I'm hoping these mini challenges will kick start things to make me push play everyday on whatever workout I'm doing and I also think it will be fun!!!

    Good luck to everyone and I guess I'll be doing my 50 crunches in the morning! x

    50 crunches = done! x
  • ImprovingEla
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    Hi I am Michaela 31, of the Blundetto Crew!
    Last month I gained like 5 lbs back after my grandma died and I could not get a grip on myself even though I partaked in both the soprano and a walking challenge!
    Starting at 189.3 lbs my goal is to get near 180lbs this month and walk walk walk!
    My little Furball Kayla is my walking buddy when I am not at the gym.
    However I am now in the first of 2 weeks vaction and want to get back into my routine!

    Another significant event will come up in October when a dream of a long time will come true, we are going to south africa!
    As you can imagine this is not a trip you will do every couple of years, so it is important for me to look as good as possible, so that I will be happy to look back at the pictures where I felt i wanted to jump right in to be in the picture, not just the one who is taking them!
  • Hailley16
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    I am with the Leotardo Crew and just finished my 50 crunches
  • mbfarmgurl
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    My name is Jodi and I am 41yr old from Manitoba. I am a returning Paulies Walnut!! I farm with hubby and we have 4 amazing teens. My goals for May are to lose a minimum of 5lbs and get that much closer to my final goal! I intend to continue eating smart (but not denying myself), moving everyday (this is where the Sopranos challenge comes in!) and work on my own self image issues. I have a 14yr old daughter (and 3 older sons) who I dont want to have the same body issues I have - i want her to be comfortable in her skin and love her self for the beautiful young lady she is on the inside and the outside.
  • Noenvynofear
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    Hey my names beth, I'm 18 from the south west. I want to lose 6-10 lbs in May, hoping to have lost 20 by mid june
    I'm studying for exams at the moment so my weight is going crazy, but i want to be at 110 by the summer because I'm going to work in spain for 6 weeks
  • DaisyDi65
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    I am Diane from Kentucky. This is my second challenge. I love the team spirit and competitiveness! I can't say I loved the challenges as many pushed my limits although I completed them. My weight loss has stalled a bit since I started strength training, however I know May is the month. I would love to lose 8 pounds! May is also a big month, my sn graduates High School, several birthdays and of course the Derby!!
    Go Team Blundetto!
  • glenner
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    I did my 50 crunches last night after I got off here!
  • flyinghawk2012
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    Hi, I'm Flyinghawk2012. I'll be 61 this year. I've retired. I live in Ohio (near Cleveland) with hubby. I consider myself "young-at-heart" and I try my best to stay active and alert. I enjoy walking my dog, dancing and golf.
  • cbo1o
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    Hi everyone.... My name is Brandy. I live in Pa. I'm 37 and a mother of a 16 year old daughter. I would love to drop 10 lbs but would be happy with 5 lb for this month. Went on vacation to the beach last month and gained so I need to get that off plus some. My starting weight was over 230 and am currently at 184 and want to get down to at least 160 and then go from there. My daughter is my exercise partner but I am the one motivating her to go all the time. I started with this site to help me lose the weigh and get healthier. I have met some great people her and they help to keep me motivated.

    50 crunches done.
  • traynorj82
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    Hi everyone
    My name is Jennifer. I am a mother of a beautiful 2 and 1/2 year old and a toddler preschool teacher. As for weight goals, I hope to drop a total of 140 pounds, 90 gone so far (over 1/2 way). I hope to use this group as a fun motivator.

    Oh...50 crunches complete
  • kellieanney
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    I forgot to add my starting weight is 135 lbs, lost an average of a pound a week last month, thought I would do a bit better, but they say that the slower the weight comes off, the more likely it is to stay off. I have added strength training to my workouts most days, hopefully adding the muscle will help me tone more and get more noticeable results, good luck to all of us!
  • andersonjo0306
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    So my name is Joanne. My goal is to lose 5+ lbs this month and work on the courage to put my bikini back on. I have two wonderful daughters, one of whom will be making me a grandmother within the next couple of days. I am Canadian so Glenner you are not alone...LOL....I so enjoyed this challenge last month and I am excited to work with the team this month. Paulie's we ROCK...Pom Poms up
  • mrscruz625
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    My name is Renee. I am doing this challenge the whole way thru after failing in April. I have arthritis in my right knee and a sprained ankle that wont heal so some of the challenges I will have to modify. I will NOT fail my team this month. I need to do this. The challenge will help me do something else besides just walking around.

    Go team Aprile!
  • Mindochka
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    Hello All! Representing Team Dante!!

    I am a happily married 29-yr old Mom of 2 little girls (3 and 4 yrs old) and I work full time outside of my home. Needless to say life is awesome and hectic.

    In November I really decided to focus on a healtier lifestyle and I have been able to change a lot of my habits, though the old ones still show through every now and then. I started running then too. When I started running, I mean I couldn't even run half a mile without feeling like I was dying. Now I run 3 to 4 times a week and I am slowly increasing my running pace as I work to train for my first half marathon on May 11th! Yikes. ( I aim for the impossible in my goals :) ) I have been working hard for this race and I am determined to finish it feeling great. I know I will be in the lower half of finishers but...I will finish it! I am very excited. I have done a few 5k races to train for the experience I love talking to other runners, especially those like me who don't really feel like runners, just people who put their feet one in front of the other at a faster pace than walking.

    This challenge is to help keep me accountable and to help me do some cross training. After my marathon I am going to keep running but go back to lifting heavy things and doing more body weight exercises. This challenge gives me new ideas every day and helps me make sure I am at least doing something each day!

    Good luck to all and again....GO TEAM DANTE!
  • ~Hello Everyone,

    My name is Jane. I am doing the Sopranos Challenge for weight loss, and motivation. I am looking forward to all the challenges and to start losing some of this weight.

    Let's GO Aprile!!!!!!
  • joe2626
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Joe, 23 from Bristol, South-West England. I'm officially a university drop-out having studied at Aberdeen uni for 3 years and coming home without a degree, but carrying an additional 5+ stone! I've lost that most of that weight but I could have done with losing a few pounds before I left anyway, so the mission continues! I live with the 'rents at the moment in Somerset with my brother, 2 cats, 3 orphan lambs, 2 sheep and 4 pigs...yeah, we have a smallholding (only the cats are pets, i'm afraid)! Since moving back home degree-less, fat and feeling sorry for myself i've transformed myself from lazy, binge-drinking, chain-smoking, drug-taking student slob to hard-working, early-rising, clean-shaven, cigarette-alcohol-and-drug-free enthusiast. I work in a supermarket, which is a means to an end really...just something to pay the bills and keep my car on the road until I graduate (yeah, I decided to study for my degree again through the Open University).

    I've just started Insanity: The Asylum with a couple of good friends I met on this site (Day 2 today) and i'm combining it with Stronglifts 5x5 (3 workouts of each program per week) with a rest day on a Friday. I managed to lose alot of weight on a VLCD which wore away at my lean body mass as well as shifting the fat, so now i'm left at an acceptable weight, but with ~22% body fat. I'm hoping to get sub-15% and then use a round of Beachbody's 'Body Beast' to bulk, before another cut. It's not going to be a quick process, but hopefully one that will set me up for the rest of my life physically and mentally.

    Sorry for the essay...I have a habit of waffling on and on...and on!

    I don't know where to report this, but 50 crunches also done! BOOM! x
  • sassynkp
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    Hey everybody! My name is Kande, I live in East Texas. I am 41 y.o. mom of 2 fab boys- 11 and soon to be 14. Married for almost 21 yrs. Started MFP in Feb. My motivation is better health and to have more energy.

    I came in on this challenge a week late last month and just loved it! The daily challenges keep me on my toes and mixed up my routine. I love the energy of the group and was excited to continue this month.

    My goal this month is to lose 5 lbs and start C25K training. I complete Jillian Micheals Body Revolution this week ( yeah me!) and so will be moving on to another challenge before round 2.

    Good Luck to all the crews. And to The Don....let the games begin! :glasses:

    Bonus completed! 50 crunches.
  • mwoods5716
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    I'm Michelle, 37. I live in Iowa, and I've been trying to lose weight for quite some time now. In April this challenge really helped me stay on track, so I'm looking forward to this month. My goal for May is ten pounds gone!
  • karendee4
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    Team Sacromoni

    Hello My name is Karen. I am here for the challenge and the team fun! I have lost about 115 pounds and have some more to go. (I reset my tracker recently)

    Weight comes off slow for me so my goal for May is to lose something. No specific number. Another goal for May is to keep my binges under control.

    50 Crunches done for the bonus.
  • kkmonroe79
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    Hi Everyone! I'm Kristy! I am 33, and will be 34 on May 7th, so it's my birthday week! :) After struggling with my weight my entire life, I had lap band surgery on Nov. 16. I've lost a total of 66lbs. I'm ecstatic with my progress, and want to lose about 50 more lbs to be at my goal weight. The Sacrimoni Team kept me accountable last month, and I lost right at 10lbs, which is just awesome! I'm very excited to be part of this challenge for May. My goal is to just keep my weight lost consistent, and be as healthy and fit as possible.

    I completed my 50 crunches this morning before work! WOO-HOO!!!