Been on Medifast for # Months and Lost # Lbs

I have been on Medifast for 2.5 months and have lost 28 lbs.

What about everyone else???


  • tgibbons1935
    tgibbons1935 Posts: 85 Member
    Hey. I live in Texas too but I live in New Braunfels. My husband and I actually started Medifast together. He has kind of fallen off the wagon lately, but I am staying the course. I have lost 25 pounds and have about 15 more to go, but I have lost about 25 inches which is way more important to me at the moment. I feel better than I have in a long time. Medifast has been the absolute perfect thing for me and it has changed my whole way of living which is what I desparately needed. Congratulations on losing what you have and you will be at goal before too long. Feel free to add me as a friend because we need a lot of MF people to encourage each other!
  • orpingman
    orpingman Posts: 37 Member
    I have used the Medifast 5&1 program since July 2012 and have lost about 65 lbs total. I gained a little over the holidays but have managed to take it all off and back to losing steady again. It is a good program but you have to stay true to the guild lines.
  • Laylasmom77
    Laylasmom77 Posts: 42 Member
    Started October 2012 and I've lost 45lbs since then.
  • ThaRealNicki
    ThaRealNicki Posts: 328 Member
    2 months 34lbs! yay! i gained 2 this week because i ate out
  • rosesandsuch
    rosesandsuch Posts: 39 Member
    Almost a year, and 57 pounds! Aiming for 60!
  • marjolycookie
    marjolycookie Posts: 90 Member
    12 months, 95 pounds!
  • ThaRealNicki
    ThaRealNicki Posts: 328 Member
    3months 50lbs!
  • 6 Weeks 37 lbs!!
  • maryb2011
    maryb2011 Posts: 17 Member
    18 mos and 85 lbs..on and off. Now back at it to knock out the rest!
  • marci2lip
    marci2lip Posts: 23 Member
    I started 1/27 and have lost 12lbs so far. Not too bad for 5 weeks and with only 25lbs to lose total, I'm happy with my results! Only a couple more months and I'll be at my goal weight!
  • PippaJo_
    PippaJo_ Posts: 233 Member
    This is day 3 for me, and I haven't looked at the scale yet - go me! (ha ha.) I won't weigh in until day 8 - and I'm trying to lower my expectations....
  • Neeti1021
    Neeti1021 Posts: 43 Member
    Just starting!
  • browneyedgirl7928
    browneyedgirl7928 Posts: 910 Member
    Just started. Put in the order last night.

    Your weight loss totals are inspiring!!
  • LogiesMom09
    LogiesMom09 Posts: 33 Member
    I've been on MF for 19 days and have lost 15 lbs as of today.:happy:
  • kiwiwizard
    kiwiwizard Posts: 59 Member
    53 freakin' weeks
    43 pounds
    33.75 inches
  • sarahsaca
    sarahsaca Posts: 50 Member
    Just finished my 4th week and lost 14 lbs. :smile:
  • fitmama2e
    fitmama2e Posts: 19
    6 months and 64lbs. I'm on the last 5-10 punds and its SLOW!
  • MCLA4mom
    MCLA4mom Posts: 219 Member
    I lost 75lbs in 10 months. AND I have kept it off for more than a year!
  • jeepie98
    jeepie98 Posts: 114 Member
    Starting tomorrow! Any time I even feel like going off plan I am reading THIS! You are all ROCKSTARS! :flowerforyou:
  • tgibbons1935
    tgibbons1935 Posts: 85 Member
    Six months
    28 pounds lost
    34 inches gone

    But these numbers are only part of it. For me, it has been a total lifestyle change and that is what I desparately needed. I had a physical last week and I got my bloodwork back from the doctor and it was great besides needing some additional Vitamin D. For many years my cholestrol has been about 240 which isn't horrible but more than it should be and it was 179! Also, my triglycerides have always been high as well and they were 138 and the normal is less than 150. This is what it is all about. Obviously, losing pounds is a crucial part of the battle but this is the big picture and being healthy. I want to be fabulous when I turn 50 this year!