• Hey all! I'm Morgan and my superpower thus far has been my ability to put away an entire package of Keebler's cookies in a single sitting...but I'm kinda looking for a new superpower. I've set my eyes on a new super power: kicking *kitten* and taking names, at least when it comes to getting healthy! Oh, and the ability to run for more than two seconds without getting winded would be totally awesome too ;)
  • pajouey79
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    Hi! I'm Tamara and currently my superpower is being able to resist doughnuts and bagels! Woot!:noway:
  • osubeam
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    My name is Courtney and I'm originally a buckeye who now inhabits the East Coast. My superpower is wrangling teeny humans (preschool teacher) and persuading people I understand the geography of the Eastern Seaboard.
  • Broejen
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    Hi! My name is Jennifer & I am a 37 year old SAHM to 2 girls and we live in Nova Scotia, Canada. My superpower is stopping threads dead in their tracks.
  • Onestep43
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    My name is Grantland and i know my superpowers (not the plural) will be awesome when they finally manifest themselves. I am assuming I just need a strong trigger like a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or family reunion.
  • Spambo16
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    Greetings, Cohort of Awesomes! My name is Pam, and my superpower is the ability to translate the harshest reality into a tactfully phrased yet pointed executive-appropriate message. (Aka BS-spinner)
  • Hey I'm Rebecca, and my super-power would be learning, knowing, and sharing random facts that no-one cares about. That or MMO and Play-by-Post Role Play gaming.
  • ltgarrow
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    My name is Gary and my superpower is the ability to regrow amputated limbs. The flaw is that I can only do it once. Both legs and one arm have been done, so unless there is a real emergency that requires me to cut off my arm, I cannot prove it.
  • MuirinArcher
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    Hi everyone! I'm Sindil and I'm new to the site. I'm super excited and motivated and pumped. I recently got out of a horrible domestic situation and have started off on a new leg.
    I'm recently moved and already stocked up my fridge with healthies, bike to work, and am on the positive side of of having that horrible weight on my shoulders for the past year. I'm ready to get out and enjoy the weather and try to get myself back to where I need to be. I've never been worse than I am right now, and I want this to be the peak where I start to fall and go back down. I'd really love everyone to friend me and talk to me and whatever. I love being friends and want to help others as well!

    I'm big into roleplaying, tabletop, rpgs/adventure games, Nintendo. I worship Zelda (even have a zelda tattoo), and love Dungeon Defenders. Find me on Steam: Ceruleanarcher.
    I am a huge gamer geek. Unfortunately...the huge part is not only just how big of a gamer I am, but also my physical size. So I'm working on it. Help and motivation is definitely loved!

    My superpower is SUPER GRAMMAR NAZI! My kryptonite? Posting in forums on a phone. >.>

    Can't wait to hear from you guys!
  • explosivedonut
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    Yo, my name is Dave. My super power is the ability to code. Current languages I have skills in: HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, SQL, Classic ASP, and CSS. It's what I do for a living.

    I'm a regular geek. My main hobbies are Magic: The Gathering, Warmachine/Hordes, Pen and Paper RPGs (either online or at a table), reading, and video games.

    If you find an explosivedonut or explosive_donut online, chances are it's me. Say hi! I don't mind.
  • Okapi42
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    I have super smell as well, if the air is damp - at the moment, I can smell which of my housemates have been in which room recently, and it's not like they don't shower...

    It possibly saved our lives yesterday, certainly our house - my housemate put eggs on to boil around midnight, then accidentally fell asleep. The fire alarm didn't go off (no battery, we discovered today!) when the pot had boiled dry and bits of burnt egg started exploding around the kitchen and into the recycling bin. I smelled it in my sleep, two floors up and through three closed doors, and managed to get up and avert the impending disaster!
  • susanhiding
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    Hello. My name is Susan. My superpower is the ability to apply the game Tetris into my life. From packing boxes to putting food in the fridge to clean up after a board game with many many cardboard pieces or figures, I find a way to make it fit. And on the side I tame housecats. :)
  • MizTerry
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    Hi, my name is Mom and my superpower is finding things that OTHER people in my house misplaced.
  • _meesh_
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    Hi! My name's Michelle and I'd say my superpowers are making almost anything sound like an innuendo (or at least making you think it sounded dirty) and controlling the weather. However with the second it's pretty much limited to making it windy if I'm wearing a skirt.
  • seilidhe
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    Greetings and salutations!

    My name is Beth, and I guess my superpower is (was?) to be considered the "cool mom" by my kids and their friends! I just don't want to be the *biggest* mom. My kids all think I'm a nerd (and I'm damned proud of that).

    Glad I found this group!
  • sire137
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    Hello, I'm Joe and my super power would be mindlessly chewing on my beard.
  • mathlovingrunner
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    Love the group!

    Math...need I say more? Is there anything else?

    But I also have the ability to program anything. You name it I have writen a code in it or programed it; currently specializing in Haas, robots, and VBA.
  • Hi, my name is Tara, and my super power is the ability to nap at any time during the day...sleep in a single bound...zzzzzzz
  • fannyfrost
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    Hi, my name is Nancy.

    I am a working mom, so I am just super!
  • Letty_c
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    Hi!! My name is Collett my super power is the ability to say things that cause rooms to get quite everybody stares at me crickets are heard in the corner then finally the silence ends and everybody talks about the weirdo...... I've really perfected it over the years. I play magic and all kinds of board games but my biggest addiction is video games. Love Dr. Who the 9th is my favorite.