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    Go Sharks!!
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    I'll second that!!!

    We *HAVE* to be the number ONE team!!!
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    Lets lick some *kitten* sharks!!
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    Nice to see the sharks are back ... we have this don't we? :drinker:

    I am Mary for any new sharks out there, I have been involved in most of Sheri's challenges and they are good fun. Do introduce yourself for the benefit of the rest of team.

    Let's do this.

    Our team is as follows:

  • Hi Mary! Nice to meet you. Hi Team!
    My name is Jen.
    I participated in Sheri's challenge once before and was doing great until I had to quit half way through due to an asthma attack. I had had asthma for years but I was in denial and thought that I didn't need to worry about it. I didn't know how dangerous it was. Ignoring my symptoms and allowing myself to become so overweight could have been fatal for me. After that last attack I got tested and I learned that I had mild asthma but It needed a lot of management in the beginning to get under control! Now 1 and a half years later, I finally have my asthma under control and my doc has told me that exercise and weight loss can increase my lung capacity and possibly get me off of my asthma maintenance meds! I have been working on weight loss for the last few months by eating a healthy balanced diet, taking vitamin supplements to make sure my levels are sufficient and exercising 3-4 times a week and today on my weigh in I am 18 lbs down from my highest weight ever. This is why I am so excited to participate in the challenge and get a second chance to kick some butt! Maybe more than u needed to know! lol! Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to know you all and going on this journey with you.
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    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    I'm so excited to be a returning shark!!!!!

    I just got in by the skin of my teeth! Thanks Sheri

    I'm 28 (eep I still think I'm 24). I'm Australian. I work as a psychologist in a children's mental health service. I have almost finished my masters degree! Waiting on my marks for my thesis :happy: I'm engaged and will eventually get around to planning a wedding. I have two furbabies that I love way too much.

    I've just gotten back from the most amazing holiday to Bali. I had the absolute best time! Ate too much. Drank too much. Discovered a new hobby in quad biking!! Really want to try and get into it now that I'm back home.

    I really need to get back on top of my weight loss. Over the past 18 months I have gone up and down depending on my stress levels. I'm hoping to lose between 5 and 10 kilos and hopefully keep it off this time!!

    Let's do this sharks!!! We are awesome.
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    Hey sharks I am here sorry for the late check in son had surgery scheduled last min for thursday and I have been caring for him but I am here to cheerlead and help as much as possible!

    My name is kristin and this will be my fourth sharo challenge this one is more of a support roll since I'm currently 26 weeks (tomorrow) pregnant with my second child a beautiful little girl! :) due in jan and have been excited to stay slightly active this pregnancy gained 75+ lbs with my son 2 1/2 years ago and so far only 10lbs with little miss :) can't wait to take a bite with the sharks tho!!!! ><^•>
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    Hi all! I am a returning shark also! I am a married mom of a 3 1/2 year old, I work full time doing legislative consulting, and my passions are yoga and running. I started actively trying to lose weight last march, and have since got under my pre-pregnancy weight, and my wedding weight, now I want to get into the 130s!! I have my fourth half marathon tomorrow and hope to get in the 2:30s or less. After that I have a 10K on thanksgiving and then I'm basically done with running until April/may. I've also recently started new rules of lifting for women and like it, but I've taken a few weeks off due to a nasty cold and a trip out of town. I'm going to jump back into it on Monday though!!

    So I'm hoping to get to about 136-137 during this challenge- that was what I weighed when I met my husband 6 years ago! I'm excited to have an awesome team to rock this with!
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    Hey everyone! I am a new member of this challenge, and pamcuster told me about it. I am interested in making some changes in my life right now, and this challenge will be just the ticket. Some positive changes I have made recently include getting back into creating art, getting divorced, resigning from a toxic work environment AND losing 20 pounds (in addition to the 175 pound man that I got rid of in the divorce!) However, I have gained 10 of the 20 pounds back in only 2 months :noway:

    I lost the weight doing Weight Watchers, but I have been off the wagon for a couple of months. Funny how the weight comes right back on when you are celebrating, isn't it! Anyway, I am looking forward to counting & burning calories during this challenge so that I can be healthier, more confident and have a rockin' body so that I'll be ready to start dating again :love:

    Good luck everyone - let's do it!!
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    So great to meet all new members and acquaint ourselves with old members.

    Week 1 challenge from Sheri below in brief for handiness sake:

    WEEK 1 Challenge
    #1 - WORKOUT
    30/30/45/60 - Do a Minimum of 4 workouts this week
    2x 30 minutes - 1x 45 minutes - 1x 60 minutes
    (Sunday - Friday morning 10am) - On 4 Different Days! (all these times are, of course, challenge minimums...feel free to go longer!!)

    BURN a MINUMUM of 1000 CALORIES For the Week!!

    #2 - REPS - This is Always IN ADDITION to your workout times
    Do 400 Reps!
    YOU Choose what you want to work - Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio or Core! ALL 400 Reps for this week MUST work the area you chose! You may do different types of reps but work the 1 area All Week! 25 of 1 specific exercise at one time to be couted toward the 400.
    You can use weighted machines, weights or just your own body...examples - squats, glute reps, leg lifts, crunches,
    situps, jumping jacks....

    #3 - Focus on Flexibility - CHOOSE something you would like to be able to do by the end of the Challenge!! For this week - Just spend 5 Minutes on 3 days doing some strectching to get yourself closer to your goal.
    ie: on the big side...maybe you would like to be able to do the splits or when you're standing you would like to be able to bend and lay your hands flat on the ground or when sitting you would like to be able to open your legs wider when stretching and/or lower your head to the ground. AND this is in addition to any before/after stretching you should be doing in your workouts.

    OVER this week you need to.....
    #4 - CHOOSE a habit you would like to change (Does NOT have to be diet/exercise related)
    ideas...go from 3 alcoholic beverages to 1 - Stop drinking altogether - Quit/cut back smoking - Stop talking negatively to yourself - cut out soda - or caffeine - cut back to 1 hour a day playing video games - or 1 hour a day mindless surfing the internet (not including MFP ;-P) - Stop watching tv by 7pm...etc.

    #5 - CHOOSE a New Good Habit or Hobby!!
    ideas - Do 10 minutes more stretching before and after a workout, spend 20 minutes a day organizing a room in your house - walk the stairs EVERYtime stairs are an options - learn how to play an instrument or a new language - donate your time - take time to read 30 minutes each day - cook a meal each day and sit down at the table to eat it -
    cook 7 meals in advance for the week!

    For #4 AND #5 - These will start next week and are for the entire challenge so CHOOSE WISELY!! and these will be for points... you have a week to think about it - Suggestion...write down a bunch of things for both that you would like to do...then narrow it down...BE REALISTIC BUT Please also Choose something that Will, In Fact, Be a CHALLENGE for you!! You need to have chosen your items by Friday Deadline

    Posting sample....
    Sunday week 1
    Stretch Goal - Back Bend....
    30 Min / 420 Calories (biking, zumba, walking)
    50 Upper Body Reps (50 total)
    Stretching - 5 minutes
    20 Points (those you'll see next week!)

    If you already know what you are doing for 4 and 5 include that too.
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    Hi everyone! I'm Ali, and I am co-leading this team with Mary (fang19423) and pam (pamcuster). This is the third time I have done one of Sheri's challenges, and last time I made it into the final week. Also, last time a Shark (not me!) made it to second place and we were SO proud. This time let's aim to better even that :bigsmile:

    A little bit about me: I am from England, but have been living in Mali, West Africa for the past 17 years. Life here has had it's "interesting" moments, particularly in recent years, but all is OK right now. (Praying it stays that way!) My husband is Malian, and we have 3 children aged 13 (almost 14!), 12 and 8 (girl, boy, girl). I did so well on losing weight here on MFP, and particularly in the last challenge. Howevver, I have just come back from 2 1/2 months spent in the UK, where I managed to gain 13 lbs in that short space of time :noway: :cry: So I am on a mission to LOSE and to KEEP OFF that weight!

    Let's go for it! GO SHARKS!
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    Good morning sharks! I'm up early for my half-marathon! Wish me luck! I'll let you know how I did later today. I get such a rush out of the pre-race rituals (putting on my race day shirt, making a protein-rich breakfast I absolutely don't feel bad eating, stretching, tying up those laces!), I just hope it translates to my run!

    Hope everyone has a great week!
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    Hope it went well Kate! Look forward to hearing more.
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    Go Kate!

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm Samantha and I think this is my fourth or fifth time joining one of Sheri's challenges.

    I am 32 (as of Sept. 28) and I have an amazing three and a half year old boy. I live in Canada and work for my provincial government.

    I have been overweight all my life and this is actually the fittest I've ever been. Right now I'm busier than I've ever been and it has been a challenge to keep exercise a priority so this challenge is right on time.

    All that being said, I believe I have all the newcomers to my list, and let's rock this challenge!

    Go Sharks!!!!

    P.S. Off to do my 60 minute workout and some reps.....
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    2:31:48 was my time! Thanks for the well-wishes! I burned 1433 calories too so yay!
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    Hi team. My name is Kristie and this is my 3rd challenge I believe. I didn't do the last challenge. I was just so busy and I knew I wouldn't be able to commit fully. But here I am again!
    Let's take this challenge by storm! All the best to you all.
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    Kate that is fantastic - you must be delighted. Congratulations.
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    Ok, so I will start the logging for this week. I'm particularly proud of the fact that I used the time that my daughter was playing gaelic football yesterday to continuously walk around the playing fields ... I clocked up 9km instead of just sitting chatting to the other moms :)

    Sunday week 1
    #1 - WORKOUT
    64 mins walking/ calorie burn 385 cals (30/30/45 to go)
    2x 30 minutes - 1x 45 minutes - 1x 60 minutes

    #2 - REPS - This is Always IN ADDITION to your workout times
    I have chosen cardio reps this week.
    Burpees x 30, mountain climbers x 30 Total 60 (340 reps to go)

    #3 - Focus on Flexibility -
    I have never been able to touch my toes while standing, I am going to work towards that goal & spent 5 mins working on stretches for this today.

    OVER this week you need to.....
    #4 - CHOOSE a habit you would like to change
    I need to stop staying up and mindlessly watching TV till very late. I need to prioritise getting sleep into my routine.

    #5 - CHOOSE a New Good Habit or Hobby!!
    I have not done this yet.

    Have a great day everyone.
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    Ok, here are my stats for the first day. I'm copying Mary's format for posting as she makes it so clear and easy :flowerforyou:

    Sunday week 1
    #1 - WORKOUT
    30 mins circuit training. Calorie burn 322 cals (30/45/60 to go)
    2x 30 minutes - 1x 45 minutes - 1x 60 minutes

    #2 - REPS - This is Always IN ADDITION to your workout times
    I have chosen upper body reps this week ... but haven't done any yet! Will get them in at some point later in the week :smile:
    (400 reps to go :laugh: )

    #3 - Focus on Flexibility -
    I want to be able to lower my head to knee height when I sit straddle and reach forward. Will see if that is possible! Didn't do any stretching on Sunday (will post Mondays when I do that post!)

    OVER this week you need to.....
    #4 - CHOOSE a habit you would like to change
    Like Mary, I need to get to bed earlier! However, TV is not my problem (if you ever had to watch Malian TV you would understand why I don't find that a distraction :happy: ) BUT I can waste HOURS on the internet in the evenings once the kids are in bed and my husband gets annoyed. SO I will turn my computer off by 9 pm every night! Hubby is going to :heart: this one!

    #5 - CHOOSE a New Good Habit or Hobby!!
    I have not done this yet either!

    Hope all of you had a good first day! GO SHARKS!
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    (Realise that means it was only my information posted, but thought I would get into the practice of stating that each time I update to make it easier for Pam and Mary to know how far we have got with updating the chart!)