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Hello. I'm caradae, mother of two, worker of two (jobs), and creator of this challenge. I started this challenge back in June and have lost 20 pounds doing it. It's a difficult challenge to complete, I can tell you: I've only completed three months myself. My goal this year is to complete the UAC every month.

Please join me in owning 2014.


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    Yay! So glad to be in January's UAC! I'm Jenna. I tried to do the December challenge and did good up until Christmas eve. My goal is to lose 30 lbs in 2014 and to complete a triathlon and the tough mudder. I need to practice consistency in my fitness routine and UAC will help me do that :)
  • Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm in need of some tough love. It's too easy for me to blow off working because I want to sleep in or because work that day was awful. I am also a terrible cook so I also need to learn to make my own food. I'm glad I found this group and I hope it will be the key to keeping me on track.
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    Hi I'm Robin. I got about half way through the December challenge and am back to give it another go in January. Good luck everybody.
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    Hi all. My name is Kathy and I thought this challenge might be fun to try. The calorie goals and logging my food I do every day, but I'm in this to get my exercise in every day. That is going to be my biggest challenge!
  • Hello, My name is Eva.... I haven't done this challenge before - but need some motivation as loosing the last 12 pounds of baby weight. I lost most of it last year but managed to pile it on again in the last few months. Some January motivation would be great.
    Looking forward to it.
  • Hi, I'm Sarah, I got about halfway through December's challenge. Really need this challenge for January as Christmas has been awash with food! Can't wait to get home and get back to normal. I've now got a HRM to help persuade me to get moving a little bit more and I'm ready to hit this!!! 2014 is going to be my year!
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    Hia, I've just joined. This year I lost nearly all my weight and then gained back 3 stone of it :/ feel free to add me for morale support. I have to succeed this time.
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    Hi Caradae, Thanks for starting the new challenge for January. I wanted to thank you for starting this challenge because it has helped me to discipline myself and keep my calories in check. I have been going over my daily calories every now and then in the past few months therefore I was not feeling any weight reduction. During December I have been in control of my calories. I would love to do that in January as well. I hope everybody get the benefit of this simple challenge.
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    Hi I'm Mel and bombed out on the Dec challenge on day 1, Here's to a new start!!
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    Hi, my name is Jeni. I have attempted this challenge in both November and December but believe that I'm ready for it this month. I am researching the Whole30 cleanse/reboot right now to see if I can jump-start my metabolism. I'm better with cutting things from my diet. Moderation? What's that?
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    Hi, I am Andrea and in need of some tough love too! I am tired of the yo yo. Accountability EVERY DAY is what I need. thanks for the challenge!
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    Hi all, I'm Lulu and completed the Nov. challenge and made it through Christmas Day this month. I couldn't muster the energy to move much on Dec. 26 so will be starting fresh again on Jan. 1. I credit the UAC with keeping me focused, and particularly exercising every day, to the tune of a 12 pound weight loss since Nov. 1.

    Looking forward to watching everyone's progress. I still have about 45 pounds to lose so I'm in for the long haul.

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    Hi I'm Julie and I LOVE challenges! I participate in challenges at the gym I attend and always do very well with sticking to it, but committing to tracking food and staying within calories be new to me. It's something I definitely need.
    Good Luck to everyone and a Happy and Successful 2014!
  • Hi I am Deb and I am over whelmed with all this technology. Have been using since may, but got a fitbit force for christmas and now i am focusing on exercise, and thought this challenge would encourage me to stay on track. just hope i can figure out the posting and syncing
    good luck all
  • Hi, my "screen name" is PeanutButter929, my given name is Sarah. Health and fitness is so important to the quality of life...but it is not easy to keep my weight within goal. I have been up to almost 180 pounds, and at 5"1' that's not good. About 3 years ago I had gotten down to 133, but the weight has crept back up, and now I'm at 148. Got to get it down again---and when you get older, it's not as easy... I'm an emotional eater.
    I really think this kind of challenge is good because it will help keep me "honest". Thanks so much for making the effort to bring this group together.
    Oh I just wanted to mention: the way the rules have been explained, it looks like I'll be doing my posting at the end of each day. So I'll be back later to do my "test post" for today. Wishing everyone much success.
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    Hola! I'm KB. wave.gif

    I successfully completed November's challenge. December proved to be more difficult than I expected so I didn't make it all the way through. hide.gif

    I'm looking forward to putting back 100% work and getting this show on the road.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Hello I am a work from home mom and so lack the social motivation and definitely need the accountability outside of myself! glad I found your group. I have been trying to loose 30 pounds for waaay longer than I thought or care to admit. Looking forward to meeting the daily goals and ultimately the monthly accomplishment!
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    Hi, I'm Stephanie. I just can't get into the habit & need accountability. I've slowly slipped into bad habits over the last few years & I'm sick of myself! I've read it takes 21 days to incorporate a new habit so let's see! I've had foot issues so for the first time in my life I haven't been able to do cardio for the lady 6 mo. & my body shows it! I will try to do physical activity but my food habits are by far my problem! Good luck everyone!
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    Hello. I made it only four days into the November challenge and then halfway through the December challenge I actually fell asleep in the recliner and didn't wake until after midnight so I didn't get my exercise in and it knocked me out.

    I plan to fully make it this month! I am nearing my goal so I know the weight won't come off as fast but I am really working on inches now.
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    Im Janelle a college student thats about to graduate in May. Ive been logging everyday since September and eating healthy for the most part except this month. I need to make modifications in my diet to get me back on track!