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    I bought one of each of the new Atkins frozen meals at my local Walmart. I ate my first one today for lunch, the Crustless Chicken Pot Pie. It was creamy, tasty and chockful of veggies! I can't wait to try the others! I am not easily impressed. These are not "frankenfoods". It was made from real food. Bravo, ATKINS!
    I have not heard about these or seen them! How low carb are they? I'm excited!

    I tried the crustless chicken pot pie as well, LOVED it! Great for the days I don't have time to make my lunch before leaving in the morning for work! It had alot of chicken and veggies! I have found them only at Walmart though. Yummy, I bought one of each of the meals to try as well.
  • BlessedWith3
    Vermont real sticks! I love slim Jim's and this is fantastic. Gluten free, no preservatives, no antibiotics, no carbs (excep BBQ flavor has carbs). I found them at Whole Foods and recently ordered the, directly from maker: http://www.vtsmokeandcure.com/real-sticks.html. A little pricey but is worth having a grab and go snack.
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    Ronzoni smart taste pasta. Only 180 calories per serving and 34 grams of net carbs (5 grams of fiber). The amount of carbs does seem high but for pasta, it's pretty low.
  • LaJaunaF
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    I finally found a store that sells Quest Bars! I love them! I have tried a few flavors, Chocolate Brownie, Cinnamon Roll, Coconut Cashew and one other that excapes me... Once you get used to the texture they are great as a grab and go snack. Very little artificial sweeteners, loads of fiber, and healthy proteins. Who else has used them as a back up plan or regularly use them?
  • DebbieLyn63
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    Mission Carb Balance flour tortillas
    Atkins Daybreak Hazelnut bars
    Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll
    Egg Beaters
    Fiber One Protein Bars- caramel nut and Almond coconut flavors are both awesome.
    Market Pantry Garlic Herb seasoned frozen chicken breasts
    Cauliflower Pizza Crust
    Portabella mushrooms
    EAS Carb AdvantEdge protein shakes
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    I finally found a store that sells Quest Bars! I love them! I have tried a few flavors, Chocolate Brownie, Cinnamon Roll, Coconut Cashew and one other that excapes me... Once you get used to the texture they are great as a grab and go snack. Very little artificial sweeteners, loads of fiber, and healthy proteins. Who else has used them as a back up plan or regularly use them?

    I recently discovered quest bars! I was never a fan of bars before because of all the weird ingredients. I get mine on amazon!
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    A lot of the low carb products don't seem to be available here in the UK so my lifesavers are diet coke and Atkins bars (which I can't find in supermarkets for some reason and have to go all the way to bloody Boots for). I really want some DaVinci syrup though, it sounds like it'd be divine in my morning coffee!

    Starfires- Here you go :


    This website is great and sells a lot of the low carb products that are available in the US, including every Da Vinci syrup flavour under the sun!!

    The also do the Joseph's Pitta breads, Lavash flatbreads & tortillas and the 'Flat out' Flatbreads.

    As well as sweets, chocolates, peanut butter, jam, honey, sauces, and low carb spice mixes.

    WHOOO HOOO Thanks Laura, I live in Europe also and needed a on line store to purchase USA Low Carb Food.
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    Shirataki Noodles...

    Not fond of the Tofu versions: http://www.shiratakinoodles.net/

    But like the brand JFC version of the noodles: http://www.asianfoodgrocer.com/product/jfc-white-shirataki-noodles-16-0-oz

    Im the opposite, I LOVE the tofu version - especially when making a beef stroganoff or a Czech style chicken paprikash...

    I'm a new fan of Shiratake noodes especially the Naysoya brand. I've used the various shapes for a variety of recipes including a veggie stir-fry w/shrimp & beef, Chicken fettucine & beef stroganoff. Soo yummy. My secret is after the rinse, draiin & dry then allow noodles to sit in 1-2 tbsp College Inn lower sodium broth w/minced garlic & garlic powder to your taste specification, pan fry until liquid is absorbed then prepared as desired in whatever the recipe.
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    we have none of these products in Ireland!!!! Booo!!! :(
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    I have found this web-site that has the best low carb products.
    These are some of the things I have tried and they are soooooo good:drinker: :drinker:



    Sugar-Free Nut and Flax Granola This is soooo delicious with vanilla almond milk FANTASTIC!!!!

    High Fiber Hot Cereal This only has 1 net Carb

    And From the Amazon.com website
    Foods Alive Flax Cracker Variety Pack (6 flavors), 4-Ounce (Pack of 6)

    Enjoy I have lost 45lbs eating these products
    Happy Eating :smile:
  • jules7670
    I totally agree. It's one thing I won't give up. Most of my friends laugh at me because I choose the caffeine free version too. "What's the point?..." they say. I like the taste. Besides...I don't really drink and I quit smoking August 15, 2012...Don't take my soda away! :-)
  • jennb44
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    E-Z Gourmet Cookies
    Coco Lite Popcakes
    Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Butter
    Boom Chicka Popcorn
    Joseph's Toritllas and Pitas
    Lilly's Chocolate Bar made with Stevia

  • mtpage04
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    I think for nutrition Almond milk is amazing, but i just bought some to try the other day and I spat it out. UGH. If I can find some yummy coffee drink to make with it, MAYBE I will give it a shot... Someone give me some non-gross uses?

    Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is great to bake with. I use it to make low carb muffins. Very tasty.
  • JenniTheVeggie
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    what is the lowest carb flour subsitute? i love baking and really want to bake cookies that are ultra low carb if thats possible?
    The best peanut butter cookies I have ever made were simply, peanut butter, eggs and sweeteners. Simple and terrific!


    Thanks for the link to the cookies! Must try.

    I've used ground flax meal, coconut flour and soy flour for low carb baking.
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    Sweet, thank you- The link works and its a great idea!!
  • luvz2bake
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    EAS Soy Protein Powder Vanilla - My breakfast staple most days and dinner replacement when on the run. Love it!
  • StacyReneO
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    Kelp noodles (just rinse them real well before using), Quest bars, SF Popsicles, Atkins PB Cups.
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    netrition has lots of great ingredients, too & flat-rate shipping.
  • sinistraltyger
    Didn't see this mentioned -- but then, I miss the obvious sometimes...
    Breyers has Low Carb ice cream! http://www.breyers.com/product/category/113546/carbsmart

    The last time I tried a low-carb ice cream, it tasted horrible -- the only good thing was it was cold... "woo"
    But, this! I took a chance on the vanilla (who can mess up vanilla? lots of people!) and have been extremely happy. 1/2 cup serving is 14 grams carbs, 4 grams fiber, 5 grams sugar alcohol making this a net of 5 grams carbs and 120 Kcal in a serving! I haven't found the chocolate in a store yet, but am very optimistic.

    The chocolate is supposed to be 13g total carbohydrate, 5g of sugar alcohols and 4g of fiber with a net of 4 carbs for 110 KCal in a 1/2 cup!!
  • georgiagreeneyes
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    I am in love with Cellucor's Cor-Performance Whey Series--- low carb and the flavors are amazing!! Red velvet cake batter, cinnamon bun, smores, peanut butter marshmallow, mint chocolate chip, cor-fetti cake batter!

    Here's a great recipe for a fantastic low carb treat! http://www.muffin-topless.com/2013/02/06/rich-chocolate-protein-mug-brownie/