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  • Hi I'm Point Setta from Salisbury Rollergirl in Maryland. I am using myfitnesspal to track my macro nutrients.
    My goal is to push myself further and have a really successful season now that I'm on the All-Star team and we're finally full WFTDA! woot.

    Hope to find some new acquaintances here!
  • archintrain
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    Hi all,
    I'm Angie, Freshmeat based out of NJ.... practiced back in 08', but school got in the way of porkroll practice... and now, I am a year away from graduating and do not need to worry about studio I am back at it again.... feels good to be back on skates!!
    Joined my fitnesspal to help keep track of things...and hopefully get in shape... I really need to work on my endurance!!
  • Hi everyone! I'm Al, this is my first day on this site! I'm total freshmeat looking for a freshmeat course this coming summer (as I just missed the spring tryouts by a day!) I skate with a group of beginner girls that aren't a league or anything but it gives me a chance to experience being in a pack. I'm here to aid in passing my mins and being fit overall outside of derby. Hope to meet some interesting people here :smile:
  • Nikki_Gerhardt
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    Hey there, I'm Princess Diazepam but you can call me dizzy. I am in Brisbane City Rollers over here in Australia but havent played for a while due to personal stuff and foot issues. Just trying to get fit so I can go back to playing the best sport in the world (I am a little biased :-P)

    Nice to meet you all :D
  • Kitrille
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    Hi, I'm Alia of the Knife. I'm an NSO (penalty box manager) with the Red Rock n Roller Derby League in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Trying to get myself into shape so I can feel better about myself. Everyone I know in derby is super supportive, so I'm glad to have found you guys!
  • Hi! I'm Nikki from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    Just graduated from fresh meat to Smah Squad a couple weeks ago and hoping to get drafted to a team in the Calgary Rollerderby League shortly. I love derby! The skating, the challenge, the stregth and skill are all what keep me coming back. Tried my first quads skates on a mere 6 months ago.

    Still trying to come up with my Derby Name, but hopefully soon I will have an alter ego :).
  • Boobietrap1337
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    Hello! My name is Boobie Trap from Chicago IL.

    I have been skating for about a year and a half now, I transferred teams about a half a year ago and now I just made the roster for the team I transferred to. I'm a dedicated blocker, but I have a hidden jammer longing...last night at scrimmage all our jammers were tired so my coach handed me the jammer panty. EEEK!! But I got lead jammer and scored a bunch of points (because I lucked out and the other jammer back blocked someone and went to the box) So I hope there's more jamming for me in the future. It's getting easier the more weight I lose, so I'm going to push myself to continue eating right and exercising outside of derby.

    I love that there's a MFP group for derby girls. YAY!

    <3 Boobie Trap
  • Zelinna
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    Hi I'm Nerdie Birdie #1812 from Airdrie, Alberta and skating with the Rock View Rebelles.

    I have been interested in Derby for a long time, but only had the confidence to join this year. Once I joined, I kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

    Originally I joined MFP to help me lose weight, and I am not just focusing on hitting my macros and working on getting my endurance up.

    Glad to meet all you lovely derby girls!
  • Hi I'm Wooden Listen from the OSRDA candy strykers in Armstrong BC. I got into derby almost 3 years ago with one of my best friends and as you all know it only took one night on skates to be hooked. I bench marked by the end of that season and started playing the next year and until May when I ended up with 4 compressed and 2 herniated lumbar discs not from derby but from wrestling my youngest into her car seat. 10 days after being cleared to skate again I ended up having emergency abdominal surgery and a round of chemo due to an abdominal ectopic that was implanted into a major artery. I ended up on bed rest for weeks so I didn't end up rupturing the artery and in the process ended up a good 20 lbs heavier than I had been in April, I started reffing last season until I was cleared for contact again this January so I kept skating but wasn't exactly pushing myself so now I'm basically tired of feeling heavy and weak and for the first time in my life I'm actually paying attention to how much I'm putting in my mouth.
  • I'm Sprint Julep & I currently don't have a home league.

    I have skated for the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky in Lexington, KY & The Texas Rollergirls Rec League as well as the new girl program & The Cincinnati Rollergirls. I am also still apart of Bat City Rebellion which is a mash up scrimmage team in Austin Texas.
    I'm using MFP to hold me accountable & in order to keep me on track to reach my fitness goals. I would like to shed some pounds but honestly skating faster & hitting harder with more endurance are my goals.

    I would love more derby friends on MFP :)
  • Fairley27
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    Hey I'm Laura a.k.a. Whips 'n' Lashes. I just started Roller Derby 6 months ago but I am addicted!

    I am currently training to pass my minimum skills so that I can progress to our advanced training sessions. I train with the Granite City Roller Girls Freshmeat in Aberdeen, Scotland;

    My aim is to increase my strength and endurance and get back to eating better! I think I am going to need all the encouragement available!

    :) xo
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    Hi! My name is Spam (lifelong nickname, I've had it longer than the email term), and I'm a house announcer for the Charm City Roller Girls in Baltimore. Before announcing, I was a few of their mascots, and before that, an enthusiastic volunteer who got hooked on the sport years ago, thanks to a friend who was also volunteering at the time (and later went on to be a skater for a short while). Announcers need to be healthy too, and if I get in good enough shape, maybe I'll finally join our local men's derby league (Harm City Havoc) and finally get to use the derby name I came up with for myself a few years ago: Slamuel L. Jackson.
  • AmandaLeighisme
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    Hi, everyone!
    I'm Amanda. 23. SoCal.
    I'm on MFP trying to get into shape. [Yes, I wanna be the "damn, she got hot" girl when I run into people from the past. I'm almost halfway there, coming up on the 7 month mark.] So I figured I'd look through the groups on here to see if anything would give me more of a push and that's how I found y'all.
    I've been pretty interested in derby for the past couple years. I'd seen flyers around for different groups and I just always thought it was a cool looking sport and probably a really good way to burn off energy/bad days/whatever.
    I'm trying get into a better shape physically before I approach the Inland Empire Derby Divas - I believe they're the league closest to me. I don't even know how to skate but that's just cuz I've been a super couch potato. So I'm working on it.
    I just figured joining a group like this would be good as a way to pick people's brains and to see what sorts of things need to be worked on most for the demands of derby.

  • chloe42
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    Hi, I have been wanting to get involved in derby for at least four years but have been tied up with other things in life. So now I am going for it full force. I am prefresh meat but skate 2-3 sessions a week as work allows. My awesome girlfriend has been helping me since she retired from derby at the end of this past season. She has been putting me through the paces, working with me on and off skates. If all goes well I will be able to attend my local teams' DerbyU later this month and see where it goes from there.