If you do Keto and are looking for friends on here, post here



  • Me too
  • lifeofheart
    lifeofheart Posts: 13 Member
    Please add me too! I just started and look forward to seeing what others are eating and doing to stay on track!
  • strawmama
    strawmama Posts: 623 Member
    Feel free to add me, the more support, the better!
  • MessiGardener
    MessiGardener Posts: 37 Member
    I've been on this keto diet since Dec 20, but only joined MFP on Jan 1, 2015. I am 63 and am feeling so much better. I'm not great on the diary either, volfan22. I only weigh in once a week. It's nice to have people doing this with me, as most think I've gone off my rocker. LOL
  • sbom1
    sbom1 Posts: 227 Member
    Been on about a week; mid 50yo female; pretty good about logging on diary--at least for now! :wink: Feel free to add
  • Pddavis13
    Pddavis13 Posts: 9 Member
    Add me and you'll have a keto friend through thick and thin. :)
  • foxymama427
    foxymama427 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm going to start soon. I've been researching a lot since I don't know much about nutrition. I'd love some help with motivation and recipes :)
  • rochellet_00
    rochellet_00 Posts: 9 Member
  • Nou1984
    Nou1984 Posts: 10
    I'm starting Keto today :) Please add me...Also how's your storie been so far? Xx
  • traveljjo
    traveljjo Posts: 35 Member
    Add me! Love new friends! Jennifer (also from Michigan, but now in NC :0)
  • dcristo213
    dcristo213 Posts: 117 Member
    Feel free to add me. Been on keto since July 2014.
  • iris8pie
    iris8pie Posts: 224 Member
    Just starting out on keto again...add me too! <3
  • ThinnerHill
    ThinnerHill Posts: 254 Member
    Add me if you wish. I'm totally loving keto. More friends that understand this the better!!
  • notcorky
    notcorky Posts: 49 Member
    Me please! New and everything.
  • hippygirl325
    hippygirl325 Posts: 223 Member
    Hey, my name is Lisa. I'm 25, 5'7-8 have lost 13.5 lbs so far after 19 days on keto and goal is 145. Feel free to add me. I log daily and do well with the keto macros, and my diary is open.
  • KittenToni
    KittenToni Posts: 26 Member
    Feel free to add me. My diary is open to friends & feel free to ask about any recipes.
  • ronlewis71
    ronlewis71 Posts: 17 Member
    Very new to keto, but learning fast. Would love to connect with other people.
  • stevehawkins555
    stevehawkins555 Posts: 10 Member
    Hey everybody...long time low carber...going to try keto...need friend...
  • New to keto and so far loving it but need support!! Add me!!
  • Semifredo
    Semifredo Posts: 63 Member
    Feel free to add me :) I have been doing keto for a long time