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    Workout B this morning. I think that I like Workout B more than workout A. Damn barbell row, I hate you!

    Squat: 1 x 5 @ 45lbs. 1 x 5 @ 65lbs, 1 x 5 @ 75 lbs, 5 x 5 @ 80lbs. I should probably try 85 pounds next time, but there's something wrong in my right shoulder, anytime the bar rest on this specific aching spot, it makes me cringe. I noticed it on Friday but did my sets anyway, but today was painful. I don't know what's wrong.

    OHP: 1 x 5 @ 30 lbs, 1 x 5 @ 35 lbs, 5 x 5 @ 40 lbs. It felt nice. I could probably try them with the bar next time.

    Deadlift: 1 x 5 @ 45, 1 x 5 @ 95 lbs, 1 x 5 @ 100lbs. DAMN! It was so good! Starting at a good height helped me a lot to mimick the Mark Rippetoe setting, and I could have done more. I'm looking forward to try them at 110 next time.

    @scientificexplorergirl wow, that's a mean workout! I hope you like DOMS as much as I like them. ;)
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    Yesterday I did A.

    Squat 5x5 @ 30kg
    BP 5x5 @‌ 25kg
    BR 5x5 @‌ 25kg

    The BP was definitely starting to feel a bit heavy towards the end but I managed ok so am happy to move up.

    I am looking forward to the rows getting heavier so I can get bigger plates on.
    I work out at home so have been sitting them on a couple of bricks.

    Thanks to a tip up thread I have now started putting a brick under each foot for BP as the bench we have is quite tall.

    I am also going to see if I can get some extra cups as the squat rack holes are too high so I have to put the BP cups in backwards on a lower hole as the squat holes are a different shape.

    Looking forward to B tomorrow.

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    Today was supposed to be a rest day, but after a day's holiday and shopping at Meadowhall I was really up for the gym before teatime.

    Squat 5,6,6,7,6 @ 57lb. Really big deload and really good form. So, I'm starting again from here and I'm really happy about it. The PT I don't get on with came over and complimented me on my form (especially with the bodyweight warm ups, but reckoned I need some advice on wobbly knees - he just can't help himself).

    Bench 5x5 @ 67lb. A new all time high weight for me!!
    A PT who wasn't on duty was working out and offered to spot for me as the only bench available had pins just a fraction too high for me. It was really nice having someone to chat to and really felt good going past 50% body weight.

    The platform was taken so I did 30 russian twists with 11lb. Then it was still taken, so I did a 38s plank. Then it was still taken, and I thought it was deadlift day which I don't like, so I did my stretches. Then I came home and remembered it was rows, which I quite like.

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    Woah. 2 days without internet and I come back to almost 20 amazing workouts checked-in! You gals are kickin' serious *kitten*! =D

    I. Am. Groot. No, seriously, this is all I could say at the end of today's session. It's been a 3-day grind over here. I might've needed an extra day off after Saturday's challenge, but I sucked it up and I can barely hold my arms up now O_o


    12 min AMRAP
    - russian kb snatch x5/arm @30
    - side step-down with offset KB x5/leg (30# on first set, 20# rest of the way because yeeiikes nope)
    - Split stance double KB alternate rows x10/side

    Total of a measly 5 rounds and 5 snatches. Probably should've kept the step-ups to bodyweight, as these slowed me down considerably

    10 min AMRAP
    - KB Wide sumo deadlift @24kg x 20/15/10/5/10/15
    - Wall walks x2/3/4/5/4/1 (I hate those. Probably should do them more often)

    Front Squats 105x5x3
    Hollow hang for 59s on rings

    wide grip pulldowns 120x5x5 + a drop set of 85x8
    superset with push-ups: 8/6/9/6/6/10

    45 minute walk in the afternoon


    EMOTM x6
    Double KB Manchild (squat clean thruster) @30# x4/4/4/4/5/5

    6 min AMRAP
    - feet elevated (12' box) pike press x6
    - Goblet drop lunge x6/leg @30#
    total: 5 rounds + 4 lunges

    Then for time (10 min cap):
    50 1 arm alternate Kb power snatch/arm @30#
    EMOTM x10 sitouts
    9:49 (barely made it) but Idid not skip a single round of sitouts this time! 90 total of 'em!

    And I wasn't done. I worked on
    Hollow swings from bar x10
    Hanging knee raises x10
    hollow hang for time:30s on bar, 40s on rings
    red band chin ups ({60lbs assist) x3.5

    worked in with prowler pushes 10m to and back @45, 90, 135 and 135 again

    So, like I said. I am toast. Rest day tomorrow! =D
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    Really struggling with getting my schedule moved around buut:
    5x5 Squats @ 175 (My back was hurting for some reason... didn't feel like a form issue - depth was ok, chest was up)
    5x5 OHP @ 80 lbs (yes! first successful 5x5 at this weight!)
    1x5 DL @ 135, 185, 205 - moved to sumo DL last week after 215 seemed impossible (but did a bit of cardio earlier...) and 205 seemed muuuuch easier.

    There was also a 60 yo guy doing 300+ lb squats. Very impressive/inspiring! Although when we said we were nowhere near that weight he said "well you shouldn't be" - oh no you didn't!
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    Well, I knew this day was coming. Wasn't sure when it would happen, but I knew it would. I failed a set in today's workout and I'll probably need to de-load soon. I'm okay with that, though. I've been doing really well (happy with myself for it, too) sticking to my deficit. I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from lifting and even today I felt like I could sleep all day. The squats felt sooooo heavy! I guess I'll just tough out the rest of this cycle and see what happens; maybe today was just a mentally challenging day.

    Squats: warm-up + [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    Squats: 3x8 @‌ 135lbs
    Split squats: 3x12 @‌ body weight
    Planks: 3x45 seconds
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    Workout B (Mon) - still working on the recovery, didn't lift Sat. because I carried/stacked half of 3 face cords of firewood, didn't lift yesterday as I carried/stacked half of 55 boxes of ceramic tiles, about 45 lbs., actually lifting my 45 lb. weights today to rack them I think more like at least 50 lbs. per box. So, I didn't do SL but I lifted anyway. :)

    Dumbbell Skis - 5 x 10 - 40

    Dumbbell Sidebends - 5 x 10 - 40

    Dumbbell Curls (left side omly) 5 x 10 - 20

    Reverse Curls 5 x 5 - 75

    Underhand Bicep Curls - seated 5 x 5 - 80

    Overhead Press, Barbell - 5 x 5 - 65

    squats 5 x 5 - 135

    squats 5 x 5 - 145

    Deadlifts 1 x 5 - 145
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    Lots of squats going down in this place. lol Nice work everyone. Today was interesting. I went before work instead of after so I can try and catch grit strength tomorrow morning at the gym. Busy but not too bad overall. Got to the squat rack without much waiting and tried out some front squats, which was very different. Ended up just using my ohp weight for them and took turns between each lift. 1 set squat, pause for a minute, 1 set ohp. Not bad overall, plus it was deadlift day so yay.

    Front squat - 2x8 @ bar, 2x8 @ 55, 5x5 @ 65. During warm up sets I tried the different grips. I don't like the cross arms one but my wrist mobility needs a lot of work so I had to go with that for the main sets.

    OHP - warm up then 5x5 @ 65 - woot, made it but just barely. Some of the last reps were really tough so I'll do this weight next time too but I made it. Despite all my knee, hip, back issues, the only creaks I feel/hear when lifting are in my shoulders when I do this lift, it's kinda weird.

    Deadlift - 1x5 @ 135, 1x5 @ 185 - Yay! I'm officially over bodyweight. This was pretty heavy so I'm going to do it next time and may start going up in increments of 5 lbs now instead of 10.

    No accessory but did walk 35 minutes on treadmill.

    Now to hurry and eat as I have to leave for work soon.
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    Hi all! Finally made it here, jumping in mid-stream. Did about 4 hours of yardwork today, raking the yard and hauling about 8 bags of mulch around, plus got around to planting some bulbs. Did some stretches while I grilled food to last me the week.

    Warmup: squats [email protected]#

    SQ: [email protected]#, didn't do ATG this time, just went parallel. Previously when I unracked, I'd feel this slipping/twinge on my right kneecap, so concentrated on a graceful rack/unrack motion this time.

    OP: [email protected]#. I was thinking I'd jump to 65#, but I wised up. The last 2 sets were killer. I'll be repeating this again.

    DL: [email protected]#. My left foot started cramping up as I wrapped up my first set. I tried to work through the 2nd set but cramps came back with a vengeance.

    Same foot cramped up on me last workout while doing rows. I'm wearing my Noosas thinking the low heel would help, but no dice.

    I wasn't planning on doing so much work today, but I surprised myself by belting out the lifts. Now time to feast on some protein!
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    Workout A
    I got home from work and told my fiancee I was gonna skip my workout and then I just kinda went and did it. Strange but I will take it
    Squat 170 lbs 5x5 getting depth was hard but I got them
    Bench 95 lbs 3/3/3/3/3 and then 2x5 @ 75 lbs just because I could
    Row 95 lbs 5/5/4/4/4
    All over a pretty good workout for something I was planning on skipping for most of the day.
  • xcalygrl
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    Hey everyone!! Workout B again today.

    Squats 5x5 at 155.
    OHP 5x5 at 90. I was supposed to do 95, but I didn't feel comfortable with that yet. I'm going to invest in some fractional plates, but for now I repeated 90 pounds.
    DL 1x3 at 190. I was supposed to do 195, but I wasn't sure about it. I decided to meet the program halfway (between last week's 185 and today's 195) and do 190. I only got it up for 3. I'm perfectly content to try it again on Friday. The last time I tried 195 for reps, I didn't even get 1 rep so I am improving!

    I also did some accessory low weight/high rep stuff.
    3x10 at 50 straight leg DL
    3x10 at 50 ATG squats
    5x10 at 20 dumbbells Arnold press
    3x10 front and side raises

    I had a guy comment on my squats today. We talk a bit when we're both on rests. He said I was crazy for squatting as much as I do, but I have great form. He was surprised that I was going past parallel with my weight. It made me feel good about having my form spot on. He did say I have a bit of a wiggle (not butt wink) at the bottom, which I plan to work on. I'll probably stay at this weight for a few lifts before progressing.

    Overall, I feel like it was a pretty great workout day!
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    Im "checking in" to say I am taking a rest week. Will try to keep up on all your awesome workouts! Everyone is always so inspiring!
  • Loving reading about all your amazing workouts! You ladies never fail to inspire me. I can't wait to be uber-strong like all of you! xo

    StrongLifts 5x5 / Workout B

    Squats -- Warmups: 1x10 @ 45, 1x5 @ 85; Working sets: 5x5 @ 130
    (*) Just for fun: 1x5 @ 135 (BIG GIRL PLATES!!!) (*)
    - I spent a lot of time at the beginning of my session playing with my grip / bar position because my wrists have started to bother me. They "break" (i.e. bend backwards) to support the bar, and I'd like to correct that, but even with the empty bar, I just don't have the range of motion in my shoulders and arms to get there. It doesn't bother me with low weights, but anything over about 115 lbs. and it gets uncomfortable. So, I'll continue to work on this.
    - Working sets at 130 lbs. were a challenge, but I honestly think this had more to do with my grip than the actual weight.
    - Decided to just see if I could do a rep or two at 135 lbs., and was able to do a full set of five! SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! These actually felt lighter than the sets at 130! So excited to finally hit this milestone. Will probably stay here for a good long while to figure out and work on shoulders and grip.

    OHP - 5/5/3/5/5 @ 45 lbs.
    - The effing OHP still kills me. I was definitely arching more than I'd like.
    - I was doing these in the squat rack, which is nice because then I'm not reverse curling the bar up to my chest at the start of my sets. But these two girls needed the rack, so I moved over to the deadlift area, deloaded that bar, and stacked the bar on those step lifts. I think all this took just enough out of me that I failed my third set. I had to pause after three reps, and then finish the last two. Sucked. And then, these lame-*kitten* girls proceeded to not even use the rack! So annoying.
    - The app is telling me to deload to 40 lbs. again. Not sure if I'll do that or just keep trying at 45 lbs.

    Deadlifts -- Warmups: 1x5 @ 135, 1x5 @ 165; Working set: 1x5 @ 175 (WOOT!)
    - These felt amazing. Heavy, for sure, but form felt good, grip felt good. It was rad.

    Bicep curls / Seated dips (alternating sets)
    Curls: 3x10 @ 15 lbs.
    - This is an improvement from last time I used the 15s and could only do sets of 8. But I was at failure by the third set.
    Seated dips: 3x10 @ 100 lbs.
    - I'm not sure these are engaging my triceps the way I thought they would. May look for an alternative exercise here. Suggestions welcome.

    Will do planks and some hip work later.

  • canadianlbs
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    Workout A
    I got home from work and told my fiancee I was gonna skip my workout and then I just kinda went and did it. Strange but I will take it

    sounds like me. i woke up at 4am and, well, i know i said that i wouldn't lift. but i couldn't sleep again and couldn't have gone in to work at 6am, so i had to do something with the waking time. and when am i ever going to be awake in time to actually do that exploration into morning lifting, again?

    i got there at 7 and in spite of waiting 20 minutes or so for the rack, i was out by just after 8. didn't do too much fancy, mind you. and i stayed light because backtracking to the gym meant i still had the 40-minute ride to get out to work. something i've never tried to do right after a workout, so i wanted leeway. workout b:

    squats: [email protected], [email protected] and that's IT. i'm not going anywhere higher, i don't care what, unless and until i get these issues sorted. but 65 wasn't heavy enough to distort me and the nice thing about a weight like that is is, all kinds of room to try harder on form. i might not lift much, but my lockout could crack nuts these days.

    ohp: few warmup sets with the 20lb curl bar while waitng for rack, and then [email protected] after squats. i actually failed the very last rep of all, but w/e. what i was doing this time was really concentrating on just keeping the bar parallel. luckily there are all kinds of visual cues for that in 'my' gym, so i can track it and make sure i'm there all the way through the bar path.

    deadlifts: i actually did a few super-light sets of deadlift to warm up for the workout itself. i figured, why not? if deadlift is such a comprehensively full-body compound lift, then why wouldn't it be a good warmup move when time is short? especially at 50lbs. my 'real' deadlifts i ended up doing at 90lbs because again i'm trying to be super-cautious and not let bad habits or any more damage take hold.

    and then i rode to work. the whole crack of dawn thing, though i hate to say it . . it was very very very pretty.
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    Okay, so I have a question on planks and keep forgetting to ask so I'll post it then get to bed.

    Do you go on your hands or forearms? I tried doing on my hands like I was getting more to a push up stance but that's hard to hold for long. But during workshop at gym the trainer had us plank but using the arm instead. I also notice the thing I have pinned on pinterest for plank challenge shows someone on their arms and not hands.

    Just curious.
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    I...pansied out of squatting today. On my last workout(at 100lbs) I biffed it and fell backwards. My ego was more bruised than anything else. When I went to squat today I was super paranoid about falling again. So I only did one set and gave up. I think I'm going to deload 10%. Also husband said he will come with next time. Not sure how he's going to keep me from falling, but he seems to think so, haha.

    Bench press @ 90 lbs, 5/4/3/3/4. This is my first stall on BP so I'm still feeling good about it.

    Rows @ 75 lbs, 5 x 5. These felt good. I had to deload from 80 lbs previously, so I hope I can knock it out next time.
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    @Dawn - I plank on my forearms. I never even knew people did them another way until fairly recently. Check this out:

    Why We Plank

    @TheMOC -- Sorry to hear about your bail in the last workout. It's understandable why you'd be cautious today. Deload or take them slow -- whatever you need to do to gain that confidence back.

    And WOW on that BP! Well done!

  • canadianlbs
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    crabada wrote: »

    wow. that much back curve? instristing that in that picture it's her front surface that's flat . . . hmmmn. yet more conflicting-information-and-which-source-is-true. my litmus for plank position is when my spine starts to pop and release; it always comes when i've gotten the load properly confined into my front-side muscles.

    btw @crabada - you always come up with such awesome links. thanks.

    maar enniewhei @dawn - forearms me too.

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    @crabada‌ you are already uber-strong!! Look at those numbers up there!!

    @TheMOC‌ yes, deload and work on your confidence in the squat. Practice failing. Honestly, the better you feel about bailing out, the more confident you will get x

    @DawnEmbers‌ back when I used to plank, I'd do it on my forearms and end up with massive carpet burn on them lol

    Ran tonight, 4km - felt strong! Don't know where this need to run has come from but I'll take it!
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    crabada wrote: »
    (*) Just for fun: 1x5 @ 135 (BIG GIRL PLATES!!!) (*)

    . . . whoa, wait, what???

    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/