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  • FitnessMeagan1105
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    Hello everyone! My name is Meagan. I have only been running for a few months. I usually run 4-6 days a week. I am really would like to at some point try a 5k or 10k. I love running because it is a way for me to de-stress. I am hoping that be apart of this group will help me stay on track.
  • Tubbs216
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    Hi All!
    I'm a new runner - I worked up to 5k fairly quickly, and have run that distance a few times since. Right now I'm running on the treadmill at home, but want to transition to outside. I plan on signing up for a couple of 5Ks this summer, so I'd like the group to be an incentive to keep at it.

  • sam_will40
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    I completed my own challenge last month (40 miles) before I found this group. My goal for June is 50 miles; I have a 10K coming up in September. I'm a plodder, not a runner, but a finisher, and for me, that's what counts.

  • Aresende90
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    Hello! I'm Andrea, a 25 year old Operating Room Registered Nurse from NH. I've been running on and off for the past couple years, but never really stuck with it until about 4 months ago after joining a local gym and starting a 12-week 10K training program.

    For some reason, in my past attempts to make running a hobby, I was never able to mentally get around running more than a 5k. But, this New Years I decided to change that and made a resolution to run a 10K buy mid summer/early Fall. . . Yesterday I ran my first 10K in under an hour (not a race, just in my neighborhood) and I couldn't be more proud of myself!

    I signed up for a local race series, and a few odd and end races a month ago to keep me motivated. So, I have 2 races a month from May-November. The races consist of 5ks, a 5miler, and a couple 10ks. One of my old co-workers suggested I run a half with her in there's that goal..maybe..if I can muster up the guts!

    Here's to logging many more miles!
  • MartinOsier
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    Hey everyone, name is Martin, live in Sacramento, Ca. Found this group on the forums and decided to give it a go. Not big on promoting the miles I run in forums but thought this might help increase the miles I do on my fun runs.

    I am averaging 30-40 miles per month, in the month of June, I plan on increasing to 60. Looking forward to meeting new people on this forum and if anyone uses run keeper, message me, I only have 5 friends on there :(.
  • libbyareilly
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    Hello! I'm Libby from Pensacola, Florida. My sister-in-love told me about the MFP challeges so in an effort to find accountability and goals that "stick," here I am! I will be running a couple times a week, as well as doing yoga, so my goal is 35 miles for the month.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you all! (PS-I run using Nike app so let me know if you want to add me there or on MFP!)

  • Knyvern
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    Hi, my name is Sandy and I am from Pleasant Grove, Utah. I am 46 and the mom of 8 kiddos ages 12-22 and will become a grandma next month. I am finishing up my degree finally and plan on graduating in December in Elementary Education.
    I am not really a runner, yet, but I want to be. I started the C25K program last week and hope to run/walk a couple of 5ks later this summer. I tried doing my own exercise program earlier this year and I think I pushed too hard and went down sick for a couple of weeks. I am taking it slower this time.
  • WayOui
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    Hi! I'm Way. Used to run everyday for 2 years (but never really researched anything and just winged it), then stopped 2 years ago ('cuz my running buddy abandoned me). Now I'm restarting since a friend convinced me to sign up for a 10k this October. I've been running 3-4 days a week for a month now. But don't really have an organized run schedule (which I should probably work on). I've also started reading up on running techniques, tips, etc. for beginners (WOW there's so much to learn!). I'm mostly a lurker, so I'm hoping I get to learn a bunch of new stuff from lurking around in the discussions area. :p

    Also, not sure if I should still sign up for the June challenge (since a third of the month has already gone by), or just wait until the July one starts?
  • lucnan
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    Hi im Nancy and a complete novice at running. Since i just discovered this challenge and the month is midway,i'll shoot for 15 miles ...makes the challenge more doable :p looking forward to having some fun figuring out how to put one foot in front of the other without
  • lucnan
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    Just created my ticker! yesssss..oh it's on :D
  • tdrice73
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    Hi my name is Teresa and I'm new to running. Im a wife and mother of three boys. I have always wanted to run but shin splints always derailed me. So I finally got a treadmill (which helps tremendously with my pain) and I'm currently on week 6 of C25K and loving every min of it! My goal is to start taking my running outside when I finish my program but very slowly ;) I did 55miles last month and I'm excited to see what I can do this month.
  • MaryinBflo
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    Hi everyone. I'm mary I am a mom of 3 and I work full time. I have recently started running again and am aiming to do the biggest loser half marathon in September in my area. I have a lot of weight to lose still. I was able to lose over 100lbs before I had my kids but put most of it back on during my pregnancies. I tend to start running this time of year but then stop when the weather gets bad outside so I lose my progress. I want to keep at it. I'm also turning 40 this august so I am motivated more than ever to get the weight off.
  • chr1sjohnson
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    Hello, my name is Chrys and I'm a beginner runner. I live in a small town in Alberta, Canada. I'm currently working through the Zombie Run 5k program and I'm on Week 5, workout 2. I did sign up for a 5K run and finished in 41:43 a couple of weeks ago and I've signed up for another 5K in Edmonton on October 24/15 and I'm hoping to run the whole thing this time and beat my time. My workouts are 3 days a week and I also do some body weight circuit training classes the other 2 days a week. I've always wanted to be a runner and I'm just looking for tips and motivation!
  • bigorangemichael
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    Hello everyone. My name is Michael. While I'd consider myself more a swimmer than a runner, I've upped my running of late.

    I've completed 5Ks (just set a personal best a few weeks ago), a 15K and a couple of a half marathons in my time. I enjoy getting out and getting in a run several times per week. I try to swim laps before or after my run (not right after, mind you) to help ease my muscles.

    I'm using my running as one part of my dieting regime to try and lose some weight I gained after breaking a toe a few years ago. I'm enjoying it, though I do have to get up early in my area right now due to the late day heat. I may not be the fastest runner, but I'm out there doing my best.
  • summer21forever
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    My name Summer. I live in Northwest Arkansas. Arkansas is a beautiful area filled with wonderful trails.

    I've always kind of been a runner. When I was younger I played a lot of sports, basketball, volleyball, track, cross-country, and soccer. So of course I did a lot of running.

    When I was done with high school I stop doing those things. I slowly started to gain some weight. At the time I lived in Oregon and I started running on the back roads of where I came from. I would only run a couple of miles at a time. When I would lose the weight, I would stop running. Funny thing was, I would just gain it right back.

    I realize this year that I really enjoy running and I started to get back into it. I try and run at least three times a week at 3 miles a run. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can run five times a week.

    So far I've only completed two 5k races, but I plan to run a 10k in the next couple of weeks. My end goal for this year is to complete a half marathon.
  • harryrarabrown
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    Hi All, I'm Harry and I live in Cheshire, England. Joined a gym a month back to lose weight but would like some distance goals as well. Hoping to run a 5k race in a few months (had my first attempt last week and managed 37.5 mins and then second attempt this morning was 33 mins)
  • southernyogini
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    Hi! I am Flo and I live in a rural area outside of Atlanta. I am an avid yoga person (certified teacher). But really want to increase my well being by losing some weight (already down over 25lbs) and increase my endurance. I did a few 5ks over the last 2 years but haven't been consistent. I joined the July challenge to prove to myself I can complete my goal!

  • seomra
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    Hi all
    Nicole here from Wexford Ireland, have always been sporty, did every sport as a child, excelled in swimming, took up running in my 20s, and then having married, have spent my 30s having babies! Child no 4 born a few months ago so time to get back running. Starting off slowly and setting 40 miles as challenge for this month

    Good luck all!
  • jbearl2009
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    Hey everyone! I'm Bailey, stay at home momma of 3 boys ages 6, 4, and 2. I have never been a runner, I attempted my first 5k December 2014 and I can at least say I finished at 48 minutes. After that for some reason I just quit. Looking now to start back up again and so I have been walking a mile every morning that I can make myself get up at 5am. Tough to stay motivated that early. It makes me feel better and it gets me out of the house without the kids so I am really pushing to stick with it. My kids need me to be the healthiest mommy I can be so that's my goal. Any encouragement or accountability is great so bring it on!
  • amberjo1986
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    Hi, everyone! I'm Amber and I run for many reasons, but mainly to help cope with my on again/off again depression. It's not a magic cure but running has led to other lifestyle changes that have helped to even me out. In the past three months I've quit energy drinks, then sodas, then started getting more serious about eating healthy. My latest challenge is experimenting with vegetarianism (a goal I've had for awhile). I still get bummed out but my emotional "baseline" is a lot higher and I am recover from my low points faster. This July I have a 5k and I resolve to continue building on my fitness base and run in the mornings. My goal is to run 50 miles in July.