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    sorry for double post
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    What is up! New to MFP, dmab transgirl here. I've pretty much known I was a girl since I was able to understand the concept of gender, but I've only been on hormones for a year and some change. Feel free to add me if you're trans or trans-friendly or just think I'm really cute or whatever.

    Also, if anybody is looking for trans resources (where to get hormones, trans-friendly therapy, support groups, etc.) in the Wichita, KS area, look no further! I am your girl.
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    Hey everyone! I am a non binary person who is currently not sure of their gender? realistically if the bottom surgeries were better I'd be more confident latching on to the FTM label...either way! hi!
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    I'm gender neutral but my personality tilts more masculine than feminine. If one could wave a wand and choose their danglely bits then I would be male but I don't use the term transgender. It took me a while to figure out how I fit into the world but my girl parts don't bother me. I'm also pansexual. I don't care what is underneath a person's cloths. It's always been my philosophy that you can find a way to make love to anyone. I am a member of another website that is transgender friendly and have found that keeping my cis-gender tag has made it more difficult to interact with those who use the sites transgender tag. I'm always open to new friends.
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    Hi to you all!
    I kind of prefer the tag of transgender but whatever the term used ultimately I'm just me. Just finished the laser treatment that I started last year. The next step? I've got a lot of thinking to do first.
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    hi all, I just posted this pic of me, I did my makeup and bought my first wig, first time letting the world see Mandi. Scared and excited!
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    mandireese wrote: »
    hi all, I just posted this pic of me, I did my makeup and bought my first wig, first time letting the world see Mandi. Scared and excited!
    That's wonderful!
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    Hi mtf here keeping track on my workout let's be friends !
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    I'm ftm, looking for support and just friends in general. Feel free to add me~ (:
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    Hi people's:) I'm Carter, and I'm genderfluid.
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    Pre transition FtM here. Looking to get into better shape before I start transitioning. Also looking for new friends!
  • Lottiotta
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    Post-op nonbinary person here. :) (Agender, they/them pronouns.) I'm working off some weight that I put on after my surgeries, and it's going... reaaasonably well!
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    Might as well keep this going. :D

    I am gender fluid. The COGIATI test puts me as androgyne. I am a M2F CD.

    If anyone wants they can friend me.
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    :) FTM weight lifter over here.
  • Falconidae
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    I'm a trans man trying to build muscle and lose body fat. (I'm listed as biologically female here, since it matters for calorie and nutrition least until I am at a farther point in my transition.)

    Nice to meet you all :D feel free to friend me!
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    I don't think I ever posted in here, oops! (and if I did, sorry!)

    Hey there! I'm bigender, but male & neutrois (rather than the more common male & female). I actually never use the term trans for myself, I prefer to put myself under the umbrella of non-binary or genderqueer.

    Right now I'm losing the weight I put on from the unhealthy eating habits I picked up in high school and college. After that, it's on to building muscle!
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    I am a 26 year old transman living in Austin, Texas area. I am on this weightloss journey in hopes of being more okay with my body and being as close as possible to my goal weight/body condition as possible before surgery. I am not a fan of the gym, I very much follow the lose weight by exploring method but I do own a weight set and work that in somewhere in between.

    Feel free to add me if you'd like :)
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    I am trans. I identity with both male and female in addition to the the third gender of other/non binary.
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    M2F here add me I need trans friends
  • I'm a trans guy, about 15 months on t, 10ish months on hormone blockers, and about 5 months post top surgery.