NSV -- Non-Scale Victories

Let's celebrate the small (and big) victories here! Sometimes we can get fixated on the number on the scale. But the scale isn't the end-all and be-all. Making good choices, accomplishing things, overcoming temptations...these are all non-scale victories.

Did you do more push-ups than you've ever done before? That's a non-scale victory!

Did you eat a healthy breakfast instead of indulging in the donuts in the break-room? That's a non-scale victory!

Able to wear those pants you couldn't button last month? That's a non-scale victory!

Health is a journey made up of small steps and good choices that each get you closer to your goals. Let's share our non-scale victories here so we can all celebrate with you and be encouraged!



  • MicheleStitches
    MicheleStitches Posts: 306 Member
    edited August 2015
    I'll start...today I came home STARVING. Instead of reaching for whatever convenience food I could lay my hands on, I immediately pulled out a cup of plain Greek yogurt, stirred in a spoonful of some Polaner fruit spread and ate that while I prepared myself a giant salad for lunch. BOOM! Hunger-binge averted and healthy lunch achieved! ;)
  • bringon30
    bringon30 Posts: 75 Member
    Over the past few days, I have been pulling clothes out of my "I'm saving these for when I lose weight" box and actually fitting into them! I am sitting here wearing a skirt out of that box as I type this.
  • MicheleStitches
    MicheleStitches Posts: 306 Member
    Woo! Hoo! @bringon30 that is FaBuLoUs!!!
  • bringon30
    bringon30 Posts: 75 Member
    I still have lots more in there that don't fit, but that just gives me more to work toward.
  • Rach_B_81
    Rach_B_81 Posts: 38 Member
    Nice! I'm not there yet. I'm just fitting comfortably into the clothes I was starting to outgrow but hadn't upsided yet. :p
  • jjacks1986
    jjacks1986 Posts: 19 Member
    I know this may sound silly to some, but I am really proud of myself of going to ikea today and NOT having meatballs!! :#
  • k8es
    k8es Posts: 271 Member
    jjacks1986 wrote: »
    I know this may sound silly to some, but I am really proud of myself of going to ikea today and NOT having meatballs!! :#

    Not silly! I did that last week and felt crazy for being proud of myself, haha. Way to go!
  • melodynyce
    melodynyce Posts: 13 Member
    I went to my moms work picnic today with kids and boyfriend. I ate a healthy fulfilling late breakfast before going and I brought a healthy lunch along in case I needed it. Turns out I didn't need it. I wasn't real hungry and I chose to eat a corn on cob, some watermelon, and a few ounces of pork. Then later for dinner went out with boyfriend and indulged in a great meal staying under calorie goal and went on a late night walk! Oh and at the picnic I stayed active. Walked / jogged a mile of active cardio and did a bad mitten competition.

    Last year at this same picnic I ate whatever I felt like including chips cookies and fatty meats AND I didn't do any cardio or bad mitten. I sat on my butt and ate the whole time. Not this year.
  • ryanndavignon
    ryanndavignon Posts: 86 Member
    I went out for my nightly walk with my husband and 2 kids ( 4 years old and 3 months old) even though I was up at 5am this morning for work and totally didn't feel like going once I got home. We did 2.11 miles! I have also been walking during my lunch breaks at work as well as my nighttime walks. Since we've started doing this on 07/23 I'ved walked 16.95 miles!
  • Lnature71
    Lnature71 Posts: 84 Member
    LooMs like everyone is starting out great. Good job everyone!
    I stuck to my personal goal yesterday and logged all my foods. I also made it to the gym.
  • CompM
    CompM Posts: 47 Member
    My formerly too-snug dress pants fit very nicely this morning!
  • tracylynnc
    tracylynnc Posts: 10 Member
    Got all greens on my fitbit dashboard!
  • thefitpandaproject
    thefitpandaproject Posts: 94 Member
    edited August 2015
    Finally got my lazy butt up and completed the first C25K workout :) have an awesome Monday all!
  • zahpay88
    zahpay88 Posts: 80 Member
    Increased my weights at the gym today! I also stayed on the treadmill for an hour! :D
  • WWnot
    WWnot Posts: 141 Member
    I was famished when i left the office, worse when i got home and managed to limit myself to a piece of toast with a tbsp of cheese and then I headed out for a run with my daughter. It was a good run and i feel rather virtuous for having gone but she (unbeknownst to her) gets the credit for ensuring that i actually got out the door because i wanted to set a good example! B)
  • simquilts2
    simquilts2 Posts: 34 Member
    I love all your NSV comments, good for all of you. I will try to find one this week myself. Now on to tomorrow and more successes!
  • bringon30
    bringon30 Posts: 75 Member
    Good job everybody! Small victories add up and before we know it, we'll be hitting our goals!
  • rjneeley
    rjneeley Posts: 59 Member
    Yesterday I think I was hungry all day long. However, even though I did go over my calories by about 50, my extra food was in the form of fruits and veggies. Came home famished, knew I had an hour and a half until dinner, so I ate watermelon and a tomato. Beats the heck out of a bag of chips and a soda!
  • arya8
    arya8 Posts: 316 Member
    I didn't give in to the cravings yesterday. I knew I'd be hungry in the evening because I didn't have protein for breakfast and hardly any for lunch, but I managed to not eat over my calories. Learned the lesson and had protein for breakfast this morning.
  • dontgiveup2319
    dontgiveup2319 Posts: 145 Member
    My non-scale victory is that I've been pushing myself harder in my gym classes. Having my sister there helps but I've learned that I have to do it alone most of the time.

    I've also been weighing all my foods and working out more like I said I was going to. As far as clothes, I don't have much but the jeans ive worn last winter fit but throughout spring and summer time they were getting too tight and I'm like I need to lose weight before I get so big I won't want to. I do have clothes from when I was in school that I would like to fit into again lol.