Workout Check-in: Heavy Metal Edition (aka August)



  • DawnEmbers
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    Lots of stuff going on in here. I went to the gym before work today so didn't spend too long but my arms will feel it after work as it's freight day.

    Workout A

    high bar squat 3x5 @ 160 - same as before, still feels heavy and I'm slow with it

    bench press 3x5 @ 85 - working my way back up after the de-load, felt okay

    bent-over row 3x6 @ 75 - did a de-load, pretty easy

    lat pulldown 3x10 @ 70 - hadn't done the accessory in a while, it was challenging after 8 reps

  • dennie24
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    I tried to vindicate myself today since I had only gotten 1 rep at 160 for deadlifts last week when I was supposed to get 5 and I had gotten 5 at 155 without much difficulty the week before. I only got 2 today. Ugh! I'll try again next week and then deload I guess. I am so frustrated!

    Squat 5x55,65,80,80
    OHP 5x45,50,55; 3x65 (I was supposed to get 5 of these too. Blah!)
    Deadlift 5x100,120,140; 2x160
    Hip thrust 3x10x125
    Ab wheel 3x10
  • Llamapants86
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    Bench and power clean 1 day
    80 lbs x 5, 90 lbs x 3 100 lbs x 2 for both.
    5x8 70 lbs superset
    The last set of bench I had to rack the weight at rep 5 for a couple of seconds, I don't know what happened but something just felt off. Then I did the other 3 reps right after, so I am counting it...
  • coltsgirl311
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    I was sooo tempted to sleep in this morning, but I'm glad I got up and to the gym.

    Workout B

    Squats, [email protected] lbs. I felt strong doing these, so will go up to 115 lbs next time.

    OHP, [email protected] lbs. Still difficult, I really need to invest in some fractional plates.

    Deadlift, [email protected] lbs. Starting to get pretty heavy, I may only be able to do 1x5 next workout. Only going up 5 lbs at a time.

    Accessory: Good mornings, [email protected] lbs.

    Cardio: 2 mile run, then 30 minutes on the elliptical.

    I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
  • ar9179
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    Blah on today! I've been sticking to my deficit and can feel it. I miss my strength :(

    Squat 140 5/4/5/5/5 Felt heavier today, than on Tues. My depth wasn't great throughout.
    OHP 70 4/4/4/3/1 Did something funny to my shoulder right before the last set. These were HARD.
    DL 195, 5 reps Felt pretty darn heavy, but lifted well. I'm starting to get concerned with my grip strength.
  • DawnEmbers
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    4 mile jog today, though about an hour later than normal cause after alarm went off this morning, I went back to sleep.
  • awkwardsoul
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    Switching to front squats has been weird as I'm doing the same weight as my OHP this time!

    Front Squat 5x5 75lbs (warmup 45/45). Pretty easy. Happy with my depth and me keeping my body straight.

    OHP 5/2/3/5/5 75lbs (warmup 45/45/60). Stupid OHP, I started off really strong then it was wacky, then went back to totally fine.

    Then I played with deadlifts. I saw Alan Thrall's new video and tried out some Romanian Deadlifts to get my hamstrings more engaged.

    Romanian Deadlift 1x5 75/75/95/95/95lbs - Actually liked these a lot as it felt really good and strong in the back and legs. I will do more again.

    Sumo Deadlift 1x5 95/95/95/145lbs

    Off to choke down more casein, yuck.
  • canadianlbs
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    barbell club and the trainer's plans for me. uh. he does set progressions that i can't hope to remember, but they're something like 3x5, 3x5, 2x5, 1x5 for warmup, then 1x3 or maybe 2x3plus amrap at the work weight. ended with amrap at my highest weight for both lifts, i know that. and i know i kept losing count so i did more reps in most of the sets along the way too.

    bench: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 62.5. i think i got 8 for the amrap. pretty good, now that i think about it :) and i learned a few things i might natter about at some point.

    deadlift: i don't recall the progressions. there were about 5 warmup sets at 5 or 10lb jumps, and then work set and an amrap set at 95. also pretty good, now that i think about it :D for the amrap i got 10 reps.

    accessory was pendlay rows because he wanted me to do something lats to counteract the bench. i have NEVER had the benefit of coaching for pendlays before, so that's very win too. i did sets of 8 at 55, with 1x8 warmups at the progression weights. 55 was easy beam beam.

    no squats. not because i'm banned, it's just how he does things - i end up squatting every other week with this guy. i'm still a complete mess with them so i regretted the lack of corrective help. on the other hand, i'm a complete mess with them so i didn't regret not having to do them. at all.

    also, i ate half a chicken and half a cantaloupe for lunch. that might have had something to do with my performance tonight.
  • mirrim52
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    My workout this afternoon was super rushed because I was running a little late and the gym daycare was closing. Had to minimize my rest times and superset a couple accessories, so it was pretty tiring. No time for hip thrusts or pull ups :(

    Squat - 3x5 at 120 lbs. While these don't feel as hard anymore, I still find my form is only meh, mostly because I lose focus and forget to concentrate on it. I am going to stay here for another session at least to work on that, as well as my breathing.
    Bench - 3x5 at 72.5 lbs - pretty good. May go up to 75. I think I will be fine as long as I remember to stay tight.
    Row - 3x5 at 80 lbs. - not as hard as last time, but still not getting a great squeeze at the top. Will repeat.
    Barbell shrug - 3x8 at 60 lbs. Could increase to 65. Actually did 8,9,8 since I can't count.
    Hyperextensions - 3x10 with 20 lbs. Might go to 25...
    Skull crushers - 3x10 at 35 lbs. ok.
    Cable crunches - 3x12 at 50 lbs. Still tough.
    Barbell curls - 8,8,7 at 45 lbs. Still couldn't get that last rep.
  • krokador
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    Dun dun dun... Today was workout B!

    Squats 130x5x5 - still working on staying more upright, which made the 5th rep of each set a little grindy. Technically, prior to the shoudler injury I could grind out 5 reps at 150 if not even 160 per set, but my form is so much better now and the new position puts much less stress on my elbows, so it's a work in progress, but really good progress :)

    OHP 35x4x5 then I got a lil bored and strapped on an extra 2.5 each side and did 40x5... the last set was kinda painful though so I'm going to stay conservative here.
    I supersetted with deadlifts, since I'm far far far from my usual work weights and just trying to get the form back into my brain. 95x5, 115x5, 125x3x5

    Then did a bit of accessories
    Seated rows 40x12, 55x12, 60x12, 65x12, 65x12 (I read they were good/better than bent over for shoulder health. Count me in!)
    Seated calf raises 45x12, 70x12, 70x12, 80x14 (did plank variations between sets)
    reverse pec deck flyes 15x15, 30x15, 35x15

    Figured that was enough trauma for my shoulder today. I spent about 2 hours at the gym between the strength training, my bw warm-up and all the stretches and rehab moves I did between sets. All that,s missing today is a nice walk, which will happen after I eat and watch the Killjoys season finale ;)

  • DawnEmbers
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    Gym after work as usual.

    Workout B

    low bar squat 3x5 @ 140 - not bad, decided to increase this time

    overhead press 3x5 @ 65 - working back up, feels easy at first but challenging by the end

    deadlift 1x5 @ 135 warmup then 1x5 @ 190 - so heavy, barely managed

    clean/front squat 3x8 @ 55 - eh, wrist got cranky during some of it, also hit collar with bar a few times

    incline db bench press 3x10 @ 27.5 - not bad

    We will see about running in the morning when it gets here. It's a little smokey outside from fires in other places.
  • krokador
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    Oh boy, I'm not meant for sustained effort work, lol. This morning was 3x3 laps at the track by my apartment complex (350m/lap = 1050m per interval).

    I managed 5:51, 6:24 and 6:20. It was all I could do at the end of the 2nd and 3rd interval not to collapse into the grass on the soccer field at the end lol. 2 weeks left on the 6 weeks program that is going to have taken me all summer to complete. Woop!

    I'm gonna pop in the Tapout XT ultimate abs DVD to finish this off now. Need some focused ab work ;)
  • dennie24
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    Yesterday was:

    Squat 5x55,65,80,90; 3x105; 8x80
    Bench 5x50,60,70,85; 2x95 (supposed to get 3); 8x70
    Row 3x5x65; 5x70; 3x85; 8x65

    I have now failed on deadlifts, OHP, and bench so I am going back to 531. I wanted to stick it out for the whole 12 weeks for Madcow but I really don't think it is doing me any good except for squats. In an effort to really nail down my squat form I decided to do the 3 day a week full body template so that I can get a lot of squat practice in. I really think I may have to get some lifting straps even though my lifts aren't that heavy. With possible RA, my hands hurt so bad trying to do rows yesterday and I am pretty sure this flare is why I missed my deadlifts twice in a row. It's hard to remind myself that I have some chronic illness issues and so I can't quite lift like I want to. I didn't mean that to come off as whining so I apologize if it did.
  • psych101
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    Lifted yesterday but was too tired to record - here's what went down

    Squat 5x5x115lbs - this was a substantial deload due to tight hip issue
    OHP 5x5x70lbs
    Deadlift 1x5x200lbs

    superset shoulder /back stuff 3x8
    Lat pulldowns
    Dumbbell row
    Overhead thrust thing
    Dumbbell bench press
    Arnold press
    Swiss ball pike into pushup

    oh man
  • roxylola
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    Feeling the need to show my face and go for a nit more accountability...
    So, I sort of mix strong curves and 5x5 a bit depending on what space is available at the gym. And some days I just play with a kettlebell!
    Started with 5x5 today as there were no benches but the area emptied mid way through my squats so I switch to Strong Curves lol

    5x5 squats at 40kg
    3x 10 hip thrusts at 35kg
    3x 8 16kg one arm dumbell rows
    3x 8 10kg dumbell incline bench press
    3x5 55kg Romanian deadlifts
    10x 10kg standing leg abductions - I am really weak at those...
    and a 30second plank and 30 second side planks

    Dancing tonight and dog walking and horseriding tomorrow for my active "rest"
  • airbent
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    Squat - 65lb. I could get the bar up 5x5 times but I can feel my form is all over the place. my upper body tips forward on the way up because I raise my hips before my chest. Need to really focus on keeping the bar over midfoot through the whole movement so I'm going to stay here for another day and work on that. I did 60lb 5x5 on Friday and it felt GREAT. I guess things are getting a little heavy for me now...

    Bench press. 70lb 5x5x3x2x1. really really struggled with this today. Second failure at this weight. I think more warmup sets might've helped?

    Barbell Row: 5x5 at 55lb. I actually got up to 75lb on this last week but it was really messy. I'm trying to stick with Pendlay rows and I know my back can't come too far up above parallel for that lift. To lift 75lb it was coming up about 40-45 degrees. I know my hips were probably doing most of the work, so I sorta arbitrarily deloaded today, moving from a dead hang instead of up from the floor (so more of a bent over row? i'm new at this lol). the empty oly bar was too easy, 55lb was just right. I'll try 60lb next time.

    The only thing I worry about w/pulling from a dead hang is that my back will get too tired and I'll fail out before I can hit my reps.

    I also tried a couple sets of inverted row on a bench press rack. It was extremely easy unless I wanted to go for 10-15 reps instead of 5. the range of movement was too small and I need to raise the bar up enough that I'm pulling up from straightened arms. I've seen people doing inverted rows with the smith machine so I may try that, since all the smith is good for is as an adjustable stationary bar anyway, heh.
  • krokador
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    Reporting in late, but reporting some progress!

    Squats 135x5x5 - these were actually easier than the 130 2 days ago (go figure, seeing as I was tight and sore as hell. My abs, too, lol. It took 30 minutes just to warm-up!)

    Some dude (a trainer, too!) Interrupted my 4th set by kicking a swiss med ball all the way across the xfit area to the wall beside me, while i was down in the hole. I nearly shat my pants. Who DOES that?!

    Bench 55x4x5, 65x5 - no issues at all here. Felt like I could've just done 25 reps straight with 55 but I forced myself to take a break and stretch and stuff. Still fitting shoulder rehab randomly in-between sets to try and save time

    Pendlay Rows 55x4x5, 65x4/1
    these were a little more iffy. I don't know if using the 35lbs bar threw me off (so I could slap on the 10lbs bumpers, which are flimsy as hell, beeteedubs) but I had a hard time getting my back straight and keeping it there. Weight was flying up, so it wasn't an issue of strength, but of bar path control, and my shoulder was definitely piching when I tried to up the weight, so I'll have to either A- do Db rows for a bit or B- stay a bit lower to make sure I don't aggravate that stupid shoulder/upper back/trap area.

    I twiddled with some KB press/bottoms up press (super light), and tried KB swings but that was a no go. By this point shoulder was screaming STAHP!, so I did.

    Walked for 45 minutes in the heat with old socks on. Welcome to blister city! xD

    I think I'll be a good girl and actually take my "2 days off" from the gym like the program says. Yoga tomorrow morning, running on Wednesday, then I'll try to slap on more weight to that OHP and progress mah deadlift and reincorporate circuits, too. I need to up my conditioning a smidge.
  • awkwardsoul
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    I'm going on vacation soon so I wanted to squeeze in an extra lifting day. I split up upper body and squats/dl and I'll do the rest tomorrow, avoiding squatting back to back.

    OHP 1x5 45/45/60/65/70/75/80. Got 2 reps on 85! PR! OHP was feeling really good. I even tried 90lbs but failed. I should of tried 87.5lbs, next time!

    Bench 1x5 45/45/70/80/85/90/95/100/105 1x3 110, 1x1 115lbs PR! Failed 120lbs. I made it to 110lbs without a spot, my husband finally got home and spotted me for 115 and 120lbs.

    Dumbbell Rows 53lbs 1x5 on the left arm. 1x10 35lbs on right. My right arm couldn't lift 53lbs. I'm lefthanded so I guess that's the reason I couldn't do my right.

    My arms feel crazy right now!
  • coltsgirl311
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    Workout A today:

    Squats, [email protected] lbs. These were tough. Used the lifting belt to help with back support, definitely a good idea!

    Bench, 4x5, [email protected] lbs. Second fail here, hopefully I get them next time.

    Rows, [email protected] lbs. These were not great form, so I will repeat.

    RDLs, [email protected] lbs.

    35 minutes on the elliptical.
  • jessiefrancine
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    We came back from our vacation on Sunday and I made myself workout, so I only ended up missing one lifting day. Yay me! *high fives self*

    Sunday - Workout B
    Squats 5x5x65 lbs
    OHP 5x5x52.5 lbs
    Deadlift 1x5x80 lbs

    Tuesday - Workout A
    Squats 5x5x67.5 lbs
    Bench 5x5x55 lbs
    Rows 5x5x52.5 lbs

    Also did a lot of walking on vacation (usually while carrying my toddler - feel the burn, biceps!) and a short cardio dance class on Monday (because I love to shake my groove thing a few days a week). All in all, I feel like I'm progressing nicely, if a bit slowly.