October 2015 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • 2essie
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    5.92 miles walked today

    155.5 miles walked to date
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,067 Member
    6 mile run/walk


  • Lovemyalex
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    Exercise total for


    26.32 miles (exercise bike) & 2 miles (cross trainer) & 1 mile walking

    29.32 miles for today

    733.12 miles done and 133.12 miles over goal... :)
  • LadyPersia
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    226 miles this month. Lost a few pounds too... Feel better. Can't get my water mojo back though. Novel will shine I need to lose 10 pounds by Jan
  • anaconda469
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    Some more miles. I have been hitting longer higher mileage rides this month, just to keep my sanity with my son's health problems putting my life on total hold.

    The next phase for my son is beginning next week. First up, his 2D echo was negative for a heart murmur. He had one when he was a baby, but out grew that. Second: they were able to eliminate Marfans Syndrome, underlying emphysema/COPD. So there is the issue with a 40% loss of lung function on the right upper area. It is a pulmonary bollei, can be fixed surgically and he should regain 100% use of the right lung. So we should know next week when surgery will be scheduled. So as soon as I know, I can make plans for next months mileage.

    There are some great places to ride in Bend, but wintery weather is starting so I may miss my goal next month due to taking care of my son post surgery. Or hit the chicken switch and declare small miles for November.

    10/28 - 03.0 miles walking

    Total: 248.0 miles

    10/29 - 14.0 miles cycling

    Total: 262.0 miles


  • Calliope610
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    10/29 - 2.0m walk w/ Cora


  • Time2LoseWeightNOW
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    5 miles done
    75miles total

  • cpanus
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    Walked w/DH and Bean then got on the bike then went to 1'st grade then picked up our car from the repair shop. Time to trade it in!!!

    10/29 - 6.75 miles
    10/29 - 10.0 recumbent miles


    Hope everyone has a grand Friday!

  • clepant
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    Yikes, am I sore. Not only am I feeling it from my race in the lower body but I have been running a Halloween Obstacle course for my kiddos all week. Vampire push ups, tombstone curl ups, traversing wall haunted cliffs, hanging or climbing across a suspended beam upside down, and pulling myself along a bull rope hand over hand through the swamp creature swamp, army crawling through a werewolf den has just whooped the snuff out of my upper body. I need to soak in a hot sauna. May head to the gym tomorrow just to use one for a hour.
    Oct. 29: 10.25 miles circuit training, walking and stationary cycling
    TTD:295.39 miles


  • angelmo8
    angelmo8 Posts: 242 Member
    10/26- 1 mile elliptical
    10/27- 1.1 mile elliptical
    10/28- 3.2 miles running
    10/29-2.4 miles walk/run

    And that is goal! Yay!

  • clepant
    clepant Posts: 2,821 Member
    @anaconda469: So glad to hear they are finding out what is going on with your son and he will have return lung function. My hubby and I just spent a year trying to find out what was wrong with him. He pretty much sounded like he was hacking up a lung. A pulmonary specialist and cardiologist ran him through the paces and the pulmonary specialist found chronic bronchitis, mild emphysema caused by Alpha 1 which is the lack of a protein that attaches to bacteria in the lungs. There are about 100,000 cases in the US. My hubby is ZZ which is double rare. He is now on week four tomorrow of a lifetime of weekly infusions of the protein from plasma. No cure, just slowing it down. He could end up with a lung transplant down the road. So I know what you must be going through. I continue to keep both of you in prayer.
  • rockann16
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    Adding 5 miles.


  • wanderan
    wanderan Posts: 1,369 Member
    adding 6.41 miles

    mtd= 156.74
  • dcmat
    dcmat Posts: 1,723 Member
    Not sure on mileage this month, so let's go for 750

    01-10: 36.04 miles
    02-10: 100.4 miles
    04-10: 63.12 miles
    07-10: 22.77 miles
    08-10: 100.11 miles
    11-10: 61.60 miles
    14-10: 60.79 miles
    17-10: 60.17 miles - 13 yo son's first club ride


    Been missing in action again! Too much work has kept me off the bike so only have 2 more rides to add in later. Currently recovering, again, after being slung-shot off the bike whilst going over a level crossing yesterday. First time over this one and the road isn't 90 degrees to the rails. Tried to correct angle as slipped over first set to over compensate before slipping on 2 set and to land hard on third set of rails. Thankfully I was able to tyre suck for an hour on the 17.5 mile ride home, mainly running on adrenaline. Shoulder is rather buggered but a trip to A&E confirmed nothing broken, which was surprising, and the legs have the usual road rash (still wearing shorts) which looks impressive but isn't causing much discomfort.

    Going to be an interesting day as going to see a man about a job lorry driving - need to get a lift there and won't be able to shake hands - how rude!

    Oh, the bike is OK, just need to loosen off the shifter to put it back where it should be

  • Lisah8969
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    10/29 - 10 miles
    10/30 - 9 miles

    Had to get a bike ride in to get there, but I got there!!!

  • Just_Ceci
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    6 miles running/ walking yesterday

  • watersm04
    watersm04 Posts: 190 Member
    I haven't posted in a while but am still moving!
    Oct 20 - 30km spin class
    Oct 21 - 5km elliptical
    Oct 27 - 35km spin class

    So close to goal, I've got this!!! Have a great day everyone!


  • sufferlandrian
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    edited October 2015
    Adding 18 miles for 234 out of 150. I think that may be it for me this month.
  • carlsoda
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    Goal: 125 miles walking
    Yearly Walking Goal update: 1035/1500 miles

    10/01 - 6 miles walked + weight lifting
    10/02 - 10/05: 16 miles walked + weight lifting + yoga
    10/06: 6 miles walked + yoga
    10/07 - 5 miles walked + weight lifting
    10/08 - 6 miles walked
    10/09 - 10/12: 14 miles walked + yoga
    10/13 - 5 miles walked + weight lifting
    10/14 - 5 miles walked
    10/15 - 5 miles walked + yoga
    10/16 - 10/18: 14 miles walked
    10/19 - 5 miles walked + yoga
    10/20 - 6 miles walked, 5 miles biked
    10/21 - 5 miles walked
    10/22 - 5 miles walked + weight lifting
    10/23 - 10/25: 12 miles walked
    10/26 - 5 miles + yoga
    10/27 - 5 miles walked
    10/28 - 5 miles walked
    10/29 - 1 mile walked + yoga (lazy day!!)

    136/125 miles
  • bluiz13
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    @clepant i'm so sorry to read about the young man who passed away after the race...

    67.77/65 miles complete for october....made my goal but still have at least one more run in me before the month ends...we'll see if i do anything tomorrow for a workout that can be tracked other than trick or treating miles walked....
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