Friday's Weekly Weigh-in



  • poojaknsl
    poojaknsl Posts: 82 Member
    SW: 205.6
    CW: 193.4
    GW: 150
  • juliayadda
    juliayadda Posts: 33 Member
    SW 246.5
    CW 237.4
    GW 196.5

    So happy with progress this week
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 151 Member
    edited April 2016
    SW: 258
    CW: 244.2 (down from 247)
    GW: 205

    Struggles: snacking before bed! Splurging on the weekend
    Successes: able to still lose!!!
    Goals: more water and less eating out!! Making it to the gym 2x
  • JuliaDiscoFit
    JuliaDiscoFit Posts: 20 Member
    SW: 200
    W1: 194 (25.3.16) - sick
    W2: 195 (31.3.16) - after being sick
    W3: 190 (10.4.16) - yay!
    W4: 186 (16.4.16) - still down!
    W5: 184.5 (22.4.16) - =[
    GW: 145

    Struggles - I'm hitting a plateau! What a huge slow down this week, it's really upsetting. My goal was 165 by June and I'll lucky to even be close to 175 by then :( I don't know what I am doing wrong or why my losses are so small now.
  • joannemonette1
    joannemonette1 Posts: 99 Member
    SW 192
    GW 129
    CW 173

    Really getting into stair stepping aerobics. It's fun and burns a ton of calories. Just using a DVD... No classes
  • History1027
    History1027 Posts: 68 Member
    1/5 SW- 240
    3/22 Challenge SW - 226
    4/1 W1- 225
    4/8 W2- 223.6
    4/15 W3- 222
    4/18 W4- 222.8
    GW- 170

    Struggles: Working on getting more protein in my diet so changing up my food. Need to keep working on it because I gained this week :(
    Successes: Didn't really have any this week. It's been a long bad week.
  • Brittles927
    Brittles927 Posts: 348 Member
    SW for challenge: 226
    CW: 217
    GW for challenge: 170

    Struggles: Remembering this isn't going to happen with a snap of my fingers. I've been losing roughly 2lbs every week for the last couple weeks, and while it's not as much as I'd like, it's better than nothing. I started the c25K app again last night, and had a great workout. Hubby is off from work tomorrow so I'll go for my run/walk tomorrow again while he takes care of our little lady.

    Success: So much closer to my 20lbs weight-loss mark (from my start in Feb), only 2 more pounds to get there :smiley::smiley:

    Congratulations to everyone on their losses so far! Remember to focus on your goals, your inspirations - why are you doing this? Maybe make a list, put it up around your house, set it as a background on your phone as well. Remember how you felt before you started, and think about how far you've come! Like the saying goes, the weight didn't come on overnight and it won't come off overnight.

    @JuliaDiscoFit - I think you've done an incredible job! Not sure what your workout regimen is but maybe try switching it up a little this week, maybe focus more on cardio workouts vs. strength training (if you're doing that), you could be getting more muscle! Either way, you're doing great! :)
  • bpkal
    bpkal Posts: 59 Member
    Sw this challenge 187.6
    Sw Feb 2: 209.0
    Weight last week: 182.6
    Friday weight 179.0
    Goal 139.0
  • nsellers21
    nsellers21 Posts: 7 Member
    SW 216.8
    CW 206.6
    GW 161.8

    Struggled this week with bad sinus infection and the famous steroid shot to clear it up. For me with this came fluid build up and feeling hungry but finally glad to see one pound gone for this week after all.
  • jlburns2005
    jlburns2005 Posts: 331 Member
    OK I gained this week. I ended up eating out a lot But I was very active also so I'm happy about that part. My vacation is over so I'll get right back on track.
  • Bibia2418
    Bibia2418 Posts: 80 Member
    I am still stuck at 195. Been here for weeks. So discouraged. I have been working really hard.
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 151 Member
    Keep it up everyone!!! Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were you!!!
  • Be_Lively
    Be_Lively Posts: 145 Member
    SW for challenge: 257
    CW: 243.8
    GW for challenge: 202

    A loss is a loss considering the scale has been stuck at the 244-245 range after the weekend I had. I drank again. I can never have just one drink! I am being a good girl this weekend and no drinks for me. I am really buckling down because I would like to be at 240 by the end of this month.
  • ScottW3142
    ScottW3142 Posts: 498 Member
    SW 306.4
    W1 304
    W2 300.6
    CW 299.8
    GW 251 (for challenge)
  • Zumba_Luvah
    Zumba_Luvah Posts: 363 Member
    SW- 191
    CW- 193
    GW- 141

    Gained 1. I thought I'd gain more. But starting yesterday, I'm following the advice of my weight loss coach. My 6 year old told me that in order to lose my big belly, I need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. No snacks. I did just that yesterday and I had no cravings to eat anything at night. I have the smartest kid lol
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 151 Member
    So I checked my weight this morning and I'm up 4 pounds. Yesterday was rough and super carby. I'm going to work really hard and weigh in next Friday!!!
  • History1027
    History1027 Posts: 68 Member
    1/5 SW- 240
    3/22 Challenge SW - 226
    4/1 W1- 225
    4/8 W2- 223.6
    4/15 W3- 222
    4/22 W4- 222.8
    4/29 W5- 220
    GW- 170
  • ScottW3142
    ScottW3142 Posts: 498 Member
    SW 306.4
    3/25 305
    4/8 304
    4/15 300.6
    4/22 299.8
    CW 299.2
    GW 251 (for challenge)
  • amylynn082
    amylynn082 Posts: 7 Member
    SW 185
    CW 178
    GW 140

    Still working on my stress eating. :( We lost a very special family member this week and my eating habits promptly went down the drain. Sigh. However, I still lost, so that's a positive. Stay strong ladies!
  • Brittles927
    Brittles927 Posts: 348 Member
    SW in Feb: 235
    SW 3/19: 226
    3/25: 223
    4/1: 222
    4/8: 221
    4/15: 219
    4/22: 217
    CW 4/29: 217
    GW for challenge: 170

    So I started off Monday with a rough weigh in of 220 - I ate out a couple times last weekend :( but I got back down to 217 today, so while I lost the 3lbs again, it was slow moving, not sure if I'm plateauing or if I just really screwed up by eating out. <-probably the latter.

    Anyway, really really looking forward to getting to 215 or below this next week - I'm going to push really hard!

    Congrats to everyone on their loss this week! :)