Aussies add me!



  • rachefate
    rachefate Posts: 12 Member
    Im living in wa at the moment, would love ppl to add me so i have some inspiring friends to motivate me
  • _Pastafarian_
    _Pastafarian_ Posts: 25 Member
    I'm in north Queensland and had weight loss surgery last year. Would love more friends but only if you're cool with the surgical option, otherwise we probably won't get on :smiley:
  • mariagabriella
    mariagabriella Posts: 267 Member
    From Sydney- mainly focusing on lifting but still have kgs to go :)
  • diane_croft
    diane_croft Posts: 24 Member
    I'm from Sydney, would love to have other motivated people on my friends list
  • SuesNewImage
    SuesNewImage Posts: 743 Member
    Hi Im on Gold Coast - on Low carb keto WOE
  • TwistedRider
    TwistedRider Posts: 45 Member
    From Melbourne here, although often seen in the country too :)
  • mangrothian
    mangrothian Posts: 1,351 Member
    From Melbourne here, although often seen in the country too :)

    I've just gone down my forums page and you're the most recent poster in the Geek Squid, MFP Gamers and the AussieAussieAussie group. Welcome to all three groups :D
  • TwistedRider
    TwistedRider Posts: 45 Member
    Cheers, yeah i joined a couple that appeal to me. :)
  • MrsWellzy73
    MrsWellzy73 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi, I'm from Vic and looking for anyone with similar goals to add to my friend list. I have about 10kg to lose. I work in an office so am not very active throughout the day and am looking for motivation and meal ideas. Hope to hear from some of you :smiley:
  • twentytwelve12
    twentytwelve12 Posts: 245 Member
    edited April 2016
    I'm from Adelaide.

    Haha oops I noticed I have already commented on this post.
  • the_new_mark_2017
    the_new_mark_2017 Posts: 149 Member
    I'm in Brisneyland :)
  • mel322mfp
    mel322mfp Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me. Been on and off mfp, but back to achieve my goals.

  • grk747
    grk747 Posts: 5 Member
    hello feel free to add me im in melbourne and just started my journey
  • lidijamilicic
    lidijamilicic Posts: 7 Member
    Any active users add me :)
  • jacqui1612
    jacqui1612 Posts: 128 Member
    I'm from Newcastle NSW. Was active a few years ago but moved and got way out of shape. Getting back into it now. Feel free to add me
  • Emzy1079
    Emzy1079 Posts: 27 Member
    I'm in Melbourne western suburbs. Feel free to add me :smile:
  • 12Sarah2015
    12Sarah2015 Posts: 1,117 Member
    From Sydney, new mum, feel free to add me
  • mirrors2001au
    mirrors2001au Posts: 19 Member
    Sydney guy here too, happy for anyone to add me, back into mfp seriously and love seeing everyone else getting into and the motivation, into my lifting / kettlebells / strong1st type training and knuckling down with proper nutrition for the first time every over past couple months
  • yxlr8
    yxlr8 Posts: 67 Member
    Im Aussie please add me...
  • buzz3d269
    buzz3d269 Posts: 87 Member
    Melbourne based here, always looking for new friends :)

    I've been active over the past two years, have lost the bulk of my weight, and am back at it to get rid of the last pesky kgs. Am incorporating calorie counting with walking and (more recently) weight sessions at gym.