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    kind of like most of the main forum here on MFP who say that only CICO matter.

    A genuine question asked in a friendly way: what other mechanism can cause weight loss? I see people who don't believe in CICO quite often but to me its logic. I can't think of any other system of anatomy that would cause weight loss??

    I think CICO definitely works but sometimes people make it sound like that is the only thing that matters, not other factors. For some of us, our macro ratios really affect our rate of weight loss (or gain). E.g. when I started keto, I kept calories the same, just shifted macros, and started losing weight where I'd been struggling to lose before.

    OP, FWIW I do 10% carbs, 65% fat and 25% protein. I've aimed to stay under 20-30gm net carbs. Many people can eat up to 50gm carbs/day and stay in ketosis; you can experiment a bit with it. I initially tried to stay under 20 net but found it didn't seem to make a difference if I went up to 30 and sometimes 40 net in a day. If I start going over 50-60 (even once I hit maitenance), it seems I start losing the benefits LCHF has had for me. You can experiment to see what works for you.
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    Thank you both Sunny Bunny and macchiatto for clarifying my CICO confusion. I know exactly where you care coming from now!
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    @baconslave - this is hands down one of the best explanations of the insanity that is calorie restriction in general, without figuring out one's own body and such... I'd love to see this and any future discussion somewhere readily found in the sticky!
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    I don't think they are saying that you can eat a surplus of calories and expect to lose weight. The idea is that when you eat the right foods or the right way for you, you will be able to eat fewer calories and achieve fat loss WITHOUT being hungry.
    So eating everything in moderation at a calorie deficit, is typically what they are saying doesn't work. Not that you don't need to eat less overall.

    That seems like a pretty accurate and astute paraphrase. Good observation.

    In reality, I think counting CI and CO might be a little like drawing pictures in the dark. Bad labeling, inaccurate portion and exercise estimates, etc, can make your results miss by a mile through no fault of your own. Doesn't mean CICO is invalid but rather that' its of limited use in our crude hands....

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    This video was very interesting and informative, thank you for sharing! It helped clear up some things for me, too, and it makes me think that maybe I am too obsessed with trying to attain macro goals each day when I should just keep eating these foods until my body says to stop. Perhaps I don't need to spend time each morning planning out the whole day and calculating everything carefully, perhaps I just need to listen to my body.

    YES!! One of the techniques that cured my binge eating disorder 10 years ago was implementing intuitive eating - eat only when hungry, stop when satiated (not "full"). (The hormone leptin controls hunger and satiety cues, btw... Lots of cool recent research on that.) Problem was, with my jacked up PCOS insulin resistant hormonal mess of a system, I was eating all the wrong types of food (carb heavy diet) so my body just kept storing fat and asking for more... If I implement those skills now with LCHF though, theoretically my body should melt the stored fat and balance out my hormones...
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    I believe the learning curve is just HUGE because there is no one size fits all diet. People tend to be very adamant re their way of eating once they find what works for them.

    This is so good. And it applies to ALL THINGS not just diet! Haha! But it really is a process of trial and error to find what works best or "optimal" for your body. I'm finding my groove after 2 1/2 months :) The direction and counsel on this forum is so good. Use it as your start and tweak things along the way.
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    Ay! The best nutritionists here and in the unwashed world out there are the ones who, unlike the ADA, never did think one size could fit everyone.

    Fortunately, that's the type of thinking that actually predominates (!) in our cool little corner of reality.

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    I hear ya! Sounds like you're doing awesome!
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    Personally I consider carbs a ceiling, protein a goal and fats as filler as needed to meet my calorie goal/satiety.

    Pure gold.
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    Protein cannot be stored by the body without first being converted to glucose

    Well, except as muscle through some sort of resistance training.
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    Protein cannot be stored by the body without first being converted to glucose

    Well, except as muscle through some sort of resistance training.

    That's not exactly a protein storage method...
    You don't just build muscle because you eat extra protein...
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    That was amazingly informational for me. Thank you.
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    After two years I am learning even at a faster rate. :)

    I just finished off my 3 pound of MSM crystals. It was a new addition a couple months ago and is seems to lowered my pain a tad but LCHF WOE taking it from 7-8 to 2-3 within the first 30 days after getting off of sugar and all grains two years ago is still the main thing in my case. Tweaking will go on forever in my case. Just learning about liposomal vitamin C for example.

    Venturing off is just fine as long as we find our way back. :)