Find Your 'Not That Heavy' Twin!



  • MayelaSepulveda
    MayelaSepulveda Posts: 1 Member
    Highest Weight 170
    Lowest Weight 140 (right out of High School)
    Goal Weight I would love to reach 145. Anymore and I am too skinny for my heights.
    I really would love to stay at a healthy 145/150 with healthy diet and exercise.
    15 more pounds to go but struggling with sugar addiction!
  • Tabbycat00
    Tabbycat00 Posts: 146 Member
    High weight: 119 (day I went into labor)
    Low Weight: 78 (day I went into treatment for anorexia)
    Current: 97.6
    Goal: 97-99 range, right where I'm at.
    Any twins out there???
  • kcastagnoli
    kcastagnoli Posts: 49 Member
    Height: 5' 2" (and a half!!) ;)
    Age: 38
    HW: 137
    CW: 122
    Goal weight: No idea what is realistic, more concerned about getting rid of my belly, I know I'm not over weight, but I'm not used to being this "big" (big to me, I know I'm not big to a lot of people). So far all I've lost are my boobs.

    I get that from people all the time. I'm not skinny at all, but people think I am because i'm shorter and don't weigh a lot.
    Age: 51
    Height: 5 ft. 1 and 1/2!
    Highest weight: 127
    Current weight: 113
    Goal weight: 105

  • in_the_end
    in_the_end Posts: 12 Member
    Any fellow short people?

    Age: 30
    Height: 5' 0"
    Highest weight: 133
    Lowest Weight: 103
    Current weight: 113
    Goal weight: 105
  • NadNight
    NadNight Posts: 794 Member
    edited June 2017
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 6"
    Highest: 130
    Lowest: 112
    Current: 112
    Goal: I don't actually have a goal weight, I want to tone up before trying to lose and see where that gets me in terms of looking slimmer. Probably around 108 though
  • NadNight
    NadNight Posts: 794 Member
    Back at this... gained about 12 lbs over the past year or so. Deleted all my friends. Looking to start new. Weighing everything I can, exercising regularly..

    Age: 29
    Height: 5'6.5ish"
    HW: 132 lbs (about 10 years ago)
    LW: 106 lbs (about 1 year ago)
    CW: 118-9 lbs
    GW: 110 lbs - where I look and feel happiest

    We seem similar!
  • runningjellybean
    runningjellybean Posts: 9 Member
    Amanda0926 wrote: »
    Were similar
    Age 30
    HW 130
    CW 119
    GW 105

    Age: 20
    HW: 121.1
    CW: 111.2
    GW: 105

    Us, too!
    5 feet...almost. 4 11.75
    Cw 95
    Gw 90

  • Niki_Fitz
    Niki_Fitz Posts: 945 Member
    kelseyhere wrote: »
    I'm a lazy @ss, so I'm reposting this from another thread (too tired to switch kgs to lbs again). :p

    Age: 26
    Height: 171 cm (5'6")
    HW: 67.5 kg (149 lbs)
    CW: 65 kg (143 lbs)
    GW: 60 kg (132 lbs)

    EleMeleUkulel, we're pretty close, my stats...

    Age: 25
    Height: 5' 6"
    HW: 148
    CW: 135-138
    GW: 130ish?? really I don't care if weight goes up, just want to lose inches in my thighs

    I workout 4-6 days/week and do a combination of weight lifting and running. Currently training for a 1/2 marathon in December. I love working out and have no problem motivating myself to do that, it's just the food I struggle with. I recently upped calories from 1,200/day+exercise (about 1600 total) to 2,100. I'm feeling much better and not gaining. I focus on high protein, and don't eat much grain/wheat products and very little processed foods. I cook a lot. Weakness is desert and alcohol.

    **add me if you are active and like to share info. about nutrition and working out! i like friends who talk back with me, no one-sided relationships.

    Twin here! 5'6"
    HW 165 (a long time ago, and I'm a little older than you both at 34).
    CW 134
    GW 125 but possibly bring it back up to 130 with muscle.

    I love exercise and thighs are my big issue too! I'm focusing on protein as well - and on cutting alcohol. On 1,360 cals plus exercise. Feel free to add me too.
  • nourhanehab7
    nourhanehab7 Posts: 125 Member
    Age: 22
    Height : 5' 1" & 1/4 !!
    Heaviest : 170
    Current : 149.9
    Goal : 120

    I have hourglass body shape
    my biggest problems are lower belly and some back fat
    I was lifting for month and gained strong arms and lower body muscles
    but now focusing on cardio to lose fat 30% body fat
    doing mostly Zumba
    It 's addictive

    hope to find my twin ♡
  • Theprairiepinup
    Theprairiepinup Posts: 20 Member

    Starting Weight: 94kg (207lbs)
    Current Weight: 78kg (172lbs)
    Goal Weight:70-73ish kg (154-160lbs)

    bust: 40"
    waist: 30.5"
    hips: 43"

    I've been doing keto since Christmas and feel so good! If anyone wants to be friends shoot me a message!
  • hrush1889
    hrush1889 Posts: 56 Member
    annabel92 wrote: »
    Age: 25
    Height: 5ft 6
    Highest weight: 132 lbs
    Lowest Weight: I'm not sure! I was smaller years ago, probably around 120lbs
    Current Weight: 123lbs
    Goal weight: 115-120lbs (although I'm more concerned with losing inches!)

    Exercise: cardio (running), light weight training on arms (3kg dumbells), and strength exercises (crunches, bridges, squats, etc.)

    Nemesis: pasta, and cheeses!


    Hi! I think we are close to twins, feel free to add me :) Or anyone else can too!

    Height: 5'7
    High Weight: 145
    Low weight: 117
    Current weight: 122
    Goal weight: I am currently in maintenance, I try to maintain about 120 or so.
  • GoldenEye_
    GoldenEye_ Posts: 330 Member
    edited June 2017
    I'd love to find a or some twin(s) as well! I'm Dutch, so my status updates will be in kg.

    Age: 24
    Height: 5'8" / 173 cm
    Height weight: 158.7 lbs / 72.3 kg
    Current weight: 140.9 lbs / 63.9 kg
    Goal weight: 123 lbs / 56 kg

  • peppermintcaroline
    peppermintcaroline Posts: 151 Member
    Age: 29
    Height: 4' 11"
    HW: 150
    CW: 122.6
    GW: 115

    I'm a vegetarian. I do martial arts and yoga. I am very active.
  • littlebabekitty
    littlebabekitty Posts: 383 Member
    Age: 27
    Height: 5 ft 4"
    Highest weight: 240
    Lowest weight: 140
    Current weight: 140
    Goal weight: 135
  • monicaburlingame
    monicaburlingame Posts: 2 Member
    That's a great idea!
    age: 20
    height: 5'10"
    Highest Weight: 164
    Current Weight: 160
    Goal Weight: 150
  • monicaburlingame
    monicaburlingame Posts: 2 Member
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'10

    HW: 176
    LW: 145
    CW: 157
    GW: 140-150

    Hey I think we might be pretty close to twins :)
  • Autumn_Row
    Autumn_Row Posts: 10 Member
    Cannot wait to find my twin!

    I am 5'2"
    Heaviest: 130
    Current: 118
    GOAL!!!! : 105

  • rianneonamission
    rianneonamission Posts: 854 Member
    That's a great idea!
    age: 20
    height: 5'10"
    Highest Weight: 164
    Current Weight: 160
    Goal Weight: 150

    Hi! I'm about two pages back and the same height. Started at 183, CW is 170.6, GW currently at 160 but I expect I'll revise that nearer the time.
  • Bluebell2325
    Bluebell2325 Posts: 103 Member
    Autumn_Row wrote: »
    Cannot wait to find my twin!

    I am 5'2"
    Heaviest: 130
    Current: 118
    GOAL!!!! : 105


    Snap! 5'2 currently 117.8lbs
  • leany2428
    leany2428 Posts: 1 Member
    Sounds like a great idea but it seems all the post are from 2012 , is anyone still on it if not we should started again!

    Highest :155 (July 2012)
    Current :136
    My goal is to maintain muscle but lose the
    Last stuborn fat on middle section.