40s anyone?

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Nothing happens overnight. The change in my body has suprised me. I'm 48 and have a better fitness level than I did in my twenties. It has taken me two years lifting to get where I am. I'm always learning. Raise a glass to older women who lift!


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    Wow! Major MFP issues here. It keeps throwing me off!!

    Champagne flute in hand to each of you!

    Now let's see if this post disappears
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  • dulcitonia
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    How many days week do you 40 somethings strength train?
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    I usually do arms twice a week and legs twice a week . I do cardio on off days
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    I usually do full body twice a week, then at least one workout DVD of cardio/ dumbbells another day, to get in some accessories.
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    I’m 43 and hoping to only get better and stronger as I get older! It’s all uphill from now on ladies! ;)

    That being said, have any of you noticed any changes or challenges in recovery times and how you plan your workouts? Or something you are more mindful of? I most likely just need to plan refueling, rest, sleep etc. better but I go through lulls in energy and now learning not to push too hard, all the time. I wonder if any of it is *ahem* age-related or just all part of training. I also recently switched to a HIIT & circuits type training and maybe it’s more taxing on my body atm than I realized... Nobody said you necessarily get smarter as you get older lol

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    Thx for the responses. I've strength trained twice a week for a year. I was thinking of going to change a cardio day to another one but I still get way sore 2days after..
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    I do heavy weight training only twice a week. I also run once per week, do interval training twice a week and swim once a week. Sometimes I insert a short swim after the weights as well as it really helps prevent injury. As I have gotten older I have noticed that lots and lots of warm-up/stretching ids the key to injury prevention and also that I need to alternate heavy and light days to prevent burn out.