Does anyone combine low carb and IF?

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Before my holidays I did low carb for three months and lost 13 lbs. I have been back in the UK for 3 weeks now and find it hard to go back to low carb. I always end up sabotaging my efforts in the evening. I am wondering If IF could work?


  • dasher602014
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    Yes, I do. I find low carb does help because I am not as hungry. I am not very low carb. Normally around 60-100 total carbs daily. I am just about to start on a more intentioned fasting protocol. I am not into eating breakfast; never have been so I normally go until noon and some days, until the middle of the afternoon. Once I am over taking NSAIDs for a temporary back problem, I am going to do a deliberate 24 hour fast.

    If you aren't already a member of the Low Carber group:

    there are some fasters there. And if you fit the profile, there is an active group in the ladies over 50 subset of the lcd group.
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    I am going to give this a go combining it with low carb (no mre than 50 grms a day).
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    Yes I do.
  • cdebracy
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    Completed my first 36 hour fast without anything but water, tea and diet soda (a no-no, but I do the best I can). Going to focus on staying in ketosis and bump my carbs up on my training days another 25 - 50g, but that's about it.
  • dulcitonia
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    I've been low carb for years and it tends to accidentally evolve into IF (cause you aren't constantly hungry). During those times, I had a little too much weight loss.
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    I do HFLC (75-100 net carbs) along with 16:8 fasting. Sometimes, I fall off the wagon, but when I'm consistent I feel great and have no problem fasting for longer than 16 hours some days.
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    Yes I do. I am doing low carb (<50g) mod protein with 16:8 fasting. I may move to 18:6 and then some 24 hours.
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    I just finished my first week of IF. My aim (adjusted as necessary): M-T 20:4/netcarbs=20-25g; Fri 18:6 net carbs same (allows me to eat dinner w husband); Sat-Sun 16:8 net carbs=30-40g (allows me to be in more synch w family).
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    I do intermittent fasting with keto diet. I generally forgo breakfast Monday - Friday and just drink black coffee. I always stop eating after dinner which I try to finish at least by 7pm.
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    I do 100g or less for 3 days 25 or less for 2 and then either fast or high fat this helps me on busy days and I just go with the flow. I fast 16:8 naturally always have. It works but you still have to look at macros and calories.
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    I try to stay under 50g Carbs, and do mostly 20/4, but sometimes if something is going on I will do 16/8. Then if I am in a situation where eating with people, ie weekends away , I will just stay low carb.
  • bwhcda
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    Starting Intermittent Fasting following an 8/16 model daily, along with 1500 to 1600 calories max and minimal carbs.