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    I am new to the group and am looking forward to the challenge
  • ange589
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    Hi everyone! I am new to MFP after having used it sporadically over the years. I am a serial WW member but haven't actually lost weight on that plan so I've decided to go it alone and focus on changing my lifestyle rather than sticking to a diet plan.
    I would love to join this group please? However I am not sure I will find this thread again so if anyone can tell me how to save it where I will find it that would be awesome!
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    New to group and excited to start challenge!

    Hi Linda! Glad to see you here :smiley:
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    Hello,my name is Alyson a.k.a stella7×7, this is my 9th month with this group. I've been doing MFP since 2016 I started out at 314.4 lbs. I'm down now at 237.2. I still have about 70 lbs to go. I've lost about half of me in in. Over all I believe its 54 maybe a little more. I'm great great for this group, it helps to keep me accountable. I have 2 dogs so I'm guaranteed at least that walking. But I do walk everyday unless raining an extra 20 minutes down my road.which is hilly so that helps. I also do water aerobics because I have 2 bad knees and back. If I cant do those I also do strength training here at the house.
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    @ange589, first go here:

    Scroll down to see the daily pages for checking in. I click on the star of the next five dates and that puts them in my favorites. Then, each day, go to "community" and click on the black star at the top right of the page. That will bring up your favorite groups. Then, click on that date's sign-in page and log your stats. I then click the yellow at the top of the page and that "files" it for me and that date won't pop up again.

    Hope this helps!
    Bonnie in Nashville
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    Thank you Bonnie! All done 🙌
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    This is my 3rd month of UAC. Its good to see new faces and encouraging to see the same faces from Jan and Feb.
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    Hi everyone! Tuffgirl19 and Ashley in the real world! Live in Las Vegas, NV and happy to have found this group! I need some more accountability and look forward to getting to know all of you and supporting one another! Happy Sunday :)