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  • Hollis100
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?

    Today I did an exercise I call the "Paper Route."
    It is reminiscent of when I was a kid delivering papers only I modify it to hill repeats.
    Those streets have like a 60 or 70 foot rise to them. I do upwards of 20 of them I get 1500 of climb out of the deal.
    My heart runs hotter on this exercise than my regular meandering climb. I think I run at like 84% of max heart rate. I don't think it is quite HIIT but it is a reasonable approximation of it for me anyway.

    It is harder on my knees than meander climb. I will do something easier tomorrow.


    Great exercise! A 60 or 70 foot rise to the streets is quite a lot of work. I like to walk/jog in a national park and a few slopes that size are a huge workout for me!
  • nicnz
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    @corriepelc thank you, much better today!
  • Miyoka_Tata
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    Rozbee1 wrote: »
    Cant log as in hospital with a blocked small bowel. Very painful..
    Hope to be back before long..

    I will certainly not be in winners circle this month

    @Rozbee1 🙏🙏🙏