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    Oops! I'm a day ahead of myself. Yesterday's steps were 11,002. I'm only at 2700 so far for today!
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    Good morning everyone. Going to be a beautiful day here today, temperature suppose to be in the 70's! All week it's been cold and wet. We've had lots and lots of rain and even snow one day with temps only in the 30's and 40's. Now 70's today but back to cold, rain and possibility of snow again by Wednesday, crazy weather!

    @TeresaW1020 I think my loss this week was probably due to water. I've heard that can cause a lot of weight loss in the beginning. But hoping it keeps up 😁. I used to do the beachbody workouts, my favorite was with Shawn T. He made workouts seem more like dancing than working out. I love your fur baby's name, Maggie Mae. That is one of my favorite Rod Stewart songs!

    @Katmary71 wow you've overcome a lot. Congrats on getting your A1C down low enough to get off medication! My Dr. was talking back surgery on me due to bulging disks. I've had 2 steroid injections directly into my spine but it didn't help much. I refuse back surgery though. I'm hoping by losing weight that will help. If I'm on my feet for very long I really feel it in my low back but trusting it will go away once I lose the weight.

    @raleighgirl09 your posts are such an inspiration, I love your outlook on things!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 I downloaded one of those step trackers on my phone once but didn't trust it. I'd wake up in the mornings and it'd show I had taken 20 steps or so and I hadn't even moved my phone off the nightstand lol.

    @AustinRuadhain wow over 130 lb weight loss, that's awesome!! Congratulations🎉. I also measure/weigh everything I eat and track my food daily on MFP. About the only thing I don't do is pre-plan. I probably need to start doing that though, sure would make fixing meals easier!

    Hope everyone has an awesome day!
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    @prowell57 great loss!

    @its_cleo great job maintaining! I hope you don't lose your therapist! I love mine, I just followed her to a different office. I love how you switch exercise up. I'm glad your bicep is doing better! If you haven't tried it Tigee Balm is pretty potent and is helping my chest pain, I must be driving people crazy putting it on before the gym, it's really strong when I'm sweaty! I had sports massages after I injured my back and she'd use it. What do you do with your foam roller? I used to do some back stretches from PT but haven't used it in years. It could help with chest stretches but I'm scared to try it yet!

    @mrmcgrath glad you had a good day!

    @Motiv8tedMom nice loss!

    @rachelleahsmom Good luck today! I'm not really into football but was invited to a party, I'm awful at munching on appetizers just because they're there. I figured I'd stay home but I'll probably eat first and go to be social. Great steps!
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    Weigh in
    Week 1 - Feb 2020
    PW 163.8 (74.3kg)
    CW 163.5 (74.2kg)

    Not much change but least not added weight. Ate more bread this week for lunches. Next week is a busier schedule for me so hopefully will have less time to snack. Goal for the coming week is to eat fruit instead of sweet snacks. Eat more vegetables.
    Wishing everyone a great week ahead.
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    @prowell57 sounds like a gorgeous day! We've been in the 60s, I've been wanting to walk but am nervous to be away from my house or car in case my pain worsens. I didn't have good luck with injections either. Back surgery is a hard choice. Mine was for herniated disks and stenosis and I put them off for a couple years. In both cases the nerve impingement was bad enough that I'd randomly collapse and next round I couldn't walk. It's a long recovery!

    One of my kittens keeps climbing on my chest when I'm trying to type! He's part Maine Coon and is the heavy one, those big paws hurt! Reminds me to put my phone down and live in the moment. His brother went from being spooked being pet (both were feral) to going all in and enjoying being pet, sleeping with me, and laying by me on the couch this last week, pretty cool! Yep, proud fur momma!
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    My 4yo has had the flu this week since Wednesday and I feel like being cooped up in the house with a sick kiddo has majorly contributed to some overeating out of boredom and stress. Not looking forward to weigh in this week.
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    edited February 2020
    Wahoooo!! Keep it GREEN Totals are in!! B)

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    @Katmary71 funny my step mother was just talking about Maine coons. I hear they're huge. They sound cute. > I will try the Tiger Balm...how did you injure your back? Sorry you may have said

    The foam roller- I use this and a lacrosse ball. I was a slow convert to both but it really helps relieve my muscle pain. I'm not sure about chest- for pecs/chest muscles a lacrosse ball (or you could try a tennis ball) might be better than a foam roller. But foam roller is good for your back. Note though if your pain is something other than muscle related I'm not sure it would help.

    So if anyone is interested in foam rollers- as I said I was a slow convert but my muscles get so tight they hurt. So the foam rollers and lacrosse ball are kind of painful to use but they really do loosen up the muscles and relieve the tight pain, and also it helps your mobility. For example, I have tight hip muscles so my mobility and range of motion in the hips is not as good bc the muscle is so tight it constricts movement. So the foam roller loosens up the hip flexor muscles and I move better. If I foam roll my lats before an arm workout I can bench press better.

    It has taken me a couple years to really do it regularly and get a good handle on it. There are lots of youtube videos on techniques.

    I do my whole body though not at once:

    -calves, quads, glutes
    -around the hip and IT band- so top of thigh is where the psoas/hip flexor is. It wraps around the side of your leg and into low back, so I do the side as well- super super tender. You have to moderate the pressure
    -back- upper and mid
    -lats - another super tender area

    I do a minute per area. You can do more though. If it is a tough area - I would do a minute then take a break then another minute.

    Lacrosse ball- this is harder, for areas that are harder to get to. I do chest/pec- I stand against a wall and press against the ball.

    Lacrosse ball- back of shoulder/upper area, it gets tense from computer work. Top of the bicep muscle which is like your arm just above armpit. All of this I press against a wall. I always think I must look like I'm in the corner or something lol.

    Now I do my forearms too because of the tendonitis.

    Hope everyone has a good week.
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    Sunday check in

    Gorgeous day - looks like many areas got at some reprieve from the cold. We had bright blue skies, sun and in the low 60s - took a wonderful walk by the river! Fitbit had no juice halfway through so I don't know that the steps counted or what I'll end up with. Gonna pull a Scarlet and worry about later... => I'll do my steps the day after so that I get the full count!

    Enjoyed a brunch out with a friend and I think it was the way eating out should be for me. I looked at the menu ahead and thought about the components of the choices, weighing what I really love at this French bakery against what I know to be higher calories. I allotted 700 calories while pre-planning my meals for the day, skipped breakfast and had an amazing meal. When I logged the actual food, it's under 700. You know (and I know), this is not an exact science and I didn't have a scale and measuring stuff and a calorie book out and.....of course not. I made good choices with less fat and sodium than other choices that would also have been tasty. I was hungry when I ate but not in a bad way - I was satisfied when done, not full, and left a little on the plate (on purpose, practicing a new habit I want to form). I felt good about it without having been a control freak which is a progressive step for me. I don't need to have everything so tight it's in a straight jacket, I can just eat like one of my slim sisters and move on with my life. I'm watching you Slim Sisters - watching and learning.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday evening!!

    @prowell57 WOW, awesome weigh in! I also like to walk, it's my main exercise right now... => @vegan4lyfe2012 I didn't have a step counter for a long time but the most important thing is the activity, right? I have to remind myself of that when I forget to charge it and don't see the steps (like today!!)! And speaking of steps, @rachelleahsmom that is an awesome count on any day, way to go!
    @Motiv8tedmom congrats on the weigh-in, that's a great drop!!
    @mrmcgrath I just love this "#FeelAlive" in your post => When the days are cold and wet and yucky, this is a great reminder!
    @itscleo I used to add the obstacles I overcome (aches and pains, schedule, etc.) to get in my walks - reading of your challenges and then your goals you make, reminds me of that the value in that. It's such an inspiration and I have to say to myself - if Cleo can keep truckin' and making solid goals with actions, I can figure out a schedule change or a clicky knee; there's always going to be something that would be easy to succumb to so we just can't let it be that easy. I so appreciate you sharing this, I think it's important to know we all have something standing in the way - and we all have a choice to either be like sand and get bottle necked or we can be like water and find another way. I'm going to look up the foam roller and lacrosse ball - we 'lay' on balls here for stretching our backs. A smallish ball with some give, under the small of your back and relaxing on it. It is a little hard at first if you are super tight but it is very helpful. Hubby leans on them in the shower, too.
    @Katmary71 I love reading about your new recipes and the salmon sounds great! I am only familiar with yucca from restaurants, it has never occurred to me to venture into buying yucca and attempting to make it! I have had it like fries with Peruvian chicken and also with Cuban food - let us know how it is mashed, I bet it's great.
    @TeresaW1020 I sure do hope that groundhog is right! Although we have had several warmish days peppered in, I do prefer warmer weather, in fact I'm one of those odd ducks that does not mind the heat. Thanks so much for your tireless cheerleading - and keeping us all thinking about the green!! CONGRATs to the Slimpossibles!!
    @Apple852hk a steady weigh in is an awesome weigh in!! So smart to think about a small change or two which may help you slide down in the direction you want! I don't naturally eat fruit much, I do try to use apples as a go-to for snacks but I have to remind myself
    @wwood008 I hope the flu sickness leaves your home soon so you can be less cooped up - no fun!!! =<
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    @raleighgirl09, we had a lovely sunny day here too! Good for you for making good choices and still enjoying your food at the French bakery. :)
    @its_cleo, I just got my foam roller today. That little sucker is going to be a learning curve! :o They gave me an ebook with some videos so I plan to watch and practice.
    @wwood008, so sorry that you have had a sick child all week. Maybe the scale won’t be that bad and even if it is then you know what to do and can get it back off. Take care of yourself!! <3
    @Katmary71, I want a Maine Coon!! They are so awesome. Hubby hates cats and I’m sure my Maggie Mae would go ballistic if I were to bring one in the house. But I do dream!! ;)
    @apple852hk, you had a loss so congrats!! You also have a great plan for the upcoming week. :)
    @prowell57, I have heard about Shawn T but haven’t tried his workouts yet. I’m a big fan of Autumn and love 21-Day Fix and now I’m doing 80 Day Obsession, which is kicking my butt!! :#
    @rachelleahsmom, great steps for yesterday!! I start keeping track today so please post your total for today tomorrow. And don’t forget to put it in BOLD type. ;) Good luck on surviving the Super Bowl chips and dip!
    @Motiv8tedMom, awesome weigh-in this week!!! :)
    @mrmcgrath, great weight loss! :)

    Hey everyone! Hubby has the game on in the background and I said I would sit with him and watch, so I gotta get off the computer. I'm not a football fan but the Super Bowl is such an event that it's fun. Plus, I allowed myself one beer and it's waiting for me! :D
    2/2 Accountability (Habit Tracker)
    Track Every Bite-I tracked it all! Even the nibbles!
    NO gain on the scale-The scale was down this morning!
    Workout or 7500 steps-I did an 80 Day Obsession, leg workout and now my knees hurt. Soooo annoyed with my body!!
    IF (17+ hrs)-fasted for 18 hrs, 38 minutes
    Thoughts for the day-I’m feeling good about this month and my determination to stay on track even though I have several big events this month that will mean eating out and probably off plan at times. But that is OK! It’s not the celebrations or weekend getaways that derail me. It’s the every day when I don’t stay on track that do the most harm. I’m really going to work on my inner dialog and focus on purposing in my heart and mind NOT to fail myself.

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    Can someone post a link to the February trimstones, i couldn't get in.....
  • monaraehill2
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    or register me, or something?
    BW = 1/1/20 = 250
    Today's weight = 235
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    Week 1 February
    PW: 163
    CW: 162
  • prowell57
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    Sunday check-in 02/02/2020
    Calories: over
    Water: under
    Exercise: none

    Goals for tomorrow:
    Drink 64oz water
    Get my treadmill set up and start using it
    Cut back to 1/2 pack of cigarettes (I normally smoke 1 pack a day)
    Make out menu for the week

    Didn't get anything done today due to having company then the Super Bowl game. I'm a little nervous about the smoking, I need to get my treadmill set up so if I fight the urge to smoke I can hopefully walk it off and not turn to food! Have decided to sit down and go through recipes and make out a menu for every day this week. That's something I've never done before and I'm hoping it will become a habit!
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    Weigh-in week 1
    Sunday 02/02/20
    PW: 198.0
    CW: 193.0

    I know it's a bigger loss this week because I finally got back on track. I needed that!
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    @wwood008 I hope your young one is doing better!

    Wow, Slimpossibles were smokin for January!

    @its_cleo I think full Maine Coons are the biggest domestic cats, they can become huge! The kitten that has the Maine Coon body has huge paws, I hope he won't get too much bigger, he's pretty solid now and loves jumping on my chest! My hip flexors are the worst, I can barely touch the floor with my big toe when laying on the weight bench because of how tight they are. They're what I've seen the biggest improvement in when it comes to yoga, I can take bigger steps than before but have a long way to go. Do you roll the foam roller over them or roll on top of it? I've always rolled on top of it if that makes sense! I think that's what you're saying. It helped a lot before my fusions rolling my spine and the long way to open the chest. I have tennis balls for pressure points. My main chest spots couldn't handle a tennis ball, it seems to be the muscles in between the front and back ribs, the main spots are real tender. I slipped on a wet floor at work at 17 and herniated my back and sprained my neck. Years later I found out I had congenital stenosis the disk above, both my dad and I have had surgeries for it.

    @raleighgirl09 Great job at eating well when you went out! Leaving something on the plate is a big deal, it's hard not to eat it just because it's there, especially when talking with leftovers right in front of you. It sounds like you're more familiar with cassava than I am, I hadn't bought anything new in the produce department in awhile and it was between that and horseradish, the cheaper one won! I spent some time Googling it and couldn't believe how high calorie recipes are. If I don't do something with it this week it'll go bad so I need to plan it out! I wish I had an air fryer, it would be fun to try fries! The maple soy salmon was skinnytaste.com, both that and her honey siracha chicken are my two favorite recipes of hers.

    @Canzone777 starting the month of right!

    @prowell57 Walking is a great idea for when you feel like smoking. It also helps with feeling how your breathing is improving the less you smoke. It's hard to explain but I found it to be harder and easier than I expected. One dumb thing I did that helped when I was going through bad cravings was "smoking" through a straw. Changing how you do certain things like going for a walk after dinner instead of smoking or drinking coffee at the kitchen table versus in the garage can help or even switching coffee to tea (may be too much all at once though!). You got this!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Wow, big loss, congratulations!

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    Sunday check-in
    Calories- barely under, probably not but I guesstimated Superbowl food
    Exercise- recumbent bike
    Water- over

    Weights 3xs a week- going tomorrow, only legs though
    Cardio at least 30 minutes a day- done
    Yoga- none today, goal is 3xs this week but back yoga one, it's the most gentle
    Core- on hold until I heal a bit- replaced on Habit Tracker so the unchecked box doesn't drive me crazy! Found some cool versions of planks to add in, can't wait to be able to do stomach and arms again.
    Declutter/clean- none today, I wanted to go through books but fit in my cardio between church and the Superbowl and don't trust myself to leave a packed box in a room. The donation bags are driving me nuts in the garage but I can't get them in the trunk without hurting myself! Oh, I sorted through magazines!
    Recipe- I'm fighting the urge to make my weekly bean meals! I'm taking one thing out of my diet at a time to see if it makes a difference in bloating and this week it's beans. I hope it's not the problem as I have meals in the freezer, bags of dried, and cans and it's my favorite thing to make. I need to make some decisions before grocery shopping. I've been going through old magazines to toss and between Weight Watchers, Cooking Light, Vegetarian Times, Clean Eating, and Organic Times there's tons of good recipes!

    I'm pretty good at staying on track on my own and wasn't planning on doing anything for the Superbowl but was invited last night. I struggle at my brother's house as he takes a lot of pride in BBQing and smoking meats and I'm not a huge meat eater but feel like I have to eat it because it's basically the main event. Well, told myself I wouldn't feel that way and I tried both wings and ribs. Still don't like fatty meat but was polite about it and like last time, I doubt anyone would've noticed if I got other stuff and avoided meat, it's more me than anyone else. I have to remind myself next time to stick to my guns. I usually eat something that tastes good and want more BECAUSE it tastes good, not that I'm really hungry. I ate a little too much spinach dip and chile cheese dip but not to the point of feeling sick. I wanted to get more brownies but aside of two little ones I convinced myself that two bites of a brownie isn't as good as an apple, came home, and didn't need the apple. If I'd known there were brownies I wouldn't have eaten so much dip! And it's not like I'll never have chocolate again, I always feel a little out of control when I'm not in charge of food and I feel pretty good about today.

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    Can someone post a link to the February trimstones, i couldn't get in.....

    Click this link to join your team. Trimstones You will find all the teams on the main page down in the discussion area. Once you are in your team thread click the small star in the upper right corner to turn on notifications for your group. :)
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    Good morning Team Mission Slimpossibles!!
    Let’s make this an awesome week! We have a lot of wonderful things to help us with our goals so please choose what works for you and crush the week!! B)

    Stay in the GREEN this week!! That means working your plan by staying focused and determined.

    Keep up with your habits by using the Habit Tracker

    Go over to the monthly challenge and answer each question that will be posted this week. This is a great way to get to know each other in the groups and learn from each other! Leaping Groundhog

    If you are doing the step challenge then post your steps!!

    Most importantly is to post often in the group! We are here to learn, support, and cheer each other on! <3

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    Welcome new joiners:
    Monday weigh in:
    Username: wrknonmedaily
    Week 5
    PW 233
    TW 230
    Yay! I made progress! 30 down since starting October 2019. I guess not eating 24 toll house cookies over a weekend helps. :D
    Joined a 5 week program at work. Hopefully this will get me out the 30's.
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