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WEIGHT NO MORE - February 2020 Chat



  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,454 Member
    Once again, I have to get moving. I think it is better for me to do my checkins at night. Hope everyone has a great day!

    @JillyBT You really do some kick butt workouts! Fantastic job!
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Wow! Amazing ride!! Looks like you had an awesome day!
    @phoebe112476 Nice loss! You are so consistent and seems like you are in such a good routine!
    @brown6267 Excellent!!
    @nstephenson01 Why that is a cute little loaf of bread Lol! Everything looks so delicious! Sounds like you had a great day! Keep it going! I am glad your husband got to Pa safely. I guess it is good he left early so he missed the storms. When is your first trip to see him or do you wait to plan for when he is settled a little more?
    @Cafelelia After I told you I wasn't interested in doing more than a 16 hour fast, I almost did a 24 hour one Saturday. I ate a late lunch and started fasting around 4. Surprisingly I wasn't hungry in the morning and considered trying it then. So I take it back, I may do a 24 hour fast if the conditions are right lol! Wow! You got right back on track after vacation! I am looking at vacations totally different now. It is possible to eat healthy, have fun and still indulge a bit. Just not indulge every meal. I used to eat so poorly on vacation and you start feeling crappy when you do that. My last few vacations were different and I actually lost and still had a great time. I don't think I could ever give up drinking Lol! It is nice to have as a treat sometimes or on vacation. I think the short runs are a perfect way to build yourself up to where you were. I know you will be careful.
  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,454 Member
    Day 3 - inspirations and sources

    What is the idea or source (book, blog, whatever!) that has had the greatest influence on your weight loss and fitness journey?

    Of course, MFP and F2F are big inspirations. I feel like one inspirational book led to another. I actually never read these types of books but Cyndie recommended the Beck Diet Solutions book and I couldn't believe how much it helped. I just went from one book to another and learned so much. I also have to say, those PNP podcasts really made a huge difference in my thinking. I can not thank @phoebe112476 enough for letting us know about them. I am learning so much.

    Remember you can discuss here on our thread or over at the thread for the challenge (or both)
    I have been posting but have to head over and read the responses.

  • rundgrenrocks
    rundgrenrocks Posts: 85 Member
    Hi everyone! I finally read through the whole thread and am getting to know the awesome members of this team a little better! My problem is that my husband "borrows" my iPad at night and on weekends, and I can't navigate as well on my phone. So I get caught up when he's at work.

    I haven't had good answer to either of the other two daily questions but I have an answer for the day 3 question! My inspiration is always music. I am a huge Todd Rundgren fan but I really love almost all music. (I even started a hobby Instagram page called @oldpersonnewsongs to help us more mature folks appreciate newer music). Not only is music great for dancing, walking, exercising, cleaning, but a lyric will frequently just burrow into my brain. I heard a new song called "Enough For Now" by Ethan Gruska on Friday and the chorus is "Maybe I'll try, maybe I'll die trying, to let this be enough for now". It's speaking to me so much as just accepting what IS right now, realizing I don't control a whole lot in this world, but I can make good decisions in my own little life. Or, so,times it's saying to me that what I'm doing now ISN'T enough and I can do so much more!
    Anyway, I love having music around to inspire and entertain me.

    I'm keeping @Mrsbell8well in my prayers.

    I've overate yesterday after having a great and productive morning. I ate enough to feel gross. Midday is hard for me because I was always busy driving to or from the kids' school or lessons. I'm trying to find a new routine and haven't quite figured it out yet. I'm wondering if an afternoon nap would keep me out of trouble!

    @pacsnc6, that's really cool that you proofread for your brother! My daughter wrote a romance novel and put it on amazon over the summer (She's writing a series now; she's hooked!). I begged her to let me proofread before she published it but she wouldn't let me. Someone rated it rather low due to the errors, so I think I will be proofreading the next one! Score one for Mom.

    @JillyBT, I can relate on some level. When my kids had just started school, my in laws moved in with us. MIL died within six months and FIL showed signs of dementia shortly thereafter (she'd been covering for him a lot). I took care of him for five years until he had to be placed in a home after losing a leg. Life was a nightmare for me for a long time. Hubby was in denial for a lot of it and I've had to let go of a lot of resentment about what he let me take on for those years. It's truly the suckiest thing to be going through, and I really feel for you.

    My friend just took me out to lunch to thank me for picking up her kids and tutoring her daughter. We went to
    Chili's! I got my 330 calorie lunch and we had a great time. and I just realized I have to get my van inspected so I think my midday problem will solve itself today.

    Have a great day all!
  • amsandos
    amsandos Posts: 273 Member
    Still having computer problems bit sticking to the plan
  • kirsten11872
    kirsten11872 Posts: 519 Member
    Hello everyone! Sorry to hear about @Mrsbell8well, but thank God she is ok! Keeping her in my prayers! You are a strong lady, I am sure you will be back better than ever! Take care of yourself!

    Yesterday went well, but I did not feel well all day, I just felt off. I thought maybe I was getting the flu, but I feel much better today. I think it was from not sleeping well the night before. I was exhausted when I got home from work, so I ate a light dinner & relaxed. I am doing well today. I have a dentist appointment after work, then I am going right to the gym for an hour on the elliptical. The scale was down this morning which made me very happy.

    @Cafelelia I can definitely feel my weigh gain in my mid-section. I never had a belly, I am very proportioned, but I feel thick in the middle, a definite sign of menopause. I started going through menopause in my early 40's, I am going through early menopause. I do not miss getting my period every month, but I miss how my body responded to my weight-loss efforts, lol. It is part of being a woman, nothing I can do about it!

    @sleepymom5 I am going to try my hardest to be successful this month! We can do it! I will be very happy when I see the 160's on the scale again, so sad, I used to be happy in the 150's!

    @nstephenson01 it is very challenging to lose weight & go through menopause, but I am determined to do it! I like to workout with weights, which I think helps!

    I am trying to stay focused! Really going to try to workout the rest of the week. I have dinner plans on Thursday, so that will probably be the only day for the rest of the week I don't workout, but I will try to get in a lot of steps!

    Have a wonderful evening! :smile:
  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,454 Member
    Tuesday 2/4 check in
    Food: logged and under
    Water: 80 oz
    Exercise: 30 min walk, PT, stretching and strength

    I have to get Daisy to the groomer early so I will probably be on here later. Tuesday was a good day. Today should be too. I do have a retirement party tonight. We are going to dinner at the bar so I know what I am going to eat. I am also planning to have a piece of cake and probably a drink too. I am tired so I am going to hit the hay. :)

    @rundgrenrocks I am the same way with the phone screen. I don't know how people can use them all the time, I need a bigger screen. I shouldn't have been surprised that music is an inspiration for you. I have to listen to that song, those lyrics are so relatable. I am actually working on overeating myself. My problem is late afternoon or evening for the most part. I think you have a good idea to make a plan for the time that seem to be tempted. Maybe a nap is a good idea. Hope today you were able to resist!
    @amsandos Sorry you are still having trouble with the internet but glad to hear that you are doing well.
    @kirsten11872 Thank goodness it wasn't the flu and you were feeling better today! You will get back to the 150s. Baby steps! You got this!
    @Mrsbell8well You are home already? Wow! I am glad everything went well. Rest and recover now! xoxo
    @tryingagain5 I am sorry to hear about your dad. It is impressive he is independent at his age. I hope his cat scan is ok.
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
    Daily check in Wed 5 Feb.

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Water: 3+ Litres
    Exercise: 30 mins Spin Bike
    Steps: 8600

    I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel today after my outdoor cycle yesterday, but I'm not too bad. And I didn't set off a migraine or any neuralgia which is a huge win for me. I just did a gentle half hour on my spin bike for some recovery today, and I'll go back out for a ride tomorrow with my husband and son. Tomorrow is a public holiday here - Waitangi Day - so we have a day off work and school.

    @Mrsbell8well I'm happy you're doing well, make sure that you rest and take care of you!

    @tryingagain5 that's scary for your dad, I'm glad he has you for support. I've passed out a few times with my medical issues and injured myself from the fall, not fun.

    @kirsten11872 I hope you've had a good day today and are feeling a bit better.

    @rundgrenrocks I am literally typing this reply on my phone right now and it's really not fun! Bonus that the app is letting me respond (it wasn't a few days ago) but I need a bigger screen if I'm going to acknowledge more posts.

    I am cheering you all on, hope you all have a brilliant day!

  • starcrystal3
    starcrystal3 Posts: 91 Member
    @sleepymom5 I appreciate that you post the daily question here; it reminds me to head over to the other thread and join in the conversation.

    @rundgrenrocks Music is a great motivator, especially when you find those songs that speak to you. What a fun idea for an instagram page!

    @Mrsbell8well Welcome home <3

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Well done on the cycling workouts!
  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,454 Member
    Have to run take Daisy to the groomer . Hope everyone has a great day!

    @amsandos Look at that loss! Great job! You must be doing well!
    @Freeglerock Nice loss! Hope all is going as well as it can be.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx I am glad the bike ride the other day went so well. I am sure that having no pain and minimal soreness makes it even more of a success. Good idea not to push with the outdoor bike. I know you are very knowledgable about all of this. I am sure today will be a good one, especially knowing there is a holiday tomorrow! :)
    @brown6267 Nice!!
    @starcrystal3 You're welcome! I have to remember to read those post over there! Lol!
  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,454 Member
    Day 4. OK. Let's just call it February 5th. Wednesday.

    What keeps you going? What inspires you to keep at it when you don't want to?

    Remember you can discuss here on our thread or over at the thread for the challenge (or both)

  • Cafelelia
    Cafelelia Posts: 1,298 Member
    Tuesday check in

    Food - logged and on track 15:9 IF
    Exercise - 30 min exercise bike
    Water - 1.2 l

    I need to get better with the water, so that is my goal for today. Good day yesterday and I do great when there are no surprises! The regular hockey season is winding down for my boys, but playoffs are coming mid-month, which means more driving & hockey arenas! My next trip is to see one of my best friends in Phoenix for March break (my husband will take the boys to Montreal, and then to his Mom’s place for March break sports camp). My Phoenix trip will be very low key, which is what I will need by then. Even though I just returned from the sun, I am already dreaming about the sun in Phoenix!

    @rundgrenrocks - Welcome! I totally get the issue of driving kids around! Today is a new day, so don’t worry about any overeat. Afternoons can be tough, so a distraction, including a nap sounds like a plan! You can also post here if you are tempted and want to vent. I love music too, but my sons high jack the music in my car and play Old Town Road on repeat (I don’t mind that song, but not on repeat!).

    @kirsten11872 - Sorry that you were not feeling well and it looks like you feel better as I saw your elliptical workout on my new items! We can conquer the menopause midsection! I am doing some planks today as part of that plan!

    @tryingagain5 - I am sorry about your dad and hope that he is ok. It is tough having aging parents and you are a great daughter!

    @sleepymom5 - Great day yesterday! I love your hump day meme! It really does feel like hump day today!

    @amsandos - Amazing loss!! Congratulations!

    @Freeglerock - A loss is a loss! Congratulations! Hope that you are taking care. How is the no smoking going?

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - Great day yesterday and glad that your cycling did not cause any issues. Keep it going! I had to look up Waitangi Day! Hope that you enjoy the day off!

    @brown6267 - Fantastic steps!!

    @starcrystal - Hope that you are doing well! There is something about your handle that is relaxing when I read it. I think about the stars at night
  • kirsten11872
    kirsten11872 Posts: 519 Member
    @Mrsbell8well glad you are doing well & in good spirits! Please take care of yourself!
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