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WEIGHT NO MORE - February 2020 Chat



  • nstephenson01
    nstephenson01 Posts: 854 Member
    @gingerpwr Great advice! Thank you!! So much of this journey is in the mind.
    @hope002 Terrific transformation!! Wearing the same clothes really shows your progress. You should be very proud of your commitment to your wellness.
    @Zumba_Luvah Nice loss. Too bad about the skirt LOL but great problem to have!
    Those in the path of that storm on the east coast, stay safe!

    Daily check in: Friday
    Food: pre-logged but except for breakfast got completely off track
    Water: Not enough
    Exercise: None. Winter storm prevented me from getting to my yoga class.

    We received over a foot of snow overnight so I had no choice but to plow. We supposedly live in the "banana belt" part of Montana but it sure doesn't feel like it LOL. I've only plowed a handful of times and it was under my husband's direction so I'm very much a novice. I spent several hours plowing but still need to do more. I can't get my vehicle out of the garage yet either but I need to put a different attachment on the tractor to move that snow and I wasn't up for that by the afternoon. Skipped lunch because I wanted to keep working. Drank too much wine and capped off the evening with a glass of Bailey's which I knew would make for a lousy night's sleep and it did. My neck and shoulders are tender from looking down at the plow and my legs are sore from climbing on and off the tractor. I have a whole new appreciation for my husband LOL

    Today is a new day and will be all about hydration, nutritious food, self care and rest. The sun isn't up yet and I can already tell I'll need to shovel but going to wait until tomorrow to plow again as Sunday is predicted to be better weather. I'd like to get out for even just a short walk and bit of fresh air. Maybe by Monday I can get out to yoga and the grocery store. Being "snowed in" sounds like fun until it really happens! :neutral:

    OK, I'm so tired I'm having trouble putting words together LOL. Happy Saturday everyone and don't let the weekend derail your journey!
  • rundgrenrocks
    rundgrenrocks Posts: 85 Member
    Happy weekend! I have to admit I get a little overwhelmed when I open this page up and see there are dozens of new posts. I’m still going back and forth to remember who everyone is! Everyone is doing great though.

    My girls are home from college this weekend so I made their two favorites last night (pizza for one, twice baked potatoes for the other). They both went over well so I don’t have as many leftovers as I was hoping I would!

    We usually go out on saturdays but my husband is coming down with a cold so maybe I can talk everyone into something simple at home. He has a kidney transplant so every sniffle is worrisome.

    @1theresamcvean nice to see you here! 😉
    As someone who did the sick/old parent thing also (hubby’s parents), I always joke that my girls are only allowed to marry orphans. 😳

    @hope002 nice to meet you; you look terrific. I’d love to wear something without an elastic waist eventually!!

    @Mrsbell8well, I hope you are continuing to heal and feel more like your fine self!

    Have a great weekend all,
  • kirsten11872
    kirsten11872 Posts: 519 Member
    Hello & Happy Saturday!😊

    It’s a sunny, chilly day. I got up early, worked out & went to my WW meeting. I was very happy with my weigh-in. Now I have to stay on plan the rest of the weekend! We have the hockey game tonight, that might be my only downfall, but I’m really going to try to stay on track!

    Have a wonderful day & weekend!🤗
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Thank you for your continued prayers. I can go for the next bloodwork on Friday. I was told if that's good I won't need a follow up with the doctor. I talked with someone from my church who has had anemia too and they never found out why he had it. One of my neighbors has also had it but I haven't talked with her much about it yet.

    That's nice that you and your husband had a date night. I bet your boys enjoyed the dessert. Have fun at hockey.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Night shift is difficult as you know. Thanks. I try to do my best to get enough sleep and still do things with others.

    Hope you enjoyed lunch with your son and enjoy your dinner out. I'm not much of a drinker so I don't struggle with that. My issue is more with dessert, especially if it is anything chocolate or has chocolate and peanut butter.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    That's a lot of snow. We got some overnight too but maybe 3 inches. They're also predicting another 1 to 3 inches for tomorrow but the last few times they predicted that we didn't get any so we"ll see. Keep on plugging along, like my trainer likes to tell me "progress not perfection"

    Nice loss!

    It is hard to keep up with all the posts. Every time I get on the app there are so many posts to read, which is a good thing. That means we're all here for support. Nice your girls are home. Hope your husband feels better soon.

    Nice loss! Enjoy your hockey game.
  • timibotkin
    timibotkin Posts: 235 Member
    We went to Charlestown to the Hollywood Casino today just to get away for a little while. I put my weight in earlier just in case I forgot about doing it. I decided to stop feeding the slot machines while I wait for Wayne to finish with poker. While doing this I caught up with February posts!

    Wow so much that I have missed!

    @Mrsbell8well I hope you are feeling better and doing well with your recovery!

  • sleepymom5
    sleepymom5 Posts: 2,454 Member
    I think I am going to make my kids give me gifts of time instead of regular gifts. It is so much better! First William surprising me with a visit for my birthday, now Danny taking me to was so fun! My 3 girls have to up their game lol! I have to finish getting ready to go out. I had such a good productive day-got stuff done, worked out, READ for about and hour plus went to lunch and hung with Dan and Charlie(the dog) for a bit. Such a nice day. I already told my husband my plan to drink so hopefully he will be on board at dinner. But quite frankly, he doesn't have to be. I am going to be fine and follow my plan. I hope everyone has a good evening!

    @Cafelelia Nice job at dinner last night with the wine and dessert. It is so much nicer to go out and enjoy and not go off track.
    @nstephenson01 I can't even imagine what it is like to have a snow storm by you. I think all the plow work is definitely exercise! You have the sore muscles to prove it! Sounds like you have a good plan for today too.
    @timibotkin Nice loss! Hope all is well. Sounds like a fun afternoon too!
    @rundgrenrocks Don't feel like you have to answer all the posts, it can be overwhelming. Just post when you get a chance. How nice that your daughters were home for the weekend. Are they far? My two are local now,baout 1/2 hour away but my other 3 were about 5 hours away. Hope you enjoy your evening, whatever your plans may be.
    @kirsten11872 Nice loss!! You have been doing great and the scales show it. Keep it going! Enjoy tonight!
    @tryingagain5 I struggle with drinking AND dessert...and chocolate...and I can't keep peanut butter in the house Lol! Hope you have a good evening too!
    @Mrsbell8well I am so glad you posted. I am getting sad vibes from you. Don't let this get you down. You are still healthy, you are just recovering from a pretty major operation. This is all normal. You will get back to where you were before all this happened, I promise!! A million hugs to you!!
  • starcrystal3
    starcrystal3 Posts: 91 Member
    Whew - this chat just got so active when the weekend hit. Bear with me as I try to catch up!!!

    @rosieposiesrl - Nice to meet you! Congrats on a very successful streak!

    @Cafelelia - 5 books! Wow! I'm lucky if I can complete 1-2 each month. Oh and nice gif! I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! Laughter is a pretty good medicine for staying healthy, too :)

    @GingerPwr - I have just over 2 months to train for my first 5k. My training app really has a major increase in my intervals this week and I'm a bit nervous. Have you been running long?

    @sleepymom5 - Good to know you liked Seven Husbands! I appreciate book club bc it introduces me to books I've never heard of. PS Great job on water intake! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    @phoebe112476 - Thanks for sharing your photos - they are so inspiring <3 Last year, after losing about 25lbs myself I also struggled with hunger. Eventually I needed a break from weight loss and switched to maintenance for a while, but it was hard to make my way back. I'll be curious to hear how this progresses for you and what you find that works/doesn't work.

    @lennoncpa - Nice to meet you! I'm inspired by your frame of mind :smiley:

    @tryingagain5 - Two book clubs, that's ambitious! I try to attend my monthly book club even when I don't finish a book; just to stay connected with everyone. I've also found audiobooks work well to help me finish faster as I can listen while I do housework. GREAT job on your fruits, veggies and water this week. Such great goals to track! I also love the motto from your trainer "progress, not perfection." So true!

  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 2,091 Member

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    Fri 9913
    Sat 2217
  • phoebe112476
    phoebe112476 Posts: 269 Member
    Update: Today I am not hungry. Couldn’t even finish my dinner. Still have 400 calories left today. Thank goodness! It has been several days since I felt anything but starving. Hoping this lasts awhile. I haven’t felt hungry like that for a long long time and certainly not for most of my time in deficit.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Saturday 2/8 check in
    Food: logged and over
    Water: 80 oz
    Exercise: 30 minutes

    I went to bed at 8:30 last night and woke up around 3:30 and haven't slept since. I'm really surprised that I'm not more tired. I think the iron pills are helping me. I'm tired, not exhausted.

    My exercise today was the Leslie Sansone walking video that @sleepymom5 suggested. I did the 1 mile happy walk, which was 15 minutes. I did it twice. It's different than what I'm used to doing in the gym but I liked it. It was a little difficult watching it on my phone but I made it work and plan on doing some more of them in the future. Years ago, I found a walking workout in a magazine. It's a little different than the video but there are similarities.

    I ran errands this morning and spent some time reading my book for Tuesday's book club. I have about 60 or so pages left.

    I went for dinner with some friends from church. I did look up the menu ahead of time and had planned on getting soup and a salad but ended up with a sandwich and fries. Had I stuck with my original plan I would have been on track today. I plan on getting right back on track tomorrow.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Yes, 2 book clubs are difficult. I often don't get one of the books read but like you I go anyway. I've found I can't do audio books. I've tried before and it seems I pay more attention to what I'm doing rather than listening to the book.

    Thanks, I've been working on those goals for a while. Some weeks are better than others.

    I do have to remember "progress not perfection". He also like to use the term "baby steps"

  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
    Check in for 9 Feb

    Tracked and under calories
    Water: 2 litres
    Exercise: 30 mins Spin bike and a 60 min beach walk
    Steps: 13,805

    Had a busy weekend but I find I'm getting exhausted and my nerve pain is spiking mid-afternoon. I don't want to cut back on the exercise that I'm doing, so I might need to play with my calories and macros a bit, as well as meal timing.

    I'm struggling to keep up with conversation here, but someone did ask me a few days ago why I'm not a P.T any more - 2 reasons. 1 - injury and chronic pain was making it really hard for me to demo exercises and spot clients, and 2 - we moved country. It seemed like a good time to stop.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    That was me that asked. Those are definitely good reasons to stop.

    I understand about struggling to keep up with all the conversations here. I'm having trouble with that too.
  • brown6267
    brown6267 Posts: 476 Member
    02/08 steps 10029
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