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  • brown6267
    brown6267 Posts: 476 Member
    Maintenance weight 135.6

    Week steps 36241
  • Zumba_Luvah
    Zumba_Luvah Posts: 364 Member
    Week 3
    Pw- 154.8
    Cw- 157

    Ate way too much this week.
  • kandi3570
    kandi3570 Posts: 238 Member
    Saturday weigh in
    PW: 178.6
    CW: 179.4
    Gain 0.8 lbs
    Total loss 89.2 lbs

    Not bad considering I was up 5 lbs mid week.

    Sat. 1299
    Sun. 14509
    Mon. 14435
    Tues. 11007
    Wed. 14395
    Thur. 9994
    Fri 8507

    @minstrelofsarcasm I will weigh in on Friday next week. I’m going away for the weekend.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,628 Member
    goingape wrote: »

    I did change my goals up again and put myself as sedentary. There is a lot of debate on this in the forums - as I work a desk job and have been doing a lot of couch time outside of my exercise I do think it fits.

    i have mine set to sedentary. on days I don't work out, its accurate. especially on days when hubby is home and he does the farm chores. but even those don't add enough steps to my day to make a difference. i figure if nothing else it just adds to my deficit and since my calories are set at 1500.... ill take it. LOL
  • annliz23
    annliz23 Posts: 2,600 Member
    PW 123
    CA 123
    Sun 4,021
    Mon 8,737
    Tue 3,416
    Wed 6,412
    Th 10,055
    Fri 12,665
    Sat 2,652
  • RoseyandReady
    RoseyandReady Posts: 256 Member
    Sunday weigh in 164.5.
    Previous 166.
  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member

    WEEK FOUR CHALLENGE is up and ready for your participation! :)

  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
  • rachelrjh
    rachelrjh Posts: 245 Member
    SW: 198 lbs (Xmas)
    Week 4
    PW:190 lbs
    CW: 188 lbs

    I lost 10 pounds in one month! 🎉 🥳 🙌🏼
    Question: Are we automatically signed up for February’s challenge? The same weigh in day, etc?
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