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    Hi Kat πŸ‘‹

    You're doing great getting back into OMAD and I had a set back also but hoping that I can maintain the loss this time. I didn't get covid19 that I know of πŸ€·β€β™€οΈI just had my first Pfizer shot on the 16th and only had a very sore arm. I get my second vaccine shot May 7th and am not looking forward to it at all. Glad you're feeling better from yours. Best of luck to us both on our weight loss journey's πŸ™πŸ’œ
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    Hiya Brenda :) Easy to get set back this past year. I'm trying to use this omad time to establish new habits that I can keep forever. A lot easier on the brain to just follow a routine. I'm doing low carb and it's been hella helping me not have uncontrollable cravings to cave into. I think it's going to help me in the long run even if I don't always do omad after losing the weight. I love regular omad but for me I needed to keep taming my insulin in order to not give into uncontrollable urges after omad is behind me. I'm def not suffering or wanting for anything so I'm very happy to be in control.
    Hopefully you will have a normal reaction to the second shot. My son had his 2nd yesterday and said he just feels tired. Hubby had felt restless thru the night, headachy and achy with his for just 6 hours.
    Let's do this together and by Christmas we should all be feeling good <3
    Had chili & salad and greek yogurt/almonds/walnuts for dessert. Had a premier shake right before dinner. Protein is the one thing I felt I was lacking on.
    Weight went up .4....dang my fat sure likes to hold on...but...I already knew that :| Got my jog in this morning and it was sleeting on me the whole way.
    April 2: 30#'s to gooooo
    April 3: -.8/ 29.2 to go
    April 4: -.5/ 28.7 to go
    April 5: -2./ 26.7 to go
    April 6:+.2/ 26.9 to go
    April 7:+.4/ 27.3 to go
    April 8: - / 27.3 to go
    April 9: -1.1/ 26.2 to go
    April10: -.3/ 25.9 to go
    April11: +.5/ 26.4 to go
    April12: -2.5/ 23.9 to go
    April13:+.5/ 24.4 to go
    April 14: 0/24.4 to go
    April15: +.3/24.7 to go
    April 16: +.2/ 24.9 to go
    April17: -.2/ 24.7 to go
    April 18:-.5/ 24.2 to go
    April 19:+.5/ 24.7 to go
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    Eggs in purgatory LMAO

    Is that like Shakshuka?! Looks like it!!! and looks DELISH!!!!
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    Steph I just looked that up. It's almost the same but a couple less ingredients in mine...lots of slivered garlic. It's good comfort food.
    My weight is staying the same the last few days. Gonna take a lil break from the scale till I feel things moving. I don't want a psychological hang up when I'm doing everything I set out to do. Keeping up my jogging and one meal. I did start to have a protein shake about 45 min before my meal because I felt like I wasn't getting enough protein. Hope everyone is doing splendidly <3
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    Had a good OMAD day and morning jog. Got out of the house to run some errands in the afternoon and that made the day go by quickly. I've been playing 'words with friends' when I stay home and that also def takes my mind off of food completely. Hope everyone is doing wellllllllll <3
    salmon, tzatziki, green beans, 1/5 sweet potato & yogurt for dessert.
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    Oh boy I finally found your thread. LOL. I probably burned a few hundred calories trying and it only took me two days to figure it out. I least I think I have. Now I can follow you and get more inspiration. Looks like you are doing amazing and I hope my commitment will mirror yours.
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    Oh gosh BB....this technology stuff is tough! I'm lucky I can go get my son when I need help. Did you figure out how to start your own thread? Thank you for the kind words. We'll all figure this out together. What I'm learning is that I need to stay busy or my brain takes over and woos me over to thinking I have choices. When I'm physically busy my brain isn't as convincingly strong. Establishing physical habits has helped me greatly.
    Today was a good OMAD day & got my jog in. It's starting to get warm here and I shed my vest today. Tomorrow I take my daughter for her 2nd vaccine shot and then ...oh boy...I get a mammogram. It'll be a busy day which is good. Ohhhh! I tried a button down shirt on today that was way snug for at least 5 years and it fit nicely! Even had some room. :o Much success to all tomorrow; one hour & step at a time <3
    ***had full fat yogurt for dessert.
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    That mushroom, broccoli, and meat looks sooo perfect!
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    Your meals look delish. I can’t figure out how to start the thread and even when I go into help there is nothing that refers to a β€œthread”. I am happy though as I lost 7.2lbs in my first OMAD week. I know a lot is water etc, but I am still very happy and motivated to continue. Great chatting with you guys on here.
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    OK, I have created a news feed. Is that the same as a thread? Let me know if you can see it.
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    Thanks Joe, I like me some good eats.
    Bonita; you did it! Got your thread going. You're doing great! If the loss slows down don't fret as it adds up over time. Just one step at a time & learning new habits will definitely get us there.
    Had a good OMAD couple days. Jogged today but not yesterday because I took my daughter in for her 2nd vaccine shot. Let's all keep rolling. I'm meeting my sisters in Vegas end of May and I can feel a bit of stress mounting but trying ignore it haha.
    Still haven't weighed but doing my omad low carb and jogging.
    Tika Masala over cauliflower rice and a couple of those tomatoes and radishes.
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    Kat, WOW you are an inspiration with all the jogging and walking. Dinner looks delish too. I’m very jealous that you can go to Vegas as we are in our 3rd lockdown here in Canada. Hopefully this will be the last time as more people get the vaccines.
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    Kat your food literally looks AMAZING 😍😍😍 You've inspired some ideas for me this weekend 😁😁😁
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    Steph, haha great! We can all use some inspiration, especially me!
    Rowley, thank you :) I really do enjoy my outside time. I'm getting sick of cooking dinner but we always have mostly eaten at home. Mostly thinking something up is the hard part. Yes, I'm looking forward to Vegas...I'm a bit of a gambler by nature I guess as I have been trading stocks for 22 years now :D . Last time I went to Vegas I left the floor to go up to my room and traded some stocks as I got bored with the slow return of the slots. I'm too shy to do anything but the slots :s . I'm looking forward to nice long walks on the strip. Yes....these lock downs are getting to all of us...even those of us that are home bodies.
    Yesterday I went kind of nutso....I think I was stressed and didn't do omad. I did stay low carb (25ish?) but I was hungry hungry hungry. It was pretty dumb. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get back to omad today but it was fine. I guess we can have slip ups but just can't let them go on and on for days. I got my jog in and got back to my normal routine >:) phewwwwwww
    Made fajitas for dinner and black beans (low carb tortillas). Couldn't finish my plate...it was just too much. Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow and I guess ....to err is human! :p
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    Your food never fails to deliver 😈😈😈
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    You always put so much thought into your meals. You really do inspire. I’m now going to the grocery store to get some fresh produce and I’ll make a chicken stir fry for dinner. Probably won’t be picture worthy, but the preparation and thought is thanks to you Kat.
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    Steph...I wouldn't mind food delivered haha actually it pretty much always disappoints- grrrrr
    Rowley ...ah thanks for the kind words. I def try to keep my meals simple. I haven't been eating pasta so it's a bit more challenging. I'm lucky hubby and son like repetition so that's what they get.
    Omad is going pretty well. Kind of getting a few bites in just before dinner but it's def still within my one hour window. Got and extra long jog in today just because. Starting to get uncomfortably hot outside tho....no likie. Put an old pair of jeans on yesterday and they were very loose. I was super surprised :) Checked my weight today and was only down 5.1 #'s in April. Seems slow but I put all the weight on 2 #'s a year for the last 30 years so.....that's 2.5 yrs of weight gone :p
    Hope all is well with everyone. Remember we don't have to be perfect just consistent and mindful <3
    *** had yogurt too.

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    Pretty good omad day. Had a handful of almonds 30 minutes before dinner but still stayed within the hour eating window.
    Got my jog in early at 7:30 am...was afraid it would get too hot again and it was good. Now...tomorrow it's supposed to snow :s
    Had chicken Milanese and baked cabbage for dinner. Had yogurt for dessert.
    Hope everyone is doing welllllllll <3
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    You're doing great and the food looks so yummy πŸ˜‹
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    2.5 years of weight!!! LMAOOOOOO what a great way to look at it!!

    5.3 pounds a month is FANTASTIC!!! It took me almost 4 full months to lose my last 10 pounds LMAO so you're doing GREAT!!!