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What's everyone currently playing?



  • LANABENIKOLANABENIKO Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Just replayed Assassin's Creed 3 for 4th of July. I played SWTOR last month to check out the new Dantooine daily zone, but my SWTOR Sub ran out last night so I think I will go back to Neverwinter until WoW classic launches in Aug.
  • JetJaguarJetJaguar Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member
    A few weeks ago I just started playing WoW for the first time ever, which actually surprises my friends because they all assumed I'd already been playing for years (it is exactly the sort of game I would play). I hadn't because in the past I generally avoided subscription-based games, but I thought the free trial was interesting enough that I got a one month subscription. I'll see how that goes and decide if I want to spring for BfA.

    I might also try out FF XIV, because a friend recommends it.
  • TheDevastatorTheDevastator Member Posts: 1,629 Member Member Posts: 1,629 Member
    I'm playing yugioh ultimate masters 2006 gba game. It's such a time sink. It's nostalgic since that's around the time I played yugioh online.
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  • 3shirts3shirts Member, Premium Posts: 297 Member Member, Premium Posts: 297 Member
    Doom Eternal baybee! Love it so far. Just reached the super shotgun with the new meat hook grappling hook, so brutal.

    I have to pace myself though. More than 40 minutes at a time and I genuinely get motion sickness!
  • GeekJunoGeekJuno Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Just finished Outer Worlds. Going back to Skyrim for a while I think.
  • JetJaguarJetJaguar Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member
    Just started Half Life: Alyx. It's amazing!
  • TheDevastatorTheDevastator Member Posts: 1,629 Member Member Posts: 1,629 Member
    I'd get Doom Eternal but I still have Doom to play through and I don't want to pay full price. I should be playing Skyrim SE but my mods are all out of date. I plan on getting Half-Life Alyx but not for full price. I picked up Octopath Traveler for $30. It has been very fun so far. I might pay full price for Trials of Mana. I'm a big fan of Secret of Mana but never got around to playing the 3rd one on snes. I also picked up Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution on Steam. It's a flat fee of $40 for a majority of the cards and multiplayer unlike Duel Links with tons of microtransactions. I really don't understand how the game works anymore though. 14 years is a long time to be away.
  • jdshessertjdshessert Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    I'm going through the Dragon Age Series again. About to finish the first game then DLC. Should be great. :p
  • rmattin91rmattin91 Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    I play final fantasy 14 every evening. And I play final fantasy 7 remake also.
  • GetHeroFitGetHeroFit Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Lots of ESo. Mostly because my hobby friend group is playing. I rotate though, so I'll probably be focusing on something else in a few months.
  • NadorielNadoriel Member Posts: 59 Member Member Posts: 59 Member
    Uhh I’m playing some PS4 games with friends, specially For the king, overcooked and moving out. But I’m interested in the new assassins creed 😇
  • AliciaHollywoodAliciaHollywood Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    I’m not into PC games (except back in the day, the Sims & Sim City) but I’m really into VR, especially fitness games. Audio Trip, Synth Riders, and Fit XR. Also Dance Central & Creed. And more on the PC that require the s link to the Quest 2. I have a bunch of other games but enjoy the fitness ones the best.
  • lilithsroselilithsrose Member Posts: 754 Member Member Posts: 754 Member
    I've been playing Genshin Impact lately. I've been enjoying the game. Its very well designed for a free game and its easy enough to be a free-to-play player. I've gotten several good characters just from the wishes and primogems that I've recieved from just playing.
  • FitMorgan101FitMorgan101 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    I had been on a long Stardew Valley kick until a few weeks ago. Now I’ve been playing a good bit of Rocksmith, since I caught it on sale, to try to learn guitar. 🎸
  • JetJaguarJetJaguar Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member
    We recently got a new gaming PC, because my wife officially claimed the old one as her workstation, and we've all been playing a lot of Beat Saber in VR lately.

    I'm also still playing Final Fantasy XIV daily. I'm finally caught up to endgame and now I'm going through all the old raids and other side-content that I skipped along the way.
  • rhaiinrhaiin Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    Genshin Impact and FFXIV
  • BecomingLizzieB88BecomingLizzieB88 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    So I took a break from playing the remastered of mass effect and cyberpunk 2077. Just kicking it old school with some board games.
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