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    Happy Birthday @snowshoe072
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    @TwistedSassette i think we have all been there before sometimes I think we are surprised when people ask what we have done and compliment us on our progress. We also often times view it as being vain sometimes that’s how I have taken it but that’s not the case they are curious and it’s ok to share our stories. This is something I now do in an abbreviated manner keep up your great work don’t hold back share your success that might be the encouragement that they need to get moving.
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    Thank you @biketheworld and everyone else - I am enjoying the thought provoking morning posts. I have started to log in during my morning coffee and then think about the post at various times of the day.

    @snowshoe072 - happy birthday 🎉🎈🎂!!!

    @mshawski - you look fabulous and you do have fantastic eyes!

    Tuesday, July 20

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: Yes, warm up stretch 10 min, core 10 min, indoor cycle 60 min, cool down ride 5 min, post ride stretch 15 min

    It is so interesting reading everyone’s posts that I forgot to post my day.
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    Yes yes yes
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    @biketheworld your story was sooooo darn inspiring!!! Good on that man for being such a sweet heart!! You shld be soooo proud of urself!!! Xox

    @mshawski and @seilidhe wow and wow u gals both look so fabulous!!! Wat a transformation!! Xox